Tonight's Astros Game

Started by strangerthings, October 30, 2017, 12:49:25 AM

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So I walk into my daughter's room and ask her :

Is the game still on?

I grew up going to the Astros baseball games and had no idea until today we were in the World Series

I go in and ask her and she says yes but we are tied. Bottom of the 10th

I turn that around and say oh hes gonna knock it way out!

Her friend laughs at me -- my daughter kinda laughs knowing me

I saw the ball going way out and I just imagine him knocking it out bringing our guys home!

So I kept hitting the air bat to the air ball and knocking it way out and our guys running home

I have no idea who is on the bases or anything I have been on the Seth Forum *L*

Then the guy hits the ball knocks it way out and brings the guy home!

Astros winning this game!

Think better of others. That is the evidence of what happens when you do.

People will say "oh that would have happened anyway" and I just smile with a twinkle in my eye.

Friend looks at me with a look of 'what just happened'

and I take my exit. *lol*


Go Astros!
Go Rockies!
(Well, I'm not a sports fan, was surprised it's still baseball season as I woke up to ice this morning.)

Nice job of precognition.
Or creating reality.

I think you have a future with the Astros.
Be firm in your contract negotiations.
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