Chillout music if you want

Started by strangerthings, March 07, 2023, 12:18:57 AM

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Between somafm and lofi girl I can not complain!

Lofi girl

I love the visuals. I can chill with the music, have that screen-visual on, and do my organizing or reading or just chillaxin  8)

You can also find lofi girl on rumble for those of us with this preference!  ;D

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Nice, very soothing! Similar to what I set Pandora to every morning. Gonna download some for my phone.
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I'm mostly into Metal, Postrock, and K-Pop. For chillout I generally listen to Postrock. When I prefer other music for relaxation, I listen to Binaural Beats.
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I used to listen to some similar recordings, thanks for sharing!


I grew up a metal head lol

But as I changed I found lyrics were huge to me.

But who can resist Queensryche mindcrime and such  :P
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I don't care about Metal lyrics so much. I can listen to the most cliche Christian White Metal lyrics if I like the song. Example:

And why Metal and K-Pop? Well, it's all the fault of this seven ladies: