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Started by myststars, November 10, 2016, 11:49:00 PM

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A lot of interesting thoughts, opinions and ideas in this thread.   It is so easy to get caught up in the quagmire of daily news so I have to continually remind myself to view this from '30,000 feet' and remember that that THERE IS NO ONE ELSE OUT THERE.   

All of this talk, opinion, lies, truths, promises, facts are part of a projection, a coming together of mass consciousness around a perceived event.   All of the negative and positive stuff about all of the candidates are nothing more than expressions of our perceived values.   Every promise, fact, platform is based on a personal perception and any one of gazillions of probable perceptions and potential probable outcomes.  The white supremacist, the poor immigrant, the rich banker, the politician, the homeless vet, the bankrupt farmer--these are all expressions of my greater self in physicality and no one is more valid or right than any other. 

So if I place myself in a position to judge, deny, support, resist, be afraid of, be angry about any of it,  I not only give it energy but also I risk being sucked into the maelstrom of thoughts and realities associated with it.   It is kind of like passing a gruesome car accident on the highway.  If I stop and gawk, become afraid of what could happen if it were me there, fear for my mortality, the safety of my children, etc. etc  I can become enveloped in the drama surrounding that particular event.  And to the extent I give it power it can become just another accident or it can take over my consciousness so that I can't think about anything else. 

So with this election and its aftermath I have to remind myself that we've survived better and worse, that the pendulum swings both ways, and that ultimately I can participate in this drama and its effects to whatever extent I wish to.   Certainly it will affect my reality as an American, a non-Christian, and one with non-white grandchildren in some ways.   It will affect business, economy, women's rights, gays, immigrants, climate, ecology and every other aspect of our society and environment.  But the choices I have are the same ones I have when there is a violent storm or a blizzard.   I can participate to whatever extent I want to playing in the lightning, testing myself in the cold or I can wait it out next to my cozy fireplace, meditating and imagining a greater world, and relaxing with a good Seth book...



From an ELIAS channeling session from 20 november 2016

"This individual is a figurehead. This individual is a catalyst that is generating a spotlight on subjects that individuals en masse don't want to look at and don't want to discuss and that are very polarized, and that individuals are divided in the direction of either-or. You agree or you disagree, you are right or you are wrong, and this individual has shown a spotlight on those divisions. "

In this, what I would say to you is many of these subjects that now many more of you are afraid of, that you are afraid may be being threatened, what I would say to you is first of all never allow fear to dictate to you. Move forward. Be empowered, not disempowered by fear. Recognize that everything that this individual has shown a spotlight on is an opportunity for each and every individual - in EVERY country, not merely that one - in EVERY country, to genuinely address to, to recognize all of this polarization, to stop ignoring it, to stop turning away from it and hoping that it dissipates by itself, and to begin to implement those actions of acceptance of difference, rather than being threatened by difference. Which is what you are doing; you are being threatened by difference."

" And in that, not allowing your FEELINGS - not your emotions, but your feelings - to dictate your behavior, and not allowing your media to be your source of information. Your media is biased. It is not impartial; it is not neutral; It is tremendously biased. But you allow that to dictate to you by allowing it to be your source of information. This should not be your source of information. You should be your source of information.

Action. Intuition. Involvement. Interconnection. How are you interconnected if you are hating? How are you moving in a direction to advance if you are opposing?

This is your time to shine, to be brilliant, to sparkle! This is your time to express yourselves. The door was opened. If the door was opened to the disenfranchised to express themselves in all of their fear, the door is open to everyone. "

There is more about it here:


mystars, interesting restrained language from Elias. What about looking at the hard realities?

Trump imposes 40 to 60% tariff on Chinese imports.
The Chinese economy collapses, and the Communist regime is under threat. The only way the regime can survive is by starting a war.
China invades Formosa. No action from Trump.
China invades South Korea. No action from Trump.
China launches nuclear strike on Japan.
Will Trump honor U.S. commitment to defend Japan?
Massive nuclear strike on major Chinese cities?
Will extraterrestrials intervene?


There are two choices...The limited one called "hard" reality and the other one that each of us are in the syncronicity point and create our reality...Also with all the retincecy about channeling and stuff still no mature person / adult that i asked can answer my simple question...
How college physics influence your daily life ? Is usually newtonian physics and easy answer...
How Quantum Physics influence your daily life ? ... Here everyone i asked is knocked out ...Quantum physics is the framework working behind everything we do every second, milisencond etc..I can't ignore it for the sake of "hard reality"..Quantum physics is beyond physical reality so beyond goverments and all this role play and political circus...I can see quantum physics in my daily life.

