Dr. Helen Wambach and Reincarnation

Started by chasman, October 16, 2021, 12:59:51 PM

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Oh gosh Charlie, thank you for this, I'd totally forgotten about her! After I'd followed your link, I found Mary also had a scan of the actual magazine article. I love how sometimes things come full circle. I'm going to add Wambach to the list of people who were Seth inspired.

Also, if anyone wants to read or download the session transcript, you can find it here, ESP Class Session March 20, 1973
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Since I am not a part of FB I appreciate all non FB resources.  :)
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thank you Deb.  :)

here's more:


and this may be interesting. read in the description box, it says there's some glitch where it repeats.
but, in hopes again that it will be interesting:
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You can convert that video once downloaded... into an audio file and with audacity software program you separate the talking from where the exercise starts where she is relaxing you and leading and pacing the listener through the exercise.

Just a thought. Im an hour into listening to it and that idea just popped up to share and do this for myself cuz Im thinkin I will give it a whirl!
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