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Anybody see this documentary?  Seth would be called intelligent design. The darwinians of this world have fired professors for just mentioning the topic of intelligent design. They don't want there to be an unraveling of our system because they would have to rewrite all the books. The Darwinians would rather act like Hitler. In this documentary our whole system of darwinian thinking is compared to Hitlers thinking. Just look at the prison systems, the police, the wars, the dis-ease thinking, the racism. We are all energy. Physics says so. Seth says so.
These Darwinians would rather call themselves atheists. And they are not even bothered by it. In this documentary the people that call themselves scientists want religion on the back burner. They say intelligent design is stupid and of no use. That means that they know nothing about it. So all of society is being taught that science supercedes intelligent design when they are the same thing. Science is the same as religion. They can not be separated. I can't believe that I am constantly pulsating on purpose into a life like this. This world is so backwards and I am ONE with everyone !!!!
If its not fun, stop doing it. Anybody remember Seth saying that? Where does that leave me? I am not having fun and constantly think of drowning myself with the corals and fish in a beautiful clear ocean. Where are the people that actually believe that they exist in a safe universe? I am what this society calls 61 February 1st and I have yet to be married. I want to travel the world teaching that there is no such thing as death. That is my imagery, but .......

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I have not seen the documentary, but the reviews by imdb and others are all over the board. I imagine anyone proposing a concept that does not fit with creationist OR evolutionist beliefs is going to get a pounding as they do not fit within either side's official line of consciousness.

I keep saying Seth's explanations for things make more sense to me than anything else I've heard, but I've been working on grasping his "in the beginning" explanation and talk of the three dilemmas makes my brain glaze over. Maybe I'm just not there yet.

One of my favorites, Bruce Lipton, does a great job in explaining what's wrong with Darwin's theory (and what was wrong with Darwin as well) in Spontaneous Evolution. He also does a great job of explaining how we make our own reality using scientific proof (cellular biology, DNA, we control our genes/they don't control us) which makes it more palatable for people who only accept science as the truth. Even my teenaged son enjoyed the book. He's an atheist and if his 5 senses don't reveal something then it doesn't exist so it was interesting to see him open his mind a little.

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If its not fun, stop doing it. Anybody remember Seth saying that? Where does that leave me? I am not having fun and constantly think of drowning myself with the corals and fish in a beautiful clear ocean. Where are the people that actually believe that they exist in a safe universe? I am what this society calls 61 February 1st and I have yet to be married. I want to travel the world teaching that there is no such thing as death. That is my imagery, but .......

I've been thinking a lot about your post since I have read it. I don't remember such a quote from Seth, but two other quotes from him came to mind as I was reading it:

You get what you concentrate upon.
You create your own reality.

I explain the first one to people who haven't read Seth this way: If you feel lonely and want to have a boyfriend, you will automatically notice all the couples in love around you. But you will not notice all the lonely people surrounding you. If you want a red Jaguar, you will automatically notice one that is passing next to you in the street. But you won't notice all the Hondas, Toyotas, etc. So, I'm guessing, just guessing, I might be wrong, but if you do not see the fun in life and you do not see all the people that think they live in a safe universe, maybe, just maybe , you are focusing on what is not going well around you instead of looking at all the good that surrounds you? Maybe if you shift your attention to what actually reflects your way of thinking you will notice more and more of it in your life? For me this is how we create our reality: by focusing on what we want we attract it in our lives. I myself have a hard time doing this. Repeating positive affirmations at least once a day helps me re-focus on what I want in my life instead of looking at what is lacking in it.

Here is an extract of Seth Speaks that I read last night (session 546):

It may outrage your intellect, and the evidence of your physical senses may shout that it is untrue, yet a belief in good without a belief in evil is actually highly realistic, since in physical life it will keep your body healthier, keep you psychologically free of many fears and metal difficulties, and bring you a feeling of ease and spontaneity in which the development of your abilities can be better fulfilled...
I understand that the concept does indeed offend your intellect, and that your senses seem to deny it. Yet you should already realize that your senses tell you many things which are not true; and I tell you that your physical senses perceive a reality that is the result of your beliefs.

