All That Is (ATI)

Started by Deb, December 09, 2017, 07:50:53 PM

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"All That Is, as the source of all realities and experience, is so psychologically complex, so multidimensionally creative, that it constantly surprises itself. [...] All That Is disperses itself, therefore, so that it is on the one hand "a massive" subjective entity, a psychological structure—and on the other hand, it also disperses itself into the phenomenal world. It is, in all meanings of the word, divine, yet it disperses even that divinity so that in your terms (long pause), each unit of consciousness contains within itself those properties of divinity. All That Is has no one image, but is within all images—and in parentheses: (whether or not they are manifest). Your thoughts are the invisible partners of your words, and the vast unstated subjectivity of All That Is is in the same way behind all stated or manifest phenomena."
—DEaVF2 Chapter 8: Session 916, May 14, 1980


@Deb and everyone else...

Does Seth ever state:

We are all part of "All That Is" AND at the same time we ARE "All That Is"?

(Joy and) Happiness,