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Started by Neo, February 05, 2017, 05:12:49 AM

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Hi everyone,

I haven't posted on this forum in ages. It's nice to be back. :) I really like this forum as I love Seth's teachings and it's amazing that there is a forum where we can discuss all of the Seth material. It's hard to find people who are into these concepts and especially discussing them, even though many people these days are aware of "the law of attraction", or as Seth put it, the fact that we create our own reality. Most people are not so much into the technical details about our own reality, as most are happy just living nice lives. And then there are us who have a neverending need and hunger for understanding how and why this all works. That is why I love this forum, for interesting discussions about the more theoretical. However, that being said, it would be fun to hear people's stories about how they have witnessed these teachings manifest in their own life. In other words: it would be nice to hear how you have created your reality! Of course we are creating our reality constantly, meaning that every action and situation and thing in our lives is a manifestation, but it would be nice to hear about things that really stood out to you, where you really knew that "wow, I created this thing". I personally love hearing manifestation stories as they are so inspiring and keep at least myself on track and motivated to consciously create my reality all the time. So, here we go, feel free to post any kind of manifestation stories (be it good or bad) from your (or someone else's) life! I will post my own later. :)


Quote from: Neoit would be fun to hear people's stories about how they have witnessed these teachings manifest in their own life.

Welcome back Neo!

Well here I could say, "where do I begin?"  Looking back over my life, there are plenty of examples of manifestations that stand out, including attracting "tailor-made" people into my life. I got to thinking back as far as being 15 or 17 and only now do I see the manifestations for what they were. Here's an example for me from almost 20 years ago:

I was was introduced to a different part of town due to new friends. It's an area known for good schools, low crime, covenants to force homeowners to keep their homes and properties maintained (real estate maintains value). One day I was driving through the area and saw a garden center was being built. The thought, "I want to live right here" popped into my head. Not much time later, a new neighborhood was being built near the garden center. There were two lots remaining on a cul-de-sac that I was interested in, either one would have sufficed. I had a vision of living on that street in a house that I loved. The location was perfect: within walking distance of elementary, junior and senior high schools, 4 minute drive to the freeway, 5 minutes to the post office, 30 minutes to the airport, shopping centers a 10-15 minute walk away, a recreation center/pool just a few blocks away, which was next to—the garden center.

Yet, for various of reasons neither lot was do-able. I kept approaching them from various angles, trying to get around various obstacles that kept cropping up. It was stressful and frustrating and I could see my dream beginning to fall apart. I finally let go, feeling it was the universe saying they were just not right.

Suddenly, another lot appeared on the cul-de-sac. I SWEAR it was not there before (there are only 5 houses on my street!). It just seemed to materialize. The realtor hadn't even noticed it. We were confused, but I jumped at the opportunity and then it all came together in a rush. The house I was leaving sold the day it went on the market (the sign hadn't even gone up yet) and I had priced it $5000 higher than the realtor advised!

The  new location turned out to be even better than I expected: the backyard is wide and has southern exposure (perfect for solar panels), front yard is narrow so less snow shoveling; there's an empty 5 acre field behind my yard, and my garden, which takes up about 1/4 of the back yard, is incredibly productive. What is interesting is that others, even my next door neighbor, struggle with their gardens while mine flourishes, even when I give them the same plants that I started from seed and they mimic my gardening procedures. Must be one of those energy coordinate points Seth talked about!

Looking back on the experience, I feel like while I was meant to live in this neighborhood, the other two lots were not right. It took me a little while to get it together and come up with something that was the perfect fit. And here I still am.

Update: OK, I'm still snickering.