Eyelive4ever2,you seem to grasp very well and better than I do the concept of death and the transition it represents. If you indeed want to teach it, then go for it! Nothing but yourself is holding you back! As a special ed teacher, I do recommend one thing: in order to bring the student to understand your teaching, you must start at his level. No point in teaching multiplication to someone who doesn't understand adding. Your lesson is pointless and it will be very frustrating. Start from where the learner is and step by step bring him to where you want him to be. People do not listen to what they cannot grasp. And not everybody is ready to hear what you have to say too.

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That mother was not ready to hear what I said. Gave her amazing grief. So why did that inner self project me into this life with that mother? What is the point? That God, that personal inner god is projecting ME. I am not projecting myself. Creating our own realities? Then what is all this that Seth says about our inner selves projecting us here?
I did not want to give anyone grief. I know that people do not understand. So I have learned to use physics words. Even people on the street do not understand physics. But their inner selves are projecting them here, too. What about that? There are gods that are projecting us here. This is a game that we are supposed to figure out, while at the same time being shadows, far less conscious, perception is less, far less stable. The outer ego is not continuously aware of anything. It frequently forgets itself.
Is the game: for the more aware people to tell the less aware people? And then the less aware people may finally get it? Then we can all leave because the game is over. Then there is heaven on earth.

The Seth Material

page 301

It is this inner self, out of massive knowledge and the unlimited scope of its consciousness, that forms the physical world and provides stimuli to  keep the outer ego constantly at the job of awareness. It is the inner self, here termed the inner ego, that organizes, initiates, projects, and controls the EE units of which we have been speaking, transforming energy into objects, into matter.
The energy of this inner self is used by it to form from itself--from inner experience--a material counterpart in which the outer ego then can act out its role. The outer ego then acts out a play that the inner self has written.This is not to say that the outer ego is a puppet. It is to say that the outer ego is far less conscious than the inner ego, that its perception is less, that it is far less stable though it makes great pretense of stability, that it springs from the inner self and is therefore less, rather than more, aware.

EyeLive4Ever2 ... Is there an EyeLive4Ever1 or another #1 that you that plan to live forever with, making you #2?

I like thinking the Eye metaphor was chosen because of it symbolizes awareness, perception or that you have forever life as an observer? Stop being a conscious observer and reality vanishes along with everlasting life. Actually, that's what life is: being a conscious observer and being aware of making observations is how we know we're living. I observe, therefore I am. (Ok, it was actually, I observe that I think, therefore I am ... no?). I too expect to forever observe, therefore EyeLive4Ever3.

I think it is not so much that our inner selves are projecting us here as if "here" were a place for us to be inserted or projected into.
Seths ideas on reality is that all of what we deem of physical reality is in fact a construction of our fuller being and as you quote, it is our inner self that does the heavy lifting in the actual physical constructions performed independent of our conscious awareness and intellectual comprehension.

"Here" is a projection of our inner selves and those projections or constructions of everything around us are being performed and all the while changing with every second or moment of the day according to what we consciously believe and firmly expect. Yet the outer self, ego and intellect has a role to perform that the inner self conforms to in it's actual forming of physical reality.

We each create our own realities, there's no other message. And may I add none more important!

Therefore the question is NOT, why are we projected here when all I would teach don't want or aren't ready to receive what I have to share. The question is not - what have I forgotten that I was sent here to do and worse now I am causing grief, so I must be off track.

Rather, it's what value fulfilling purpose can be achieved by my experiencing the things I constructed for myself to experience this very moment. Remember, Like Seth, we are both the baker and the pie and we're also the eater thereof ... in every conscious moment of our lives.

I like the saying regarding my construction of reality: You are me giving back to me what I expect of you.
Just as in your construction of reality: I am you giving back to you what you expect of me.

While telepathically I assist you with ideas of how I would react in your construction to the roles you intend to expect of me, when you construct me in your physical construction, it is still a secondary construction of how I've shared I would have participated.

No one, not even parents, family or friends, create in your physical reality. Only you create your reality and when you try to construct your most perfect representation of me, such is still called your secondary constructions of my primary. See material on matter in ES2 sessions 60-75.

So ... I ask of myself: What personal value fulfilling objective did I have in mind in creating you posting your comment?
Just as you may want to ask of yourself: What personal value fulfilling objective did you have in mind creating me posting a response to your comment?