- When i done controlled trances in the past,
- When i haven't slept for a night or day in row and played at pc parties / lan parties you go out of body instantly because of such big tiredeness and the area where one ends is in other dimension / quantum stuff,
- now when i channel my abstract drawings and i heal with them mentaly...
- when i daydream state
- contemplation state
When the so called "mature" people will discuss the above things and integrate them as daily conversation and not from some "fancy" labs or new age groups then the structures may be trustable...Until then i let the system collapse by taking my own road and and avoiding feeding the system with fears, worry and other things like this that keep the system in place..Personally i voted for a system transformation or collapsing.I got my popcorn and wait for the new season... :)
Also the ET's are not officially acknoledged and US still spend immense sums on military toys instead of feeding their own people..In my eyes i wait the system to collapse.The "hard reality" is created by people that don't want to let go of control and primitive and rudimentary mentality...SPending on military trilion dollars is a primitive, rudimentary mentality.It feels like you have a friend in distress and try to advice him and he/she is doing the same script and not want to let go of gelosy, war like, anger and so on..The things seems to need to boil down extremely so humanity can learn.Orion drama played again on earth...I read about Orion wars and Orion so i let it play until it's done from mass consciouness..If you want to go beyond "hard reality" and see where this "hard reality" read about Orion drama and wars..After that you can decide if you want to do your own Orion energy purging or not.This is the most helpful solution that i found.I know that i was born in a military family, i played military video games, liking star wars, liking Dune and so on...All have in common Orion past energy playing in my field.In the past Orion civilization the abuse, the punishements, the opressiveness was  1milion times more than what is now in North Korea.They were much more evolved technologically and the abuse and opression was much "upgraded" than Earth.Now that i am conscious and i exposed myself consciously and intentionaly to Orion influenced material i could purge huge amount of energy and emotion from my system and i feel much much at peace even looking at military boys playing with military toys everyday doing all sorts of games, killing etc.I am at peace.My role as a piece of puzzle is to lighten up myself so i lighten up the mass conscious so i offer an example of a new state of mind and living to others...If they want to see it it's ok if not is still ok.I can't change others unless they want to change themselves...Worrying about the political situation is useless imo.The road to reach this state of consciously discovering the worring is uselless is very long road.The state of mind is very very different than the many that see "hard reality" and worriyng about...Is worth the effort.If i will die tommorow i am at peace.I've done the most important thing i can that is changing myself and cleaning deep deep stuff...This is a big homework.Trump even if it's president he didn't do his soul homework.You don't bring to the grave diplomas or mansions or list of playboy girls that you had...It doesn't matter ...  ;)

- to heal oneself ... lighten up
- to live happier ... lighten up
- to be at peace ... lighten up
- to be of help ... lighten up
- to have vital energy ... lighten up
- to have new inspiration ... lighten up
- to atract loving people .... lighten up
- to have a happier relationship .... lighten up before getting involved in the relationship OR clean your plate before going in a relationship
- to have wise decision in politics ... lighten up
and so on...


@Sena : Assuming you want try to achieve happiness in your life the worry mind with fears and anxiety can't take you there...You can't control Putin, or Trump, or China or political games but you still have to take care of your own garden.Even if tommorow Trump and the rest will be friends and acceptance and all rainbows and flowers you still have to face your deep fears, anxieties...Can't other do it for you..So even if it's nuclear war tommorow or rainbows and fairies you still have to take care of your own mind and lighten up.So if you cannot control trump, or ivanka, or putin or china and still want to be happy, healthy and satisfied with your life you atend to your mind and lighten up.Health needs a healthy mind...A healthy mind needs a lighten up so what's the point of spending energy to fight what you cannot control anyway.I know it's a mental pattern that is hard to break but it can be done..Cleaning up my mind with or without a war tommorow is for you the biggest satisfaction because it brings your being close to true happiness and peace ...The irony is that you desire peace ...This is why the worries and hard reality stuff...But desiring peace through worring and fear will not get you to peace...This is the paradox..
If the Orion stuff is too much for you or too Scifi...I recommend you to read Osho books about politics...

This is from a book...He is very direct and you will understand easily...

Also there is a free library on the oficial site above where are 220 complete books of his in english you can read for free.The only requirement you have to make a free acount..

Trump even if it's president now he haven't found happiness so what's next ? Becoming a global leader over all countries and conquering everyone ? He is addicted to the ilusion of power.

Here is a book from Osho that might interst you that i am reading...Power politics and change...


I very much enjoyed both of your posts myststars.
lots of good stuff.
thank you for posting it.


Quote from: myststarsAssuming you want try to achieve happiness in your life the worry mind with fears and anxiety can't take you there
myststars, facing reality does not necessarily mean fear and anxiety. It is possible to face the darkest realities and yet be philosophical about them.
Thomas Mann wrote great literature about both world wars:
The Magic Mountain (Der Zauberberg) - first war
  Doctor Faustus - second war
What I described in my previous post is, in Sethian terms, one probable reality. The human race has the freedom to choose a very different probable reality.
Seth's teachings are different to touchy feely New Age stuff.


