magically bursting, spinning, vibrating billions and trillions of times a second

Started by resonating waves, March 19, 2017, 01:49:45 PM

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resonating waves

Death is magically bursting, spinning, vibrating, rotating and oscillating billions of times a second. I want death so that I can see my form in total light. I don't want to resonate these frequencies anymore. I tell myself constantly to let go, to not wake up so that I can go back home--where those waves I am I can see. I am tired of this game. I no longer want to create it. I have found not one person that knows we are in the NOW and actually speaks that way. How is anybody going to change this society if they don't change the words?
I believe that I understand that spinning is what everything does constantly. That is what makes all the illusions. The earth spins, so people think that there must be time. Atoms spin because quarks spin because ideas spin, so people think that there is such a thing as solidity.
Gluons constantly keep protons and neutrons from exiting out of their form, a form called an atom, which is actually a superposition of waves. And all of this is wrapped up with the intensity of ideas. I think that when an idea loses momentum is when the gluon stops holding the form together. So gravity must be a gluon holding the form of the earth together, which everyone thinks they need because they don't believe themselves to be innocent.
You don't have to know math to understand quantum physics. I see quantum physics in every word Seth has said.
I downloaded one of my faces (for the personalized picture) on my laptop from a canvas I painted, but apparently it was too big. It was so pretty and holographic, too.