There's always a lesson to be learned once we remember to realize: everything is ONLY and ALWAYS, ONLY about me (sorry) and what brings value fulfilment into MY personal subjective reality.

So, why do I feel the pain of loneliness so often, unless I recognize always that it is for a value fulfilling purpose, I miss the point. The purpose of the emotions are to communicate recognition; recognition of our current desire beliefs and how well we're creating our realities in harmony with them.

Painful Emotions communicate Recognition:

1) There is yet another area in which I have discerned a valued preference.
2) I have been believing the possession of same is out of reach, too distant, improbable or impossible.
3) If I've understood Seth: I need to bring to my conscious awareness to the task of overcoming that #2 false and limiting belief.

As with all pains and emotions felt at the bottom of the emotional spectrum, In pain we understand we have a valued desire worthy of pursuit. Worthy of consciously working to change our limiting beliefs into beliefs of imminent possession called expectancy.

Why? Because the belief of expectancy is the key catalyst to experiencing all that we discern a preference toward in reality.

The ability to discern preference is an innate ability of all conscious observers. In making this the innate driving force inherent within all consciousness,  the universe of all that is - is only and always evolving and developing what's discerned as adding value to being. When we recognized all that is - IS driven by the same forces, it is easy to realize we live in a cooperative universe, cooperating to add value to being and all that is of which we recognize we are apart. That's what you want with that mother you shared with. That's what we want for all once we understand our roles in the deliberate creation of reality.

To me, our innate ability to discern preferences and desire for their possession is the greatest evidence we have that we live in a cooperative universe where we can feel safe from harm or threat. The universe of all that is, is forever expanding in terms of value fulfillment according to our insatiable appetite to discern a preference in everything we observe with the Eye of life experienced.

We need only BelieveIt2RealizeIt!

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Interesting nuances you make. 

To the initial post I would say:

Learn to vet your thoughts in a sethian manner.  Sloppy thinking will cause problems.  Eg., one of your statements says "all" are affected.  That is not true.  The reality is only some are; if you forget the existence of them, you cannot attract them into your life.

I have figured out that if you wish you to know why you incarnated in a horrible situation, firstly ask yourself "What skills and abilities will I have should I overcome these difficulties?"  I have found that those are exactly very much what I want to learn in this life...

Lastly, with regard to LOVE, let us remember that, also, love is multidimensional...and everything we experience in physical reality is but a glimmer and touchstone to the larger reality to which it is connected.

I joke that All That Is must love singledom because it creates so much of it.  :P

If you do not have romantic love in your life, I think it is because there are deeper root elements about love that must be learned, firstly, before one can even have the romantic love relationship one desires.  So I am learning!  :P

I have learned from being single that there are ways, within, that can access love.  Seth says when you are in duress, those who love you from other lifetimes feel such and respond in very real ways to support you.

Seth says to "attend" to that which is before the self.  It is carefully constructed to best help the self learn and grow and acquire new joys and perspectives.  As Seth said, we do NOT set ourselves up for failure; rather, the MOST careful and love-directed concerns are effected to give us the best chance to learn that which we most dearly love in our heart of hearts.

This is of what Seth describes as the "true self" and the feeling-tone of one's being.

There are inner compasses that exist.  Seth said to class members in an experiment that, in order to connect to him, they must FEEL towards him rather than thinking.  Feel towards these inner compasses.

Thoughts are things and real although we do not, here, perceive them as such.  We know their real effects like the wind upon the earth.  Feel that wind and follow it.

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I am writing to you because Deb said you may have written a pick up line to me. I don't know. I don't date and never have. Haven't ever had a best friend or parents on this earth that adore me. I set this life up to be alone apparently, until I meet a person that thinks like me. Otherwise, it is of no use.