Quote from: Sena
mystars, interesting restrained language from Elias. What about looking at the hard realities?

Trump imposes 40 to 60% tariff on Chinese imports.
The Chinese economy collapses, and the Communist regime is under threat. The only way the regime can survive is by starting a war.
China invades Formosa. No action from Trump.
China invades South Korea. No action from Trump.
China launches nuclear strike on Japan.
Will Trump honor U.S. commitment to defend Japan?
Massive nuclear strike on major Chinese cities?
Will extraterrestrials intervene?

Those are things about security and defense.Ask your mind why those phrases after reading Elias stuff ? Why not others ?
You cannot confront what you can't control.Most of the above are about events that you personally cannot involves multiple people that make their decisions that are beyond your control.


Quote from: myststarsMost of the above are about events that you personally cannot control
There are many possibilities for what consensus the human race will agree on during the next 3 to 4 years. Seth on consensus:


Quote from: Sena
Quote from: myststarsMost of the above are about events that you personally cannot control
There are many possibilities for what consensus the human race will agree on during the next 3 to 4 years. Seth on consensus:

The human race is faar from consensus.There is this bully and conflict addiction and blame still powerfull.Until one side begin to look at his own garden and US is an example now waking up more after Trump election.Trump election was like a ringing alarm from a watch in the morning.They have to look at their own garden and their own problems that they ignored at collective and individual level.This realization will be a begining of consensus.China and others the same boat..Still many many people in each country don't want to feel the pains, emotions burried under.They want to avoid suffering by avoiding truth in themselves...This avoidance is making countries bully each other.Also the political landscape is filled with males and males are prone to avoid emotions by stamping them as weakness they still resort to a dysfunctional "Logic and reason" aproach...This will get them to argue and argue and still argue and bring reasons why the other is bad or imorale and so on.Male tend to  intelectualize everything just to avoid using the "weak" emotions..Until this loop is broken somehow buy yourself plenty of popcorn to keep yourself for many seasons of this humanity show soap opera... Intelectulizing male population/politics make the change in humanity painfully long... You can't change those political/intelectual males that are so stuborn... :)


Quote from: myststarsStill many many people in each country don't want to feel the pains, emotions burried under.They want to avoid suffering by avoiding truth in themselves...This avoidance is making countries bully each other.
I think this is true. This has been going on for maybe 10,000 years, but that is a short time in the history of the Multiverse.


The Early Sessions 8,  Session 335, April 17, 1967 

"I am speaking in highly practical terms. Your expectations literally create your life as you know it."

I almost never discuss politics OR religion. I may regret doing so now. But I feel this recent election reaction is completely out of control. While I have always voted because I feel it's my duty, I've also felt that my vote was just a drop in the ocean. As Elias said, I've never felt who was in office had that much impact on my personal life.

The press has always been biased. Something Elias also recognizes. But, while Elias also said that less than 20% of the population voted for Trump, I suggest you take a look at this map created by a supposedly independent data seeking group. The red represents votes for Trump, blue for Clinton. I read a very good, seemingly unbiased article, about how and why Trump won. It makes sense to me.

I have lived in this country all of my life. I was born into, grew up in, poverty level and my life has constantly improved. If my parents were still alive, they would think I was rich. So, regardless of who ran this country during my lifetime, my life has always improved.

Trump said "America first," which has offended many. My first thought is, "he's the President of America, who else is he going to put first?" Has any country leader said they would make other countries a priority over their own? Why is that interpreted as a threat? I've heard complaints from citizens of other countries that consider America imperialistic, the World Police, criticized for ego and thinking we have a right to stick our noses, without invitation, into other countries' business. We now have a President who says no more of that, let's just try to fix things at home. Once again we are criticized. A new slogan, "America: Damned if you do/Damned if you don't."

My vision of the next 4 years is unburdened by fear and doubt. Optimistic. Why? Why not? Why envision failure, hatred, prejudice, wars, disaster? Do I not make my own reality? Do my expectations not dictate what I will experience?

My version of the future is: Trump will fix what is wrong in America, and as a result the rest of the world will benefit.


