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Ida Kannenberg wrote several books about her contact with extraterrestrials, e.g. "UFO Initiation: Ultraterrestrial Time Travelers". She was born in 1914 in Iowa, had her first contact with a UFO in the California desert in 1940, and died in 2010 at the age of 95.

Kannenberg underwent hypnotic regression with Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, Professor Emeritus, Counseling Services, University of Wyoming, and they both investigated other cases of UFO contact.

From <> (Link not working on 17.4.17)

Kannenberg was of the view that contact with extraterrestrials was quite common, although in only a few cases it is as spectacular as a nocturnal visit to a UFO. Many cases of out-of-body experiences are in fact associated with extraterrestrial contact, although the experiencer may not be willing to admit this in the present intellectual climate which is generally hostile to the idea. Even more common is extraterrestrial contact in dreams. She wrote:

"If you have dreams that seem to be trying to tell you something, or dreams so vivid that you would stake your life that they were real, or even momentary visions "in the mind's eye" with a strong and lasting impression, and you cannot identify what is causing the disturbance, it might be well to see a hypnotist who is hep to the UFO phenomena".
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Quote from: strangerthings
They can rightly F off.
Same to you.

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"You form the fabric of your experience through your own beliefs and expectations. These personal ideas about yourself and the nature of reality will affect your thoughts and emotions. You take your beliefs about reality as truth, and often do not question them." (NOPR)

We all need to question our beliefs, but I don't think that using the F word is helpful in that process.
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I could not get the link to Dr. Sprinkle to work, so searched his name and came up with this web site, "American Loons." After reading the very critical and unflattering review on Dr. Sprinkle (he's # 1168 on the list), it was summed up as:

"Diagnosis: Ultracrackpot. The lesson is that if your investigations point to conclusions that violate everything established by other scientists, that is not evidence that you just possess more powerful faculties of perception or intuition and that you are some kind of prophet. It means that you are a crank."

I moved down to the comments and was impressed by how some people who know Sprinkle personally stood up for him. I especially enjoyed the one written by RJC on March 19, 2016, excerpt:

"Leo's conclusions deserve serious attention, because his experience and knowledge, together with his keen analytical ability and use of scientific methodology (very difficult to apply when investigating this subject) are matched by few researchers in this field.

Let me ask: how many readers at this site have actually done research on UFOs with an open mind? Do you know that Dr. Steven Grier gathered together over 400 experts: high ranking military officers, members of the intelligence community, airport flight controllers, and others, all who'd signed security agreements to remain silent about what they'd seen regarding UFOs in their work; yet they came forward in
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
in 2001 breaking their security agreements, risking imprisonment, because they believed that what they knew about UFOs was too important to remain silent about, asking Congress to hear their reports and take action.

It's easy to sit in judgement of something you have no real knowledge about (as done here); not so easy when you take the time to actually study it."

With this in mind, I started to look through the hundreds of people who have made the American Loon list. I was curious to see if Jane Roberts had made it. Some very well known people are listed, all of them being people who think outside the box or outside of "cold science" as the blog author states. New agers, channelers, news reporters, celebrities, spiritual leaders, scientists. "if your investigations point to conclusions that violate everything established by other scientists"—is this not how progress is made?

Unfortunately the author has not posted his own bio. I'm curious why he feels he is so qualified to judge so many others. And by what standards? The list is SO long, it appears Loons are a majority in America.

The list (blog posts archives from May 2010 to April 2017) is in somewhat alphabetical order. I didn't see Jane in there, somehow he missed her (or I did).

Sena, have you seen this?

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Quote from: Deb
Sena, have you seen this?
Deb, yes I have seen that. Steven Greer's writings are interesting because his contact with extraterrestrials involved mystical experiences. He has many critics. There is a lot of smoke and mirrors in this field.

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Quote from: strangerthings
Then there is this guy - /watch?v=aqT4cjDQurU and his channel
Thanks for recommending Steven Jones. His book is "An Invitation To The Dance: The Awakening of the Extended Human Family". Jones has an interesting blog here:

A quote from the blog: "I am, what you might call, a modern-day ET Contact Experiencer: no longer the confused and powerless Abductee as depicted in the media, but an empowered participator in the extraordinary events that remain such an important and profound part of my life. After nearly an unbelievable 50 years of ET contact I am now able to assist others like me to move through the barrier that restricts so many from understanding what Contact really is."

I might try to get hold of a second-hand copy of his book.
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Quote from: strangerthings could not beat any of those lower prices from the links above.
strangerthings, thanks once again for recommending this author. I was able to get a good second-hand copy at a very reasonable price from Amazon UK. I have only just started reading the book, but it looks very promising. Although I don't think Seth is mentioned, some of the ideas seem to be similar. For instance, Jones writes this about telepathy:
"Telepathy is in fact experienced on a daily basis by every adult in a subconscious way". Jones is of the view that children are much more telepathic than adults.
Compare this to Seth:
"Telepathy operates constantly. If you continually expect an individual to behave in a particular manner, then you are constantly sending him telepathic suggestions that he will do so." (The Seth Material)


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