Thoughts are images, pictures, holograms that resonate. You can call them things, BUT, Perhaps YOU should talk Sethian. And as a fragment, I believe I have come straight from images of pain because that is exactly what I found in this particular life/set of really fast pulsations as a child. What "they" call a child. Sure this pain made me read a lot to figure out why no one rescued me. Read too much. NO one to talk to I read so much. What a game to set up for myself. And the fragment "thing" whatever that means--is confusing. So I am this magnificent, powerful eternal energy being having these images, these mad ideas, and they just plop out all over the place, being the fragments that they are--expanding into full images called people. And then NOW, in this body, I am distinct from the original image that I plopped out of--and I have to expand out of this shell to become a vast being of light of my own. NOW that is what Seth says--we are offshoots, shadows.
But when this particular entity lets go of all those wave packets that is called this body and is no longer an offshoot or shadow, then why aren't I the original energy being that had the mad idea to begin with? Why the fragments that must expand to become their own entities? Explain that to me? I don't like it.
I am so tired of reading I just want to disappear. Not a person knows what I am talking about. I want to unwrap all these tight wave packets called particles so that I can fly again. This life is totally boring and maddening. I am always the one to speak of quantum physics, which no  body understands. And it is so easy without the math. You know Seth is explaining quantum physics, don't you? And religion is trying, too. What a way to go about it.  Quarks bursting forth, rapidly changing colors, spinning so fast as the middles of the orbitals called protons and neutrons. Appearing and disappearing billions of times a second--AS our bodies--all those colors apparently the holograms we are. HOw exciting to me to hear this. Sounds just like Seth, but Seth never mentioned quarks and their colors. All this spinning and rotating and oscillating is us--our intents to be here--WE ARE THE FORCE. This is where the fast healing comes from.
Fast healing is what is exciting to me. ln this life when I was called the age of 20s, I learned to heal myself really fast. I could just tell myself to feel better or touch my pain and it worked. I have slowed down a lot now, but touched a pain in my throat lately and told it that it was not there and it disappeared. Haven't lost completely. Have felt a lot of energy flow through me. Have felt distinct beings fly thru me and walk into me, etc.

Caused the cartilage to disappear from between my leg bones and hip bones. Too much sitting and reading and painting and writing. Nobody understands my book. There is the pain. But since I am not disappearing the way I want to, I am painting really large about our nonlocal holographic reality. Making my canvas glow in the dark with me as the subject. I am writing words on my canvas that say we are all constantly bursting forth from the glow of heaven, or what people call God. We are not separate at all. Never were. Therefore, there goes the guilt for thinking that I am separate from God. Seth may say we set out to make the best lives we can, but I don't agree with the challenges I have set for this life. But then, I don't remember a thing about setting it up.

A Course in Miracles says we are constantly vibrating these lives out of the guilt of separating from God. The book An Ascension Handbook says this is a game and the game is shame to see if we can remember we are eternal energy beings. The shame makes it really hard to remember to the point that there are wars, prisons and other tortures. Then it is not a game, it is an error. Seth says we were not supposed to forget that we are not separate from our source. So there is the error that A Course in Miracles talks about.
I spoke loudly to a few doctors and therapists lately. Put myself in a situation where Medicaid pays. I am telling them all that ALL of us are eternal beings of energy and light and that my near death experience caused me to bond with the energy beings that spoke to me in compassionate words. These energy beings are my parents. Look up the book Hands of LIght written by Barbara Brennan. I carry that book everywhere and show it to as many people as possible AND I give it away. Theres pictures of eternal energy beings in there. Physics says energy vibrates as everything 100%, rotating everything. So why is this world so off the mark? When did the wave packets become so dense that they are called solidity now? What is the use of a physicist's work and everybody ignores it? And the cost of those colliders--WOW !!!

Read a few other books lately--like the one called War Against the Weak and the one called Rise of the Fourth Reich. Looks like the belief in solidity marches on. I didn't know that Carnegie and Rockefeller and Harriman got together with their billions to build this country. I didn't know that the social security numbers were created so that these "elite" people could label everybody according to their so-called weaknesses--so that they could sterilize them or otherwise slowly kill them with their man made drugs and chemicals in the food and water. Wow. Hitler got his ideas from these people in America. Such terrible racist ideas they have that they think half the people should be killed just because they are of a different color, or what is called a different race, or just because they don't have blue eyes and blond hair. This country is built on these racist beliefs. NO wonder slavery continues in the for profit prisons and the wars. Did I have to know these things because they are obstacles and keep me from reading more of Seth, which is uplifting and healing.