I feel this live chanelling recorded 2 days ago is perfect for this moment:




August 28, 1963

"I told you that we do not experience your time sequence. We travel through various
intensities. Our work, development, and experience all takes place within what I term the "moment point." Here, within the moment
point, the smallest thought is brought to fruition, the slightest possibility explored, the
probabilities thoroughly examined, the least or the most forceful feeling entertained. It
is difficult to explain this clearly, and yet the moment point is the framework within
which we have our psychological experience. Within it, simultaneous actions follow
"freely" through associative patterns. For example, pretend that I think of you, Joseph.
In so doing I immediately experience - and fully - your past, present, and future (in your
terms) , and all of those strong or determining emotions and motivations that have ruled
you." (Seth Speaks)


From a Sethian point of view, nothing has changed with this election (other than bringing the problem of polarization a little more out in the open) because none of the underlying beliefs that are creating the problems have changed.  So even though there may appear to be visible changes being made, they will only be surface changes.  Putting a different party in charge just shifts the flow of government benefits toward a different group of people at the expense of other groups of people.  Extreme polarization creates an even stronger swinging back and forth motion between the two sides that feels like real change, but it's only an illusion.  Unless we figure out how to resolve our conflicts and create a new framework of more constructive beliefs, "solving" any one specific problem will simply create a bunch of new problems elsewhere.

A second important point is government is not a business.  Government does not have the same purposes and goals that a business has.  It doesn't even have the same structure or the same type of power, at least not in a democracy.  So electing a businessman who intends to use business principles to run a government doesn't make sense to me.  It's a little bit like thinking if you fertilize and regularly water a group of dogs and cats that they'll grow like plants would and produce fruits and vegetables.  Instead, all you end up with is a bunch of smelly dogs and angry cats.  If people want to elect an "outsider" in the hope that a fresh perspective would help, choosing someone who has successfully run a nondenominational charitable organization seems more logical because there are at least a few similarities to government in both its goals and the way it functions.


Trump imo will "fix" the US problems indirectly...He will take so many controversial decision that will hit a button in the people.The people will express their anger and dissapointed and that energy that was repressed in them will begin to flow in some way or another.The angry people will change because the energy will be released and they will be released.Many people will have a realization after the anger/repressed energy will evacuate their bodies and emotional bodies....Obama couldn't do this so directly and bold.Imo an angry male has no solutions to the problems imo.He launch his desires from an anger foundation.He won the campaign with an angry atitude and using mass anger.


Quote from: DandelionSo electing a businessman who intends to use business principles to run a government doesn't make sense to me.
The problem that the electorate faced was that the alternative to Trump, Hilary Clinton, would have served up "more of the same", and would have been unlikely to achieve very much at all. Politics would have been so boring with Clinton.


Inauguration Day: A bad lip reading of Donald Trump's Inauguration


will watch later, can't wait.
I saw a couple from the debates. truly incredibly hilarious.


Well ....
Seems my goverment got the courage and balls and maybe have sought that if US elected a president that gives controversial laws then they can too so here you have something in my country ...

The current goverment want to give a law that cut the penalty in prison and will free some corrupted persons.

How comic and funny is this ... :)



While I doubt the US election had anything to do with these shenanigans (it's obvious who's pushing for these emergency decrees), power corrupts.

I found it bit disturbing that Romania's President Klaus Iohannis "took part in protests a few days ago, has joined in the criticism and wants a nationwide referendum to step up the anti-corruption fight." The idea that the president himself has to join in the protest makes me wonder who's in charge.  :o

It will be interesting to see how this ends up.


Well ...

"Look coming into this country is still a privilege, we're the greatest country on earth. And being able to come to America is a privilege, not a right, and it is our duty and it is the president's goal to make sure that everybody who comes into this country to the best of our ability is here because they want to enjoy this country and come in peacefully."


Continuing the soap opera story from my country yesterday (31.01.2017) afternoon my fellow politicians voted ...

This is the most primitive mentality goverment in the past years.We pass a threshold of darkness...I can say that parts of me were in illusion.When i saw this news in the morning (01.02.2017) parts me were depressed.I consider an oportunity for healing some parts of me.I feel so peaceful and pleased that i took this trajectory for my life with healing emotions and evolving myself as top priority.The create my own reality is much deeper impregnated in my  cells now after the goverment vote.


I am truly sorry.
A giant step backwards for your country.


I am not sorry really and don't be...The old generation don't want change and lie to themselves to just keep an old system in place...Keeping the old system in place also keep in place the old wounds so what is happening in my country now is a culmination of the mentality that was prelevant in my country "I can do it because i can and citizen are stupid and zombie"...This is how they won the election in the first place.The people that voted them are old generation like pension people for example.If the "gang" that want be elected give them something like raise of pension with 5% they will vote the gang...Is a prevalent story..This time they gone a step further and showed the real face behind the mask.Until now it was just "minor" and a  bit "superficial" things so people were more or less accustomed or used to very much..This time they took things to the extreme much further in polarization of negative...This kind of leaders from this gamg named (PSD) are very very old school and old energy and primitive mentality..His gang was elected so he felt the citizen is still accepting "old school" mentality and manipulations and control so they felt to do something more extreme...They had the ilusion that people will just shut up like in old times...So really this is a proof of a "battle" between new and old.This to clean up needs to clean up from mass consciouness.How you clean up from a mass consciouness that refuse to to clean.The old people most don't want to look in themselves or if they look they are too old in age.Is just survival, fear and emotional misery...Until this is cleared from mass consciouness people may still vote phantoms from past like they voted this time (PSD gang)...Very Orion stuff...All middle east is a direct Orion stuff again...Many many people still ignore the emotional side of them and "fight" the goverment and stuff..Big ilusion.
With past wounds unsolved one's vote is for past leaders...Law of atraction.Unless one solve the past wounds he/she is stuck meeting "past" people that reflect his/her wounds.
I forgot to say there is a law in our constitution that says if a political "gang" like PSD will endanger the very foundation of a democratic state with his laws it can brought in front of justice and dismantled.There are big chance for this to happen and if this political "gang" will disappear this will be huge transformation for my country...People that voted by inertia this political suddenly will be shaken and this means transformation and a chance for a dinasoar structure to be put to rest.Some people may disapear from political scene when this political gang sinks.It will be like a reborn and restructure of the political scene.