This morning I put up a link here to Rich Kendall's blog. I read one post, posted a comment to it, then went to out lunch. Back from lunch, I decided to read more and email him to ask if it was OK for me to use some quotes from his blog. At the very same time I was typing my question, I got an email from him. :) 'Nuff said.

resonating waves

I used to think with the word manifestation, but now I tell myself that my thoughts are frequencies constantly bursting forth from God's brain waves. I am the one changing those waves into frequencies, and they are not separate. There is no particle/wave duality. Frequencies are bunched up waves. Waves and frequencies are ONE. I got this from reading what physics teachers have said in their online classes. AND Heisenberg said that observation changes those waves into frequencies--AND HE WON A NOBEL PRIZE FOR THAT WAY BEFORE SETH. What is observation but idea?
Since I am totally full of this gestalt called god, which I see as consciousness waves, then I am consciousness waves as eternal as God. AND I am totally constantly manifesting myself into this reality--ALL of me. Creation is constant. There is no part that is not a manifestation. This life is not what it has been taught. We are projecting ourselves into this frequency band as multidimensional beings, knowing that the holograms here believe in death and solidity and time and space. It is a challenge of huge proportions. AND it IS constantly on purpose.
There are no accidents or murders or coincidences. We are saturated in fields of energy waves which physicists like to diagram like a grid or net or matrix. Seth called this grid a set of infinite strings that were not really there. You can see this grid on the front of many books physicists write. And since this society has said that protons are positive charges and electrons are negative charges, what is it about the word CHARGE that people don't understand? Doesn't a battery have a charge? Doesn't electricity have a charge? This world is so messed up--CONFUSED--in its thinking.
I have read about walk ins, but isn't everyone a walk in, or a burst in? Of course. Everyone must change God's brain waves into frequencies to be here. Our holographic forms consist of 12 frequency bands, each one spinning at a different rate. Each band an actual body. That means we have 12 bodies, each one a different frequency band. The first four are the bodies we see and feel with. The fifth is the one we are as we change our frequencies back into being just waves--invisible here. That is the final death--letting go of the intent to be here. This intent is the frequencies themselves. This intent is also magic and miracles. Magic and miracles are frequencies. To expect something to happen creates frequencies which are images. I think that thoughts resonate waves into frequencies which then burst into images that spin. Seth said that we build our own bodies before entering them. These bodies are vehicles that we become one with and leave constantly as in those infinite births and deaths Seth talks about. Electrons have many faces, frequency bands, and as they pulse outwards, they create other realities or those probable realities, which are dreams like this one. Wow, how complicated. Brilliant energy beings should not choose realities like this without knowing the rules first. Just like driving a car. If a person is not a mechanic, then don't go driving in a car out in the desert. The car becomes a horrendous dependency. So I say, don't create the challenge of a reality unless you know all the rules of that reality--FIRST. And even then, after becoming frequencies, this knowledge seems to disappear. All these bunched up waves just slow us down too much and info is too easy to dismiss as crazy.
As much as I have read and experienced, I look around and tell myself I will never do this again. I cannot see that I am an eternal energy being of holographic proportions and that is just too dependent and horrendous. It is just too painful here to not know the rules. The energy is too dense and the help is too few. My inner self has backed off from my depression so that I feel nothing but pain.

When I first found Seth books, I wished to see miracles and magic. I was landscaping and reading constantly. In one book "Psychic Healers" I read about a Korean priest that stepped on a wooden stake. He pulled it out and then calmly sat with his fingers on the deep wound. The person with him saw this huge wound heal up in seconds. I wanted to do this. Who wouldn't?
Of course, seeing a window hanging in the air in the middle of the room full of rain when I was around 10 or so, helped my imagination. I had wished for a cool day. Also, during that time of images called childhood, I heard and felt energy beings around me that I bonded to. Apparently, existing/pulsating with a woman that was bitterly unhappy that I did NOT bond with, spurred my beliefs further. I went to school telling everyone and they sure were angry at me. They bullied me about it so much that I became totally anti social.
But since NOW is all there is, I look at the present now and wonder how I am creating that childhood from now, AS NOW. I still feel anti social because still no one around me understands why there is no such thing as death and germs and time and space, AND enemies. I tried to tell people about those invisible beings and that there was no such thing as death, saying that as a child, I am really creating that child right now. It's not that I am anti social now because of that childhood, that childhood is because I feel anti social now thinking all that I think. AND I also created that raging woman and bullying teachers and kids. But all I did is say that there is no such thing as death. You would think I murdered them. Nurses and doctors look at me the same way. WOW
In the book "The Quantum World" written by the physicist Ford, you can see a diagram he has drawn that proves that the future and the past are really now, being interchangeable. Physics has proven this in a diagram !!!! So if I become more strong now with what I believe and have read and have experienced I will change that childhood. I have tried telling that child that I know physics now, so go ahead and speak up. But that is not enough. There has to be proof that people can feel so they are changed.

