Two New Seth Workshops

Started by strangerthings, January 26, 2023, 11:53:04 PM

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Two New Seth Jane Roberts Workshops ( Classes) from, you can find out all the info.

The Unknown Reality:

This eight-week facilitated online course examines the key concepts of The Unknown Realty (Vol. 1 & 2), how these concepts can be used to improve your life and understanding, and how they are validated by recent scientific discoveries. The course is a combination of clearly presented concepts from Seth, consciousness techniques, dream explorations, Seth reading assignments and interactive online communication with fellow participants. It will include videotaped lectures, and a weekly live online class with the instructor. It will also include working with 17 of Seth's 'Practice Elements,' which are experiential exercises in consciously creating personal reality and exploring advanced aspects of consciousness.


Creating A Slimmer Healthier You:

This course will include a weekly live online class with the instructor in which participants can ask questions, videotaped lectures, an immersion into relevant teachings from Seth, applicable Seth exercises, Seth reading assignments, a course forum for online communication with fellow students, and instruction on the beliefs and behaviors that facilitate lasting weight loss, fitness, and well-being.

Both start in February. I am taking one of them.
There are other courses available here so find something and stay connected with our like minded friends of the black sheep family!

Much love.St


I signed up for the Unknown Reality course.  Will let you know how it is!
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Just reporting back for anyone who might be interested that I just completed the Unknown Reality course and I thought it was excellent.  As we all know the Seth material is rich and dense and I thought the class did a great job of pulling together material on the topics covered in a way that made me go another level deeper. 

Highly recommend and I plan to take additional classes.
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