"Lucy! 'Splain yourself!"

You ask a lot of self-challenging questions. Bravo!

I'm am not a very politically involved person. My overall experience has been that while US presidents come, and US presidents go, my life is far enough removed that it affects me only a little. And not often. But I view and respect others' involvement and beliefs. To each his own.

I sometimes listen to the news. With fresh ears. My approach is both critical and skeptical. I refuse to be told what to believe, resist what I'm am told to do. Or cannot do (I consider THAT inspiration).

This whole last election was amusing to me, not being sure who was going to win, while also being open to something new. The final result was very surprising, but not in any way frightening or threatening. I'm only curious.

My question is regarding this:

"Your expectations literally create your life as you know it."

What were you expressing here? Was it pertaining to myststars's commentary on his country's decision to re-legalize corruption, or my comment to him?  I don't understand.

I may be critical and skeptical, but can also be dense. :).


Quote from: strangerthingsWhat kind of President Trump do you want?

I made it through a minute of the video. I suppose I should go back and try to finish. I will. And I will edit this post if something new strikes me.

The woman reading her fear list turned me off when she said she wanted Trump dead, after talking about all the anti-compassionate, anti-human rights traits she says he has. I've heard many anti-Trump people say the same types of things:  I hope he dies, he should be dead, someone should kill him. That is so hypocritical to me. Basically, "we want a kinder/gentler person in office, he could kill people, let's kill him." I honestly don't understand where these deep-seated fears are coming from. Maybe I'm just naive, but I don't have the same fears. Sure Trump holds little or nothing back, puts his foot in his mouth quite often, has said things that are definitely bigoted. But to say he's going to bring back concentration camps and start WWIII seems extreme to me.

A friend recently told me that when Trump was elected, psychiatrists experienced a huge upsurge in anti-anxiety prescriptions. Some people were afraid to leave their homes. Schools are offering counseling services to students and staff traumatized over the election. Schools were closed on election day due to fears about violence around the election. I have a hard time comprehending all of that, since I was not far removed from the Columbine Massacre, 911, etc. and have to put things into perspective.

Why are so many people so fearful (of so many things)? Why concentrate so hard on what can go wrong, rather than hope for the best, which is so much more favorable and just as easy?

"Trump and his supporters are possibly the bringers of internment camps, concentration camps, or even armageddon." Sounds like Satan is alive and well in a lot of minds.

Quote from: strangerthingshere is an old saying "Love your neighbor as yourself."
Is that something we do?

Apparently not. Or maybe so... in that we can't love our neighbor until we love ourselves. Or trust others if we don't trust ourselves. And "living in a safe universe" is out of the question if there is no trust that the Universe, All That Is, Source is benign and supportive.

You do get what you concentrate upon.

Quote from: strangerthingsWhat if taking care of our own wonderful individuated selves IS taking care of the entire country?

That makes sense to me.
Seth has said we should try to pitch in when we can, and I think that old saying that "charity begins at home" is fairly accurate. Being willing to help others is a great trait and gesture. It becomes interference when the gesture is not requested, appreciated or accepted. We need to be mindful and not try to force our perceptions or beliefs on others. But I really think people need to start thinking independently and stop blindly following what is said by media and others. Critical thinking is a gift that we all need to appreciate and use.

Okay I'm almost through the entire video, and Byron Katie has just won herself a fan. This woman is a pro at cutting to the quick. Brilliant. Thank you for that.


Why are so many people so fearful (of so many things)? Why concentrate so hard on what can go wrong, rather than hope for the best, which is so much more favorable and just as easy?

I am not advertising this session for profit in some way or another but to emphasize some things.The session is "special" for the trump election but the  little description itself contain some key words that are relevant here...I bought this session myself and is presented from a very very high universe point of view..I can't gift the session to this forum...It would have been a very nice listening for many fearful americans.Some channelers made the sessions related to Trump free of charge..

