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Title: Dream Log
Post by: Deb on October 25, 2019, 05:25:07 PM
There's a Facebook group called Seth Dream Community. It gets a lot of posts and I posted a dream once, but I found it uncomfortable having a bunch of strangers psychoanalyze my dreams. There is a lot of symbolism in our dreams. Seth says we translate experiences from our dream state into things that are recognizable to us in our waking state. And our symbols are usually ours. So I feel while dream analysis by others can be helpful in that there may be some obvious things we may have missed (there are some symbols we have in common as a society), no one outside ourselves can interpret our dreams with 100% certainty.

Anyway, to get on track, I really appreciate the Synchronicity topic we have here and thought a dream topic might be as useful. I don't keep a dream journal (I did once, most of my dreams are tedious), but sometimes there are dreams that stand out and stick with use for years, even decades. There are a few dreams that have stuck with me for almost 50 years. That alone tells me there's more to dreaming than rehashing the day's activities. I've also had repeating themes in my dreams that I'd like to explore.

So I start this topic with my most recent memorable dream experience, and hopefully others will consider this a repository for memorable dreams:

I woke up yesterday morning and decided to try to get back to sleep. I immediately dreamed (?) that I was in bed and started feeling the now-familiar high level physical vibration that begins in my hands, moves up my arms and then through my body, like some sort of scan. I knew what was happening (precursor to OBE) and tried to sit up out of my body, which I was able to accomplish. When I tried to get the lower part of me out of my body I immediately fell off the bed, but "bounced" before actually hitting the floor. I was then able to float and thought I'd try exploring beyond my bedroom, but that's where my memory ends.

Side Note: Joe Dispenza told a really funny story at a workshop years ago about his own OBE experiences. Each time he'd start having one he'd get scared, snap back into his body and wake up. But he was making progress: each time something new happened that scared out of OBE, he'd make himself consciously accept that experience as having been safe. Then in his next OBE he'd be able to go a step further. He must have recounted at least 6 experiences, going 'back to the drawing board' after each one, but eventually managed complete success. I suppose his story has affected my own OBE dreams, since I feel like I'm doing the same thing.

"Even if you don't consciously remember your dreams, you DO get the message. Part of it will appear in your daily experience in one way or another —in your conversation or daily events. ...

"Great discrimination is used to do that; for example, one newspaper item is noticed over others because a certain portion of THAT item represents some of the dream's message. Another portion might come from a neighbor—but from the dreamer's INTERPRETATION of the neighbor's remarks, that further brings home the dream message. ...

"You might dream of going away on a long trip by car, only to find that a tire blew when you were driving too fast. You may never remember the dream. One way or another, however, you will hit upon some kind of situation—a portion of a TV drama, perhaps—in which a tire is blown. Or you will see an item of that nature in the newspaper, or you will hear a story, told directly or indirectly about the same kind of dilemma. ...

"Even then, you might not recall the dream, but the situation itself as it comes to your attention might make you check your tires, decide to put off your trip, or instead lead you to inner speculations about whether YOU ARE GOING TOO FAST in a certain direction for your own good at this time.

"But you WILL get the dream's message."

The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Notes, Session 844

Title: Re: Dream Log
Post by: inavalan on October 25, 2019, 07:29:38 PM
Dreaming and, in general, states of consciousness are of major interest to me. I had experiences and formed (flexible  :) ) opinions on these subjects, as part of my larger quest for knowledge and life guidance.

I won't go as far as saying that we're here, on Earth, for the dreaming part of our lives, and that we're awake just to maintain our bodies so that they could dream, but I'll say that I believe that anybody who wants to pass on a little more evolved than they were born, must make good use of their sleeping phase.

I think that dream interpretation is a passive approach to dreaming, that may only be of marginal benefit, occasionally (I don't normally make use of it). The active approaches, from dream incubation, to lucid dreaming, out-of-body-experiences, and other types of projection, are those that offer vast possibilities.

