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Hi everyone!

In the first book of early sessions Seth talks about psychological time and how great it is to use it to get some rest while conscious. Something along the lines 'even 5 minutes of such rest go a long way'. How exactly do I go about doing it? Looking at the sky while outside, watching birds or listening to the waves? Thinking of nothing in particular? Or just sitting in an armchair in a quiet room with your eyes closed? Something like this?
Thanks a lot.

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Everything you do really is 'psychological time' or a state of meditation. I mention that because for me I never thought of it that way when I started any of the creation studies.

Besides, it is fun to say and holds meaning for me. It beats saying to my little meatsuit "Doing the Work". *L*

When I go into Psy Time, it depends on what I want to accomplish. I did not know that when first starting out so I did it however I thought I 'should'. What looked right to me, what felt right to me .... so I would be comfortable.

In the beginning I lighted incense (and still do sometimes), I lit candles, and I always faced North. I still do it facing North unless I am in the moment and nothing like that matters in that moment.

I would encourage you to be alone. Also to ensure that no one is coming over, pets are taken care of and not in the room with you. Being super uber hungry beforehand is not effective in my experience. I wouldnt recommend listening to any audio that has words. Too easy to sway your mood. I would recommend listening to meditative music you like, classical, soft easy gentle sounds. If you do not like what you have decided on and you are already sitting down, and this repeats a few times - to which you are up and down changing the music, turn it off, try that. If that still doesnt suit you, try to go outside and incorporate the sounds there. Or just stop.

If you ever at any point during Psy Time notice any sign of agitation or frustration during - just simply stop. Shake gently of your arms and wiggle feet and legs and head. Open eyes. contemplate easy with yourself, or just stop altogether and get up and do something you want to do.

If you are new to something like this, the ego might get a little fussy at knocking on those doors. But DO IT. Say gentle things about the exploration, and that you will be experimenting again. If you can be gentle and kind on yourself it could be a much more easier experiment than you might think.

The first minute or few I just relaxed sitting in my bedroom on the floor with lots of pillows.

[If I layed down at this point (being new to Seth/Psy Time) I would possibly have fallen asleep. My ego had a way of convincing me that "I am tired when I am not" and I am going to do "Psy Time" or " meditate" or do a guided mediation. ]

Sitting for me was the answer.

Where you are comfy.

However you like.

There is not one proper way to sit. Especially for starting out. No worries here. Do it how you want. Curled back or slumping - you will figure it out and know what is best for you.

Breathe slowly, holding your breath just ever slightly when you have breathed all breath inward. Let it go gently or fast. I found that a faster breathing but gentle  was just as effective. Find a pace you are good with, but do try holding the inward breath for a small moment to a larger moment (5 or so seconds) and try also to gently let it out and also quickly. It helps to explore where your pace suits you in my experience.

Now once you are relaxed, ask yourself, "What do I want to create?" If you already know, before Psy Time, in your Inner Voice, begin to formulate what you want and declare it. I would suggest using this method going straight to the outcome. "I want a new car" and see yourself not as though it is a movie you are watching about you in the car, but you are the one sitting in the seat, the keys are in your hand and you are seeing it as though you would if you were to open your eyes, grab your keys and look at them.

The more details about this desire, the better I think it works.

Do you want just some car that is new to you? Do you want a brand new car? Do you want a good running car, new to you, with 50,000 miles or less on it, within a certain price range, etc etc

You could see this outcome as anything that makes sense to you that would mean YOU ALREADY HAVE IT.

For example, some would see themself in the car, windows down, music on, friends with them, etc

some would be shaking the hand (not a whole person) of making the deal.
some would simple see the title in the mailbox.

Visualizing during Psy time, is for me  very important but I had to work on this. It is a muscle that needs to exercised. You could arrive at a point in your life when what you desire when you visualize it becomes more real to you than this life here (Physical reality).

Seth teaches to do this exercise 3-5 times a day and periodically throughout the day to day life, pretend that you have or are, whatever it is you did a Psy Time over. To pretend this is already a part of your life.

You can do this in the shower, while washing dishes, walking around, whatever, whenever, however.

Do not be alarmed if your Psy Times sometimes go over 3-5 minutes. You may feel very strongly about something and go with it. *S*

WHEN YOU ARE DONE be sure to thank yourself for this time and creation. This has been in my experience to make this step of the utmost importance. If you forget right then and there to do it, do it when you remember.

I once removed over 20 pounds of physical weight in one month by doing Psy Time with what I wanted to look like. So...after my Psy Times, I would throughout the day, if I happened to see myself in the mirror I saw thinner me. Anytime I wanted I would say things to myself and pretend to be putting on pants, that were my new size. I did this Psy Time merely as an experiment. I was so amazed it worked!! I never once got on a scale, or nitpicked the experiment. When you do that you meddle with the creation or point of perception. It gets altered and you get shot off into another probable reality. I find this is based on the faith you have in yourself ...which ................that is a whole other post.. *L*


Now, as to your RECHARGE and Psy Time:

When in Psy Time, one could simply just sit in the knowing of I AM. What it means to you personally.


Sit in the feeling of what it is to have such power to create whatever you want. Play with expanding that feeling, drawing in other like feelings, incorporate things you enjoy or like - into the feeling.


During Psy Time, think simply on only things you like. I have used this exercise as well to do this first thing in the morning. Before I pee. Before my eyes open. No longer than 3-5 minutes, can be anything absolutely anything I have liked. Do it for a week. Do it for thirty days. You could even pair it with doing it right before you go to sleep. It has been the most simple one for me to do. Just keep saying in your mind, I like blue glass. I like laughing. I like smiling. I like Seth. I like Jane Roberts. I like having a Seth forum to check out. I like flowers. I reall really like sleeping ....I like such and such movie. I like my dog. I like pretty clothes. I like driving. I like the way that bugged looked yesterday with the sun shining on its back. Oh and I remember that one pretty bird I liked so much at the beach. etc etc you get the idea.

Then there is also the TREE way.

For twenty minutes or longer you can sit with your back against any tree like OAK etc, pick a large tree, sit at its trunk, and tune into the way your body feels sitting on the ground, back on the tree, think of the tree, and try to feel the tree. Try to be in the tree. Focus only on the tree. This recharges too. I would definitely refer to this as "Psy Time".

If I can help further, hollar my way.

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Wow! What can I say? Thanks a lot, Strangerthings! I stopped going to the forum, so I haven't seen your reply until now. Veery detailed and a lot of things I heard about - in one place. Rob mentions psy time and his results (what he saw or tingling sensation). But I was interested in it that much because Seth said at some point "you can recharge in 5 minutes more than you can imagine" (not exact quote).
I gathered, it will come pretty handy, when there are numerous creative projects, walks, housework - and I would love to recharge during the day so that I could do more fun things :)
Thanks a lot, I'll print it out for more convenient use.
So far I've been only taking short relaxing walks (works great!) and 20-30 min. naps in the afternoon. After reading Seth suggestions as to our sleeping habits. But I'd need quotes for that and a new post. People might get upset for not getting 'quality info' on this, but only my paraphrasing. :)


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