#284 The Pendulum Swings.  November 10, 2016, Tokyo, Japan. (Germane). In English with Japanese Translation.  After the tumultuous US election, Germane discusses polarity dynamics in a transitioning civilization and what we can expect, with brand new information and teachings; How to navigate the chaos and what a reflective reality really means. He offers several models to more deeply understand these polarity dynamics and discusses how to best use the challenges to awaken ourselves using the Galactic Heritage Card teachings. He also discusses consciousness as an expression of the fractal and how to work with this conceptual information in a practical way in our daily lives. The session is enhanced by wonderful audience questions. If you love metaphysics and seeing a bigger picture, you will enjoy this recording.

Also i am a big picture learner...This is one of the reason this materials fit for me...

Also to give my personal opinion to your question.The fear of survival activated en masse with the Trump election.Maybe 911 activated also this kind of fear ? You tell me.People now are forced to face this fear of survival.The biggest national challenge is deaing with inner fear of survival.Many many people haven't learned to deal with this.Schools haven't teached them, parents not really and society just consider this part of day to day "business" and control...The paradox is many of us are manipulated and controlled because of this fear.Many of us stay in jobs that don't fit with us and stay in emotional misery and unhappiness because this fear.Now i do feel the emotional teachers and psychologyst and people that may be able to assist will be invaluable and maybe critical.The culture with fear dealing may rise.On the long term the anti-psychotics will not work so much so people may be forced to deal with the fear of survival in a more natural way.The paradox is if US and global citizens were in slavery by using this fear against them by some ...groups... what Trump's comming done is that he forced this "dealing" with the fear of survival put in the open...Either people learn to deal witht this fear or die or get mentally sick...The irony is that whoever learn to deal with this and transcend it can't be manipulated, controlled and will be the new human that will change the earth...The .... groups .... can't manipulate those individuals that transceded the deepest fear of all imo...The used this fear to manipulate en masse...Forcing dealing with the fear of survival may be the biggest gift that Trump can offer to US citizens...I know it will be hard to see it like a gift...


Quote from: strangerthingsMay I ask, what your belief in the world was at the time you found this news article?

Well I'm not sure if it was "beneficial in any leading anyone back to their true Self". While this is a Seth forum, we also have discussions that are casual, conversational, not always on the straight and narrow but usually getting to the destination. Why, do you feel it was a harmful link to put up? I just want to know where you're coming from.

Let me tell you why I put that up. It was because of reactions all around the world (yes, even here on the forum) with fearful forecasts of what Trump is going to 'do' to the world (not just the USA). Concentration camps. Blast women's rights back into the Stone Age. Reverse Roe v. Wade. Boot all 'foreigners' out of the country. Regress gay rights. Ethnic rights. Start the final World War. Destroy the planet. I'm not even sure I've heard it all, because I really don't enjoy politics AT ALL. And I've been really caught off-guard with all of the hysteria around the election, AROUND THE WORLD. While it doesn't upset me, I find it very interesting and surprising. I didn't see it coming, and figure it will settle down after a while. Maybe the world-wide reaction is a good thing, it has certainly created some sort of international unity for people.

So, I've always been a bit of a fact checker. While I'm open to listening to others' opinions, I don't automatically believe everything that I hear (well, unless it's on Facebook, I know that's all real :) ). I've heard it mentioned (maybe here, or if not that seemed to be where this topic was going, see and being inflated in the news, that Trump's temporary travel ban is outrageous, bigoted, and once again likened to Hitler and his ethnic cleansing processes. It was being made to sound like Trump invented the concept and was the only president to do so. Which jogged my memory. So I did a search to find out how many recent US presidents utilized travel bans. My intention with posting that link was a gentle "check your premises" and a response to the post. So maybe yes, it was in some way meant to bring someone back to their true Self, meaning: seek the truth and draw your own conclusions from what you find. I didn't expound because I felt myststars would catch my drift.

My world view at the time of that post was the same as it is right now. We are the world. The world is a living thing. Not just the people and the animals and the natural resources: we exist on a living planet. One that is always changing, growing and balancing itself. Most people are just people, connected, with similar needs and habits: trying to live a good life. My solitary travel to a "scary" country this last summer sealed that deal for me. I love humanity. I love this planet.

There are some that are out of balance and end up harming others because they are... out of balance. But because of my beliefs in Seth's teaching, it is a cooperative venture. Some parts of the planet may be less in balance than others, constantly warring, genocide, it may have to do with Seth's coordinate points. IDK. I choose not to live in fear. I try not to make to decisions based on fear. I do not feel threatened. But having grown up street-smart, I tend to be aware in my circumstances. Not guarded, as much as being awake. In the moment.

Did I answer your question?

Your input?