I believe that primitive humans made better use of their sleeping and dreaming time than their less primitive descendants. Probably animals still do.

Keeping a dream journal is useful not for recording, but for showing our subconscious that we are interested in our dreams, and help us with this.

Joe Dispenza is a smooth talker, and I enjoy listening to him, even when I don't completely agree with him. I'd like him to  be less prolix, as I would've liked Seth to be, but
You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometimes, well, you might find
You get what you need
  ... :)

It's funny how people try to make science agree with the unexplainable. I do it myself, occasionally.

By the way, I don't do facebook, nor twitter. My loss ...
Title: Re: Dream Log
Post by: jbseth on October 25, 2019, 11:44:20 PM
Hi Deb,

Thanks for starting this topic. I think it’s a great idea to have a dream topic like our synchronicity topic.

I also agree with you in regards to other people interpreting our dreams. While I do think that other people’s interpretations of our dreams can be helpful, ultimately, I also believe that we each have to interpret our own dreams because each one of our specific dreams was created by some part of each one of us, by ourselves, for ourselves.

Seth had some interesting things to say about the purpose of a “Dream Study” in the “Sleep, Dreams and Consciousness” book and as I recall, Susan Watkins had some interesting things to say about community dreams in her book, Dreaming Myself, Dreaming a Town”. Maybe we could put some of these sleep related subjects into an adjacent topic, so as to keep this one open mostly to our dreams themselves.

In the past, I noticed that some of my dreams seem to be predictive of future events. It might be interesting to see if perhaps, several of us have similar dreams about possibly some future event or other things.

This could be both fun and interesting.

Title: Re: Dream Log
Post by: jbseth on October 26, 2019, 01:58:27 PM
Hi All,

Sometimes dreams are really weird and while I can be creative, I don’t think that I could make this up even if I really wanted to. I woke up briefly this morning (Sat Oct 26, 2019) and had to use the restroom. After this, I returned to bed and had the following dream.

Dream Background:
Recently I turned 65 and as such, I opted to submit various information to the US government in regards to Medicare and Social Security.

In addition to this, recently my wife and I have been binge watching the TV show, “Stargate Atlantis”. One of the main characters in this show, is a quirky brainiac by the name of Dr. Rodney McKay, played by actor David Hewlett.

Another TV show that we use to watch is called “Everybody Loves Raymond”, and one of the main characters of this show, is Raymond’s brother, Robert Barone, played by actor Brad Garrett. 

The Dream itself:
In this dream, I went to a local Social Security office and was met by 2 men who were there to help me. One of these 2 men looked and sounded exactly like the actor David Hewlett. This man helped me complete some forms and then handed me a form and said that we were all done. I asked him what I was to do with this form and he took me to a backroom where he told me that I was to hang onto it for about 45 minutes until they called me and then I was to turn it in. I was going to comment to him about how much he looked and sounded like David Hewlett and then he went around a corner.

Next, he and I are in this back room where there was a bunch of foodstuffs packed up and being stored. I told him that this looked like some sort of “Food Bank”, and he told me that, this is what it is. I noticed that the boxes of cereal seemed to be placed inside other opened boxes of cereal and I thought that this was odd. We talked about the laundry detergent that was stored here and how for some people, non-food items like laundry detergent was almost as important as food. 

Next I found myself waiting outside at a covered picnic table (like you’d find at a state park). I was playing around with what looked like a square piece of cardboard, covered with aluminum foil and with a black piece of masking tape located in the middle. I sensed that I was supposed to form this item into some sort of open box with no lid. This box with no lid would then somehow be helpful with dream recall. 

I also sensed that this particular item actually belonged to Jane Roberts and her husband Rob, and that they were letting me use it to practice forming up this box. One option that I had with this box was to put a threaded rod up through the middle of the black duct tape at the center of this box.

