A book which refers to Jane Roberts

Started by Sena, August 03, 2023, 02:30:41 AM

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The book is "The Cosmic Game, Explorations of the Frontiers of Human Consciousness" by Stanislav Grof.
The relevant quote is:

QuoteIn his book Lifecycles, Christopher Bache (1990) discusses another
interesting concept of reincarnation found in the books by Jane Roberts
(1973) and in the works of other authors. Here the emphasis is neither
on the individual unit of consciousness nor on God, but on the
Oversoul, an entity that lies in between the two. If the term soul refers
to the consciousness that collects and integrates the experiences of an
individual incarnation, the Oversoul or Soul is the name given to the
larger consciousness that collects and integrates the experiences of
many incarnations.

Grof refers to "Oversoul", which Seth more commonly refers to as the "Entity".

I have an epub copy of Grof's book. If a member is intrested in a copy, please PM me.

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Im reading his stuff atm Sena as part of a transpersonal psychology course. I like a lot of what he says but for me he puts far too much emphasis on birth trauma.


Thanks Sena for mentioning the new book and the video link. Looking forward to watching. I'm traveling right now, will have more time when I get home.

I was also recently alerted to a new book by anthropologist Peter Skafish, who had done his dissertation about Jane (mentioned here https://speakingofseth.com/index.php/topic,2493.0.html).


@Bora137, interesting you're already reading his stuff.  ;D

I can't help but wonder how much is out there about Jane and Seth that we don't know about.