Perhaps I was not rescued as a child because I was discriminated against by these racist people as being in a home of stress. These racist people think that this stress leads to offspring with more stress and that is just enough information so that I was not taken care of. I wasn't worthy of being rescued according to them. Sure I chose/choose this set of images constantly, but still....I find this outrageous.

Hello eyelive4ever2,

I Just received your reply#6 in thread titled: "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed".
I think Deb must have been referring to my Reply #4 (May 20, 2015, 01:04:41 AM in that thread) when she said I had "written a pick up line to you". Yes, my reply#4 WAS a comment on or picking up from your reply#3 in that thread.

I feel I know what you're talking about. I had thoughts in regard to what you had stated and would still like to discuss/talk with you about what you shared in Reply#3.

I agree with you and I too have thoughts related to quantum physics and that with an understanding of the Seth material one can better understand the strange things observed therein; specifically what is called: the uncertainty principle and the problem of measurement as is observed in the double-slit experiment.

Re: "Why the fragments that must expand to become their own entities? Explain that to me? I don't like it."
I am not sure I would agree with your referring to yourself as a fragment. However, I believe Seth was merely alluded to that fact that even a fragment CAN progress and even become an entity, rather than MUST progress. However, I must admit I have NOT directed much energy toward understanding fragments. I suspect your interest has attracted understanding and am interested in what you've found to indicate "MUST EXPAND".

Value fulfillment is behind most everything you experience, including those experiences and challenges you don't think you like. We could all do well to review and better understand value fulfillment. Seth's Dreams, Evolution and Value Fulfillment come to mind, but there are many sessions that mention this since it is such an important concept.

Since we create our own realities and specifically those we experience in physical reality: When you say: "Not a person knows what I am talking about … quantum physics etc", it should be obvious: this experience IS created FOR you BY your inner self from framework II for a reason (Value Fulfillment) and according to what your conscious self (ego and intellect) believe and expects in framework I.  I'd like to discuss/talk with you about this if you'd like.

Theoretically, "fast healing" should be instantaneous considering your body is completely constructed an innumerable multitude of times in every moment. I absolutely agree, "fast healing" should be near instantaneous, once one understands how they form beliefs and related expectations and then form them accordingly.

Sounds like you've been pretty good at changing beliefs and expectations about pain in your body. Truly; energetic expectations trigger the inner-self to reconstruct the body in accord with them.
Perish your thought "I have slowed down a lot now. … Haven't lost it completely.". We must NOT allow those of our beliefs and expectations, the ones that we desire, to be lessened simply because we CAN observe such appearing to have slowed down. Do NOT give them your attention. Consciously discriminate observing those references that support your desired beliefs and cultivate your expectation. That's the mechanism behind deliberate creation and the forming of desired experiences.

However, before we get too carried away with instantaneous expectations, there is something about 1) the "Form" desired must have been originally defined by/for our species, and 2) a change of "form" (change to healed condition) must be in agreement with impairments selected before our physical body was created (birth defects) because such are life conditions preselected for value fulfillment purposes.

Re: "Too much sitting and reading and painting and writing, Caused the cartilage to disappear from between my leg bones and hip bones." - Sounds like another limiting belief that you'd do well to reconsider in light of your successes with "fast healing" and change your belief.

Re: "We are not separate at all. Never were.".  I so agree with you on this one. If you're interested in my recent thoughts on this, click We are One and also see how recognizing we are "ONE subjectively" relates to uncertainty in quantum physics. (Note this is under construction, so be kind in regards to need for rewriting).

Re: "Therefore, there goes the guilt for thinking that I am separate from God.". Seth has very clearly indicated that guilt is but a one time stimulation wherein a person is to respond by discovering what would be better to put into it's place. It was NEVER meant to be the basis for beating oneself with constant renewing of pain and suffering.

I haven't read all of the Course in miracles. Much of what I have read I agreed with in general. However, Seth offers so much more that I am interested in, I haven't read much of it.

I'd like to hear more of what you find valuable in "Hands of light". I seem to recall reading a book by that title in regards to "Theta Healing". Certainly there is much yet to learn about energy, the vitality essence of all that is, CU's and EE's and the part they play in the collapse of the field of infinite potentiality into particulate matter by our inner-selves.