Next, two men drive up in a late 1960’s vintage convertible Cadillac, get out of the car and come over to me. The driver looked like Brad Garrett and the other person was this social security person who looked like David Hewlett. The social security person, handed me a beany baby and told me something to the effect that each person gets their own beany baby and indicated that from now on, whenever I went to the social security office, I was supposed to take this beany baby with me as proof of who I was.

This particular beany baby looked something like a cartoon drawing of a man from a “Far Side” comic. He was wide at the hips, and had a little head. Along with this, he also had a goofy face on one side of his head and a normal face on the other side. Kind of like Voldemort in the movie Harry Potter in the Sorcerer’s Stone.

The fact that we’ve been watching Stargate Atlantis, may have had something to do with why the man at the Social Security office looked like David Hewlett.

I’m not sure why the driver of the Cadillac, looked like Brad Garrett. We haven’t watched that show for several years.

While Deb just recently started this Dream Log post and I am rather excited about it, I have no ideas on what this aluminum covered cardboard open box structure means or how it can be helpful with dreams. Maybe this is something to keep an eye on in the future. 

The beany baby had two faces. To me, this might be some sort of dream symbolism for someone or something that’s “two faced”.

Title: Re: Dream Log
Post by: inavalan on October 26, 2019, 02:37:58 PM
From my dream notes, recorded immediately after waking up:

- went to bed with the intention to have a lucid dream or obe
- toward the morning, quick induction
- in front of a door on which is written "OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE", opened the door, 1 2 3 entered

- at first couldn't see anything, darkish
- watched my feet, barefoot, covered with an animal fur, I am a primitive man, bearded, overgrown and a little messy, light color skin
- walking through a primitive village, with primitive shelters, small, made of stone, wood, mud, openings for door and window
- other primitive people walking around
- feeling peaceful, no fear, no special thoughts, just living and doing whatever needed to do at the moment
- entered into my shelter, there there was my wife / woman and a couple of small children playing on the ground
- brought home a bunch of tree branches for the fire
- woman was cooking / boiling something
- ate, had sex, went to sleep
- asked my subconscious to estimate when was this: ~9,800 BC
- where was this: Europe, France
- my name: Ahn
- attitude of no expectations, to not influence the experience
- Ahn remained conscious, and projected into what I immediately thought to be the realm where he came from, where he'll return, and where part of him is always there.
- I realized that every time Ahn was going to sleep he projected on that realm, was waking up there, was becoming conscious there
- it seemed that there was no other dreaming involved, not the way we dream now
- just a life awake on Earth, then when sleeping being awake in the other realm
- there were other people around, that seemed familiar
- I asked to meet my council keeping an attitude of no expectations (I forced it here a little, aware that it might affect my experience, but I wanted to see what happens; until today I didn't meet / interacted with anybody, except a couple of times when I asked for my father, and he appeared)
- a council of 7 people, androgynous, didn't see them well, because it was misty
- asked then what's happening: life on Earth is a lab for the school we attend in the other realm
- we are based in the other realm, and project on Earth, that is a lab where we practice things we study in school
- what do we have to do on Earth: to develop, firstly instincts, then emotions, then intellect, and intuition (what I was already believing we do)
- we are essences of consciousness, born / created with no such abilities, and have to develop them; that's why we attend school, and project on Earth to practice what we learned, like having a lab
- this was the original way things were supposed to work, divide our time between being conscious awake on Earth, and projecting conscious back on the base realm while sleeping
- in time, humans changed, started to develop intelligence, and this being still rudimentary distorted the meaning of what's happening, changed their focus more toward the everyday challenges of the life on Earth; so they mostly lost the capability to consciously project back to the base realm, every time they sleep
- note: as they say ... a little knowledge is a dangerous thing; maybe this is the origin of the Adam & Eve story about eating from the tree of knowledge and consequently falling of Heaven ...?
- realization that this is what we are supposed to do at night: consciously project back to the realm we're actually based on
- while awake on Earth should concentrate on the development of our intellect and intuition, and learn to control our emotions and instincts, especially fear ant its derivatives, like anger, etc..
- this was a remarkable experience; I felt that while having it, and when I woke up too
Title: Re: Dream Log
Post by: Deb on October 26, 2019, 05:11:36 PM
Quote from: inavalan (https://speakingofseth.com/index.php?msg=13545#msg13545)
Joe Dispenza is a smooth talker, and I enjoy listening to him, even when I don't completely agree with him. I'd like him to  be less prolix,

