Bending time in the " physical reality"

Started by Mik, July 14, 2023, 12:56:38 PM

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What has Seth said about bending time in the "physical reality"?

As a potential example: Needing to be 400 miles away with a 3-hour deadline. And somehow you make the deadline without speeding.



Sorry, this probably won't be very helpful. I don't recall Seth talking about that, but I do remember Lynda Dahl mentioning doing exactly that in one of her books. She tells a story of her driving the California coast and "skipping" from one location to another. It might be in Living in a Safe Universe. She has a chapter "The Spacious Present" where she writes about what Seth meant about camouflage time and camouflage time duration.

I'd ask her on Facebook but as far as I know she's taking a sabbatical.