BTW I spent some time tonight listening to more Byron Katie. Nice. AND I bought a used copy of the A Course In Miracles Set. I've been hearing about it since I started this forum, maybe even before that. For the final price (less than $3 with my Amazon credit points), I figured it was meant to be. I tend to be a book whore. Ooops, did I say that?


Quote from: strangerthingsThat was a well thought out answer. You are running the forum and even in our off Seth topic chats we really are not ever off the Seth Teaching - ever not a day. So, I was just making sure for my own self, I am where I want to be. Know what I mean?

I was more or less doing a premises check on where I signed up lol

Understandable! Thanks for making me think out my answer. Sometimes I get tired of listening to myself (I can go on and on when I write) so force myself to keep things short occasionally.

Thanks for the heads-up on Thriftbooks!

Quote from: strangerthingsWhat would life be like if no one took part of the reading or surfing of news?
Who would the parts of self confess all this non sense to? Its just theater!

I guess we'd end up talking with our neighbors more. And gossiping to make our own news. It's almost an addiction with some people, I see them constantly checking their phone every time "breaking news" dings in a new article. I really don't ever watch the news any more and in the old days I would unsubscribe from newspaper delivery about once a year, just couldn't take all the negativity. I now have zero patience for commercials and have cut down even listening to the radio because it's become unbearable.

Just heard this glowing radio commercial this morning about all the wonderful new drugs Pharma is researching to fix our bodies. It was very heart-warming. Kind of like that Monsanto commercial a couple years back of the family having Thanksgiving dinner. I almost had a stroke.

Some group dissected it:



Decisive action by Trump:

"The UK government says it "fully supports" the US missile strike against an air base in Syria in response to a suspected chemical weapons attack.
A No 10 spokeswoman said: "We believe [it] was an appropriate response to the barbaric chemical weapons attack launched by the Syrian regime, and is intended to deter further attacks.""


Unwise responses ... And those responses get borring and borring and solve nothing ...


"Mr Trump is also yet to make any public comments about the movement of the US warships, but his Syrian missile strike is being interpreted as a warning to North Korea.
The President's chief national security adviser, HR McMaster, said the Korean strategy was aimed to give the President a "full range of options to remove that threat to the American people and to our allies and partners in the region".
General McMaster said North Korea was "a rogue regime that is now a nuclear capable regime".
"What must happen is the denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula," General McMaster told Fox News Sunday."

" Of greater concern, this all must be viewed as part of a Trumpian learning curve, whereby the president is gaining experience with—and evident satisfaction in—using military force against those weaker than us. This is an impulse that will not be fulfilled by the single-salvo strike against Syria alone—there will be a third, a fourth, and successive steps up the ladder of escalation."
" What might those next steps look like? The most likely scenarios are preemptive military strikes against North Korea and/or Iran. Indeed, Trump had no sooner finished giving the order to attack Syria on Thursday night than he was hinting to President Xi Jinping of China—then at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida for a dinner with the president—that North Korea could be next on this list of US targets if it did not cease its pursuit of nuclear-armed intercontinental ballistic missiles."


As a serious long-term student of Seth, I have had quite a time dealing with the meaning of the Trump presidency. I personally find him repulsive, was shocked when he won, and continue to be amazed that, given his chaotic presidency, he still has so much support. I would have expected more buyer's remorse from his base by now. But after the initial shock, I found that I was also feeling inexplicably euphoric. In asking myself what this was about, I got in touch with the fact that the eight years of seething hatred directed toward the uppity black guy was not going to be transferred to the uppity woman. If Clinton had won, she would have had the same frustrations getting anything done that Obama had. Now, we have created "en masse" a condition in which many who have been asleep have woken up and many who have been passionately opposing progressive movements get a change in perspective. Now that the opposing side has the reigns, they get a taste of their own medicine. Oddly, opposition to Trump is largely from within, not only from the Freedom Caucus, but also from moderate Republicans. This is not to mention that Trump seems to be his own worst enemy, tweeting and stumbling through his first 100 days as a petulant, angry child with dangerous toys. So assuming we get through the next few years without serious setbacks, I believe we will see an unblocking of progress and effective passionate progressive activism that would not have happened with a Hillary presidency.

The Trump presidency is also for me an opportunity to continue to practice loving those with whom I disagree. I have always loved my right-wing friends and relatives, and I will practice at loving Donald Trump. All of my meat-space Sethian friends (or at least those who have shared their views) have a real problem with Trump. I tell them what I have said above. Trump just wants to be loved. He is not evil. As Seth says, a seed is not evil just because it is not yet a flower. 


Quote from: LarryHBut after the initial shock, I found that I was also feeling inexplicably euphoric.

I have to say I can relate. For me, it's like we are in for some big changes, maybe the 'ride' of a lifetime. Whatever this administration ends up as, it can be a real opportunity for people to see obvious, fast and hard evidence of how we make our reality. Trump is shaking things up and whether for the better or worse, it is up to us, yes en masse. It's an opportunity. Or it can be.  