Well, when I was wishing for magic and miracles in my 20's time wise, and wishing the best for all concerned, I felt huge amounts of energy flow from me and into me. That is the most wonderful thing to feel. I wanted to heal fast and I wanted others to heal fast. The first time, I remember seeing a co worker go down with pain. He wasn't talking and then I feel this huge cloud of energy feel me up--vibrating really fast. So I put my hand on him where I think the pain is. A few seconds later he jumps up not in pain anymore. In the book "Healers and the Healing Process" by Meeks I had read that when people want to help others they get help from those invisible beings in another reality or frequency band. These invisible beings care about us and a lot of them are doctors. They want to help us because they have emotional connections with us like Seth and Jane. The emotions of wanting to help excites this conscious energy that is always wanting to be part of something new. I have read that in Seth books. EE units want to join in all kinds of forms and happenings.
When my son, the light being constantly choosing me, was about 5 earth time, was in pre-K another kid screamed in his ear too loudly. My son, Laughing, could not stop crying so they called me. I took him outside and wished that his pain stop for about 5 minutes. Then I felt a small bit of energy zoom from my abdomen and go his way. His crying immediately stopped. Yeah !!!!
I have felt funnels of energy come my way and disappear in me. When I look up, I see someone staring at me. I have felt an energy being walk into me and say something and then disappear. I have felt a being run across my body as I wake up and I have felt a being spooned next to me as a I wake up. I have felt an energy being fly into the room I am in, and then circle the room and then right through me. I have felt a being walk up to me really close so that I imagine a round red circle of energy touching me.
But I have written these words before and still I have not been married or had a best friend. For some reason people are so put off at the strangeness of my experiences that they don't want to talk to me again. So how do I become social if people keep on walking away? How do I change that childhood that felt so real from one of deep hurt to one of deep joy?

It used to be of great joy to me to know that it is physics that we are eternal holographic energy beings constantly choosing to be here. Seth said that we should be very proud of ourselves and should feel luxuriousness in these bodies. Well, I have just finished 5 canvases and I am putting together a book about how frequencies are magic and miracles. Takes more than words. I am drawing pictures of waves and how these waves turn into frequencies called solidity. I tell myself that physicists know this, so why must I do this. But somehow, this world does not know what the physicists know. Somehow doctors do not know what physicists know.
I have to tell myself constantly that I am choosing this as a challenge, even though I am all by myself and terribly lonely, which causes me to think that nobody wants to know that they are eternal. It's not as if I haven't tried.
On another Seth site, nobody wanted to know anything I wrote. And then one person said that perhaps they wanted to believe in death. That feels like a wall to me. So I didn't write anymore. I called a Seth office to ask about funding for classes, etc., and they didn't want to know either. This receptionist person actually thought I was crazy because I did not believe in death.  I tried to be a part of a Facebook online class and Linda didn't want me there. I wrote another Seth site and it was taken over by people that called me a liar. I read and read and read to inform, and to remove my depression AND? All of these walls are building my childhood images of anti socialism. Since this is true of me, then it must be true of everyone else.
So I say to those people that see enemies or crime or prisons or war as existing or being needed, you are building your own childhood images.
To stop manifesting this life I must stop thinking that I am needed. I must stop desiring to be needed and loved. I must stop concentrating on trying to fix anything because I am causing frequencies called solidity. But then I would have to stop painting and eating like those skinny people in India that just sit there in one place all day....and then disappear....sometimes reappearing. Why reappear when in that world of total light just wishing for something makes it instantly appear? Immediately.
I downloaded one of my faces (for the personalized picture) on my laptop from a canvas I painted, but apparently it was too big. It was so pretty and holographic, too.