Well he certainly became that way. I also wish he hadn't gotten so commercial. I somehow found out about him years ago, before he was famous. I took my first Dispenza workshop at the Shambhala Mountain Center in Red Feather Lakes maybe 12 years ago. It was 2.5 days in a yoga room. There were about 20 of us sitting on pillows on the floor. Joe blew me away with his message, it was just another step towards finding Seth. Joe was humble and approachable and made a lot of sense. Within a few years he went from that venue (sometimes teaming up with Bruce Lipton), to week-long workshops all over the world with 500 or more participants at a time. But at least he's reaching a LOT of people. His message in a nutshell is change your mind, change your life (another take on you make your own reality). He got on that path when he took an interest in spontaneous remissions in people who were on their death beds and was curious how that could happen, what they had in common.

Quote from: inavalan (https://speakingofseth.com/index.php?msg=13545#msg13545)
It's funny how people try to make science agree with the unexplainable. I do it myself, occasionally.

Are you referring here to how Joe (and Bruce) use science to back up what they're saying? I think it was Joe who said that he wants to get his message across to as many people as possible, and speaking in religious or spiritual tones eliminates a lot of people since science appears to be more universally accepted. He does mention a lot of studies to back up what he writes (thinking now of the Placebo Effect book) but I don't remember him actually consistently citing his sources, which bothered me. I can tell you he does collect data at his workshops, or at least he did, with brain mapping, energy field testing and heart coherence. I've participated. He wants to prove that what he's saying is real and not woo-woo new age mumbo jumbo, as science and medicine still for the most part have a Newtonian view regarding the human body and science is slow to change.

Quote from: jbseth (https://speakingofseth.com/index.php?msg=13552#msg13552)
Seth had some interesting things to say about the purpose of a “Dream Study” in the “Sleep, Dreams and Consciousness” book and as I recall, Susan Watkins had some interesting things to say about community dreams in her book, Dreaming Myself, Dreaming a Town”. Maybe we could put some of these sleep related subjects into an adjacent topic, so as to keep this one open mostly to our dreams themselves.

Great idea about an adjacent topic, I totally went off topic with Joe Dispenza, which is not unusual for me. And I actually have the Sue Watkins book on my desk, ready to read once I finish up the Billy Fingers book. One cool thing from the BF book (which actually does relate to this topic :) ) was Billy's account of his theater-in-the-round life review soon after death. It reminded me very much of a dream I had a year to so ago where I was in such a place with a lot of strangers. There were no seats, but large movie screens covered the walls, 360°. We were all standing around and looking up at the screens, which had scenes from our lives. Everyone there only saw their own life on the screen. Magic!

Loved your dream story @jbseth. Beany Baby ID, that was funny! I wonder what other symbolism is in that doll? I'm especially curious about the foil/cardboard contraption. Dream recall! It's almost like some sort of dream catcher. Especially cool that it supposedly belonged to Jane and Rob. Wouldn't it be a hoot to find mention of something like that in the books?

Quote from: jbseth (https://speakingofseth.com/index.php?msg=13553#msg13553)
The beany baby had two faces. To me, this might be some sort of dream symbolism for someone or something that’s “two faced”.

I'm also thinking conflicting emotions? Any mixed feelings about Social Security? OK, I'll keep my nose out of other people's dreams. :)

And @inavalan, your dream seemed really intense and deep. Involved. At first I was thinking you were tapping into another incarnation, but with the mention of a council and the explanation of what we're doing here goes way beyond that. It seems like you're actually doing the work Seth described in the books. You could probably write a book on what you pick up. I'll have to read your dream notes a couple more times, it was fascinating.