Started by Kary2305, August 24, 2023, 10:50:50 PM

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Hello! I want to start by telling you how much all Seth's material has meant to my life, it has helped me a lot for a long time and for this reason I have a special affection for it.

I constantly listen and read about spiritual themes and recently, a girl whose content I really like mentioned that Seth was a gray alien, I was very impressed to hear this, however I investigated and it seems to me that in the first edition of Seth Speaks there is a illustration of someone who saw Seth and actually drew him as a gray alien.

This is the image.

With this I do not intend to detract from the invaluable content of Seth's material, but I am interested to know if anyone knew and what do you think of this...


Hi Kary, welcome to the forum!

I remember that drawing, I think in The Seth Material book. The person who "saw" Seth drew it in blue ball point pen. I'm not sure if the guy literally saw him or it was a mental impression, but I don't personally think Seth was what we consider an alien (from space).

"In projections, for example, you may appear as an apparition within your own system or in another system. You may on the other hand yourself encounter apparitions."
—TES7 Session 282 August 31, 1966

There's a lot more about apparitions and the session that prompted the sketches on the Seth search engine: