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• "When most people think of reincarnation, they think in terms of a one-line progression in which the soul perfects itself in each succeeding life. [...] The process of reincarnation is used in many ways, therefore, and in this time of rest individuals must decide on the unique way in which reincarnation will be of use."

• "[...] There are those who are simply loners, who reincarnate without any great feeling for earth's historical periods. There are others who like to return when their contemporaries from some particular past historical time return again, and therefore there are group patterns that involve reincarnational cycles in which many, but not all, are involved."

• "On occasion, some personalities may be given an exception to the general rule and take a sabbatical (humorously) from reincarnations, a side trip so to speak, to another layer of reality, and then return. [...] Those who choose to leave this system, whose reincarnational cycles are finished, have many more decisions to make."

—SS Chapter 11: Session 541, July 13, 1970

"Entity is split during incarnations. Between lives whole self."
—TES1 Session 6 December 11, 1963

"It must be recognized also that these portions of the self exist in each incarnation. In the materialization of personality through various incarnations, only the ego and the layers of the personal subconscious adopt new characteristics. [...]"
—TES5 Session 233 February 14, 1966


Quoting Terry Pratchett, the British fantasy writer, "Why do we assume reincarnation is linear?"
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That's something Seth would ask.  ;)