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Started by DavidKay, December 02, 2023, 07:43:51 PM

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I'm not sure where this should go.

I am finding the text on this forum to be way too small for me.  Even with my glasses, it is difficult to read.  Is there any way to adjust the font size?



When using your phone, or tablet, you can rotate it 90 degrees, so the wider side of the screen is horizontal; the display fonts will look larger.

When using a Windows laptop you can use 'ctrl +' to zoom in  (larger fonts), 'ctrl -' to zoom out, 'ctrl 0' to reset the zoom.
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Right.  And in Safari you can pick a font size for different websites.  I was hoping that the theme had adjustable font.  I see a dropdown in each topic for sizing the font at that point but it only lasts until leaving.

Ah well, 125% font in Safari it is.  ;)


I'll check with the folks that created the software to see if there's a plugin I can add for font size adjustment. But yes, browsers have preference settings for font size too. Or Command and the Plus symbol work as a quick fix. :)

Update: No plugins available for choosing font size, looks like the browser shortcuts are the way to go.
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With Windows, I hold the ctrl key and use the middle mouse button (scroll wheel) to change the font size.