Oh, to revive an old topic is — a little bit of a thrill.

Thanks to @transient amnesia's link to a Dolores Cannon post yesterday, my investigating turned up this blog post. I found it incredibly interesting on a few levels. Maybe deserving of a new topic, "The Trump Personality" ? Lol. How hysterical would THAT be if HE was the return of the Christ personality that Seth talked about?

I also found interesting the mention of nuclear war, considering what's been in the news lately.

Thanks @myststars for starting this topic. Who knew where this would go?

transient amnesia



You are welcome both of you ... Anyway at least two channelers (Sheila Gillete and Brad Johnson) confirmed that Trump is a piece of puzzle benevolent for this time frame.Hard to believe i know.One of the purpose is to get the mass collective angry so they have to transcend the anger.Otherwise the mass majority wouldn't look at their angers.This is just one point.

transient amnesia



Well if you read the Shining the light series from Robert Shapiro it describes many things up to 2000.You may understand much deeper what Adronis is talking about.Also you can look at David Wilcock on Gaia.He's not channeling but he pull material from all over the place.


I came across this opinion today, and while it was painful to read ( is America the only country in the world that has safety concerns represented as biases? ), I thought there were some good points brought up. Once again, Trump is being presented as someone who can expose national tendencies that have been glossed over in the past. The crux of the article:

"Too many of Trump's critics are wearing rose-tinted glasses about the good ol'days before big bad Trump came along and ruined everything. That's why they so easily erupt into outrage over the word s***hole but fail to see decades of imperialist and racist foreign policy as problematic.

"Yes, Trump made a vulgar comment. But the real difference between him and the presidents who have come before him is that he is willing to rip off the mask of decency and reveal the truly ugly face of American leadership that lies beneath it. If nothing else, the world should thank him for that."

With Trump, there are no filters. He appears to be an open book. Who would prefer political correctness and euphemisms to the ugly truth of his (or anyone's) core beliefs and attitudes?


Yes, I have said in the past that Trump would serve to accelerate society's confrontation of its negative aspects and come out better eventually. I think the MeToo movement is one example, though it took awhile after the Billy Bush interview exposure to gain traction through many more examples of sexual exploitation, not just from Trump.


Quote from: Deb
Who would prefer political correctness and euphemisms to the ugly truth?
I would take issue with one way that that comment could be taken. Trump's relationship to facts is so disfunctional that I would not call what he says "truth", ugly or not. But what I think you mean is that his opinions on just about everything reflect the ugly beliefs of the darkest parts of our society. As uncomfortable as that is, it is a step for society to openly deal with it.


Quote from: LarryH
I would take issue with one way that that comment could be taken.

Yes, I agree, I'll change my wording to clarify what I meant -- which was in response to this: "the real difference between him and the presidents who have come before him is that he is willing to rip off the mask of decency and reveal the truly ugly face of American leadership that lies beneath it." Trump's tweets reveal his underlying beliefs and attitudes. I wouldn't go so far as to say that he represents the attitudes all of our leaders, past and present, but some things are coming to the surface like never before. He certainly is different. And if anything, I feel he is a catalyst for change.

Here's an uncharacteristic report from CNN about Democrats turned Republican in a town in Ohio. Of course these folks are only concentrating on economics:

James Sidaway

Quote from: Deb
Inauguration Day: A bad lip reading

Thank you Deb,
This vid gave me sore sides and tears of laughter.

And it is obvious, Seth's teachings are strong within you...

"My vision of the next 4 years is unburdened by fear and doubt. Optimistic. Why? Why not? Why envision failure, hatred, prejudice, wars, disaster? Do I not make my own reality? Do my expectations not dictate what I will experience?

My version of the future is: Trump will fix what is wrong in America, and as a result the rest of the world will benefit."

Trump is a mason and his family crest fists the "spear" that symbolically pierced the side of Jesus.  But that didn't happen, did it.  It is the story they made and they preach to fabricate fake-prophesy.  But like you sense, it will play it's role in many probabilities...
Seth said, be selective in what you believe and desire and what you concentrate upon in this magical multidimensional world where you have your personal universe revolving around your personal experiences.  All have their places and their purposes.


Quote from: Deb
A bad lip reading

OK, I had hoped this was also a case of parody in the form of bad lip reading.


Quote from: Deb
That's precisely where we are here! Earth is the kindergarten of spiritual enlightenment. Some people learn, some don't.

Oh my gosh Deb, I'm just revisiting this thread and this observation just jumped off the screen at me. And not just spiritual development, I can see the lack of self-awareness in lots of people, mirroring, I suppose, my own lack of self-awareness (although, I have felt it has been getting a bit better over the last few years).

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