Vadim Zeland - TransSurfing

Started by Deb, February 10, 2017, 12:19:26 AM

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I was introduced, by a member on the forum, to Vadim Zeland. He is a sort of channel for another form of information similar to the Seth materials. The series of books were originally written in Russian, maybe out of print now. Portions of his books are in complete alignment with Seth, some of it is different.

The audio versions of his series can be heard for free on YouTube. I have software (Media Human) that converts YouTube videos into MP3s so I can put the audio on my iPhone via iTunes. I've listened to his first book (5.5 hours) and have downloaded the second book (7.5 hours). I just finished his chapter about lucid dreaming and I have to say I felt like he was talking directly to me (considering my own experiences). It's interesting to hear someone else's "take" on reality.

Here's his YouTube channel.