Started by Bora137, December 24, 2022, 03:40:35 PM

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I think the assumption is made and certainly one I've been guilty of that ATI just snaps its fingers and universes come into being in infinite detail. Now I'm thinking maybe a lot of effort goes into creation, like vast vast amounts of effort over unthinkable equivalent eons. This makes gratitude make sense.🌲
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  Hi Bora137,
            I think your post would apply to most of us my friend but I would also add to gratitude, reverence, veneration + even worship + an acceptance of our absolute dependence.
  It is easy for us westerners to sneer at oriental or even christian religious practices of this kind but our own generalised slavish adherence to supposed rational thinking + the scientific approach has let us down somewhat, + is even harmful to us in the long run.
  I think that those that worship, in whatever form, the nature of the Divinity from which we all arise, will always be protected + feel protected under any circumstances. Whereas the rational scientific thinker will fall prey to his own inadequate theories + rationalisations.
  Those that build even the simplest, poorest of shrines to the One True God or ATI (or whatever they may call it) will never become lost when they die + if they have lived by the natural moral codes + ethics which must naturally arise from such a voluntary self sublimation, then they will see the heaven that they deserve.
  In the west we have become arrogant + egotistical generally speaking + it is just as well for you + me that we have led ourselves to the Seth material because if you can truly digest such a massive philosophy then for sure you will experience enlightenment or illumination of one kind or another.
  Have you ever worshipped anything Bora ?  Or anyone here ?
  I most certainly have + I can only say at this time, that it was one of the most superlative + fulfilling experiences of my life + the benevolence + love of the inner being whom I had contacted, took me way beyond myself into realms of existence I had not even dreamed of, but which Seth alludes to. We all have our gods if we are wise + those that do not are the poorer for it. As Seth + Jesus would say, we are the gods we create. 

  peace + love, paul

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Hi Paul, no I have never worshipped anything but I'm gradually removing the old camouflaged from my mind and finding meaning in gratitude and hopefully soon reverence and worship. I think I will struggle still with worship for sometime yet unfortunately but love is something I'm quite good at feeling for pretty much all entities so even if I can't achieve worship I think love will get me through - sounds cheesy but there it is 🙂

Full love 🙏


Quote from: voidypaul on January 15, 2023, 09:17:01 AMHi Bora137,
            I think your post would apply to most of us my friend but I would also add to gratitude, reverence, veneration + even worship + an acceptance of our absolute dependence.

This isn't how I interpret the Seth material. But, I understand that others interpret it differently.

I believe that "faith" (and whatever that implies) is detrimental, excepting the faith in yourself, your abilities, your potential.

I am not saying this to argue or change your mind. I say it, as you did, to express my point of view, which I believe to be in line with the Seth Material's message.

Quick EDIT: Besides, you create your reality as a reflection of your own beliefs, so whatever you blame on others is actually a reflection.
Although I don't always write it explicitly, it should be inferred that everything I post is "my belief", "my opinion" on that subject, at that moment.