Rouge Organizations (Hitler, Carnegie, & Rockefeller)
I am aware and agree about your discoveries regarding what I call the rouge organization controlling the governments of this world. Certainly the Nazi's were not the originators of eugenics and the genocide engendered against Jews, Nor the current genocide of blacks and most of the planets population currently underway.
Better, I know the focus I give to such events affect the beliefs I want to down-play. I want to replace it with the much more empowering beliefs, that; we create our own realities, that there are FAR more individuals affecting MASS Consciousness than the handful of rouge individuals controlling what they once did.
It is my decided belief that: 1) the rouge individuals are losing their control, that 2) the enlightened people of this world are developing their beliefs in a better world and, that; 3) critical mass is soon to overcome them!  That's my belief and I am sticking with it! Therefore, I discriminate in regards to what I focus upon as such give the references that determine beliefs and expectations. I elect to keep my eye single to the glory of our species and cooperative nature of our universe. That's what is real. That's what is eternal and what is seen is only temporary!

Re: "Perhaps I was not rescued as a child because I was discriminated against by these racist people as being in a home of stress.".   Yah! Perhaps such resonates so strongly with you because: you are one of those that is to change the beliefs of the many. Certainly changing your beliefs and expectations WILL change your experienced reality and with critical mass, such beliefs will destroy the rouge organizations strangle hold in Mass Reality!

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I don't like using the word "mass". Seems close to words that I always try to realize those extremely fast quarks and EE units constantly pulsating us into this existence. This is how I understand Seth's phrase "The point of power is in the now." I haven't read Seth recently, so I don't use EE units readily.
I don't have a computer right now or I would answer and write more frequently.
I say fragments because this is what Seth said about us on this earth. We are fragments, offshoots and shadows. To understand this I imagine a vast being of light feeling itself into many frequency bands-one of them being this one called earth. One of these feelings became me. And since we live in a holographic holodeck, terms I like, then that is how I expand into wholeness. I am a hologram, expanding with knowledge, expected to take responsibility of this me, even though I am not the originator of this me. But since we are all within the mind of ONE being, then it is as if I am the originator. So taking responsibility for this "life" causes the words "I am the creator of my own reality". See ? " Becoming aware of me as a hologram causes me to be the originator for all intents and purposes because we all share all information. Highly confusing. But I must figure it out.
This originator of me must have had the feelings of "what if I cause a life/a fast pulsation starting out with imagery such as extreme seclusion to the point of anti -socialism so as to lead this particular personality into books such as "Seth books" and Edgar Cayce books and others first thing?" I think these words because what has happened is that I do not think like others. I know there are no germs or viruses or death or separation, OR solidity. How could there be saturated with the perfection of God's mind?" This Source is perfectly what it is, making us exactly the same.
But then, I got all of this from books. The experiences I have had that lead me to these books are the compassionate voices I heard my whole childhood which I had to bond with. And then there is that hologram of rain I saw hanging in the air in that living room of that house--because of the feelings of coolness I wanted at the time. These compassionate voices talked to me when I was about to have a motorcycle wreck. These voices led me to my first metaphysical book called Living the Infinite Way by Joel Goldsmith. But then, it is information coming from books that helps me to describe what I have heard and seen.
I think the question is, How do I interpret what I see and hear? I could have interpreted these experiences according to the solidity  belief that says to hear and see things not there are not real.  But since I bonded with these voices in my head because all those voices coming from the adults around me were harsh, then clearly I pick up Seth books. I trust Seth like I trust those voices in my head or from behind me or from across the room.
So what is called abuse by this society is actually a plan by the originator of this particular life/set of fast pulsations. I understand I am not a puppet, yet this is what has been given me. I feel like I was abused by many and not rescued, therefore I am led to find out why. I find out that this whole world is entrenched into solidity so deeply it cannot find its way out, even with the help of physicists. I feel like I have caused the cartilage to stop pulsating into place in my body so that I am led to discussions with doctors who believe in solidity so fiercely that they are prescribing pills that are of not the correct frequencies and this is leading many people into fractured bones and therefore nursing homes. I have been bullied by Medicaid doctors into


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