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Started by Rigel, September 14, 2023, 11:09:12 AM

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I would like to open this post where I keep track of changing my beliefs and the effects this has on my life. I have so many ideas! Here I would like to share that with you and invite you to give me feedback on my approach, or anything what comes to your mind which might serve me, broaden my mind, change my approach or what else.... :)

A little bit about myself; I live in the Netherlands and I am 36 years old. I am a transgender male. This might sound like this is a big deal for me, but it is not (anymore). However, this had a very big impact on me growing up, and that resulted in the search of Who am I? When I was around 28 I started yoga in the desperate attempt to experience inner peace. At that time I believed in the materialistic life, I was an atheist. Via the yoga I came across transcendental mediation, followed by mindfulness practice initiated from within (no guidance or anything). I was really searching, but I did not know where to search, what my questions where, which terms to use. At that time I also came across the teachings of Abraham Hicks, mainly the Law of Attraction, but I really did not know how to apply this. I put this aside. Via Abraham Hicks I came across Seth speaks, and it was intriguing, but I was not able to finish the book.

I had many eye opening moments while meditating. Once I was meditating about a certain subject, something I wanted to change, but during the meditation and in the 6 months that followed, I noticed I was not progressing in this particular topic, but I started to become less and less judgmental about other people! So I started to take this meditation/mindfulness as it came and I really enjoyed this process.

Also I used several times truffles (psilocybin) and I am so grateful to have discovered this. The wealth of insights I get from a trip is amazing. I only used it 4 times in 6 years. I definitely need a lot of time to let all the thoughts and insights settle and start to implement this in my life. It has enriched my life so much!

I also started to apply positive affirmations in my life, and I also started to FEEL them. You know, people can give you all the advice there is; don't worry about what others say. For me, if it doesn't resonate with me, I don't feel it, it doesn't work. But I learned to change the affirmations until they resonate with me, and also, after some years of meditation and as I get older, I start to really feel affirmations, which I previously did not connect with at all. The realization that I really feel an affirmation which I previously did not feel, that is a big YES!!

The last few years I participate in society! I have a job and am able to keep it ;) For me that was very important, because I was struggling a lot as a student. However, I have passions, I am not working in the field of my preference! Sometimes, during phases, I was really surviving the job. And in those times when I felt under so much pressure (inflicted by myself), I usually get the biggest leaps forward. I have to change. Practical, rational, always there are reasons to keep the status quo. But I just know I need the change. I am looking for fulfillment, my life's purpose, the connection with people. And so, I found my way back to Seth  :)

The next time I want to write down my first change of belief and the affirmations I use, and which results I already get from it.

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"Few beliefs are intellectual alone. When you are examining the contents of your conscious mind, you must learn, or recognize, the emotional and imaginative connotations that are connected with a given idea. There are various ways of altering the belief by substituting its opposite. One particular method is three-pronged. You generate the emotion opposite the one that arises from the belief you want to change, and you turn your imagination in the opposite direction from the one dictated by the belief. At the same time you consciously assure yourself that the unsatisfactory belief is an idea about reality and not an aspect of reality itself."
—NoPR Part One: Chapter 4: Session 619, October 9, 1972

You have to firstly identify the specific limiting belief, otherwise it will materialize again in the same, or a different way.
Although I don't always write it explicitly, it should be inferred that everything I post is "my belief", "my opinion" on that subject, at that moment.