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From Ron Card:

Interestingly, here Seth is somewhat annoyed that Jane is blocking him, preventing him from saying what he wants to say because something does not rest well with Jane.

Again, Seth is describing God as energy, and energy is consciousness and consciousness has electromagnetic properties, all part of God, or the God idea.

Seth: "Energy is self-perpetuating. The universe and all planes and universes of existence, come indeed from what you may call energy, vitality, idea; or despite Ruburt’s stubborn BLOCKING, from a personality essence or psychic gestalt which you may refer to as God if you prefer. And this statement is an extremely simplified version of actuality.

"For every consciousness on your plane, or any other plane, existed simultaneously and in essence even before what you may call the beginning of your world. And what you are yet to be existed then and still exists now; and not as some still unfulfilled possibility, but exists in actuality.

"And in the same way that the dream world has no beginning or end, neither does the universe with which you are familiar. No energy can be withdrawn, and this includes the energy used in the continuous subconscious construction of the dream world. You continually create it, have always created it. It is a product of your own existence, and you can neither consciously call it into existence nor destroy it.

"Personalities may indeed become entities. One personality may not be but one personality in your terms, as I have mentioned a man being one personality may be seen in terms of a father, a teacher, an artist, a community member and so forth."

From: The Early Sessions, Book 3, Session 95 for October 7, 1964

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And some more...

...ron speaks...Seth spent years and hundreds of sessions bringing us incrementally closer and closer to an understanding of what God is, for to tell you what God is in simplistic terms of language, does not begin to go far enough, and when the student is ready, the explanation makes sense, is understood, but not before. And when the student is ready to learn what God is, the teacher appears.

It would be correct to say that God is the energy force from which all existence springs. God is energy, not a personified, supreme deity, not a man, for such was fine to teach simple people hundreds of years ago because their limited perception and comprehension could only grasp an all-powerful God who was responsible for all life. Remember, all Speakers teach in the context and comprehension of the times in which they appear.

God is also defined as the electrical universe and taken further, God is the omnipotent electro-magnetic energy force, or the "glue" that holds all existence together. Taken still further, God is the primary pyramid energy gestalt that simple IS. Altogether, then, God is ALL THAT IS.

These paragraphs are not in exact order, but the symmetry of the information flows well nonetheless...ron.

TES3 Session 133 February 17, 1965.

Seth: The difficult point here that we must always return to, is that beneath all camouflage exists that which has no need of camouflage, but simply is.

When I speak of the electrical universe, indeed this represents but one more facet of reality. But all of these universes are indeed one. [...] Here is the secret, if you could but see it: Even though the electrical universe might seem to you far divorced from what you know, nevertheless you dwell within it. Your own emotions have an independent existence within it. [...] But even this is also a camouflage.

It is the vitality of the universe, and all universes, which causes the electrical reality, and the vitality of the universe, composing everything that is, cannot be touched. It is touch, but touch not as it is conceived of in your terms. This vitality is the most immediate and intimate aspect that composes the camouflage appearance within all fields. And yet it is by far more than the camouflage.

Even my explanations to you involve a verbal dissection, which in itself distorts the very nature of the matter under examination. All our discussions concerning the electrical universe do not bring you closer to experience of it. [...] But again, as you cannot hold your own breath, so you cannot hold that which is even more intimate, and which forms the very personality which attempts the examination.

The gestalt patterns of which I have spoken is the basis here, and yet all members within such gestalts are themselves independent, possessing identity and separation even while they cooperate in a complicated pattern. [...] But your divisions do not affect the nature of these gestalts, as my discussion speaks of separate universes without affecting the nature of any universe one whit.

It has many realities, forming all universes and all fields. [...] It is not formless, but takes many forms. It is above all never static and never completed.

No identities are blurred, but it makes no difference to the identities where you or mankind happens to draw a line, saying “Here we have A, and here we have B.”

And again, dreams are themselves never completed, but continue on whether or not your perception of them continues. [...] When you look into the mirror you see the camouflage image. You do not see the ego, though you know that it exists. But the idea, ego, is in itself an arbitrary unit chosen for particular reasons. [...] This does not mean that the ego does not exist.

[...] The electric universe, of which you know so little, is a reality, and yet it is also a symbol of another reality. For behind even this electrical universe there is a reality which cannot be explored in terms of speech; for all consciousness, while having an electric reality, has a reality beyond even this.

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And more:

From: The Early Sessions, Book 3, Session 131 for February 10, 1965.


We have seen that dreams and thoughts and psychological experiences all have an electric reality.

We have seen that all experience is retained in electrically coded data within the cells, and that the material of the cells forms about this coded experience. We have seen that the ego begins, sparked into being, by the inner self, greatly influenced by heredity and physical environment; and that this ego as it continues to exist gradually builds up an electrical reality of its own, as its experiences form into coded data within the cells.

At any given point, the ego is as complete within electrical reality as it is psychologically complete within the physical universe. This includes of course the retention of its dreams, as well as the retention of purely physical data.

I mentioned that the electrical universe is composed of electricity that is far different from your idea of it. Electricity as you perceive it within your field, is merely an echo emanation, or a sort of shadow image of these infinite varieties of pulsations, which give reality and actuality to many phenomena with which you are familiar, but which do not appear as tangible objects within the physical system.

I can say little until much more background is given, but this electrical reality is vastly dense.

(Jane now took one of her frequent pauses. At break she told me that as she spoke the word dense, and during the pause, she had a rather strong mental image of a field of points of light. These points of light were many-layered, she said, as though she looked at a picture of a galaxy that was not flat. On a vast scale the myriad points of light compared to the density in the electric field, on a very tiny scale.

We run into difficulties, for I do not speak of denseness as you probably think of it. This is a denseness that does not take up space. This is a denseness caused by an infinity of electrical fields of varying ranges of intensity. Not only are no two of these electrical fields identical, but there are no identical impulses within them.

The gradations of intensities are so minute that it would be impossible to measure them, and yet each field contains in coded form the actual living reality of endless eons; contains therefore what you would call the past, present and future of unnumbered universes; contains the actual coded data of any and every consciousness that has been or will be, in any universe; those that have appeared to vanish, and those which seemingly do not yet exist.

In our past sessions I have explained time distortions, and you are familiar with the spacious present. So it should be no surprise to realize that basically the future is in existence now, and the past has never been swept away. In your physical field you merely look away, or turn your focus from one point to another.

This density is extremely important, for it is a density of intensities. And it is the infinite variety and gradations of intensity that makes all identities possible, and all gestalts, all identities in terms of personalities and fields and universes. It is this density, this infinite variety of intensity, which allows for both identity and of change.

The electricity that is perceivable within the physical plane or field is merely a projection of a vast electrical system that you cannot perceive because of the nature and construction of the physical system itself.

The electrical system possesses many dimensions of reality that cannot be perceived within the physical system. So far scientists have only been able to study electricity by observing the projections of it that are perceivable within their frames of reference. As their physical instruments become more sophisticated they will be able to glimpse more of this reality, but since they will not be able to explain it within their known system of references, many curious and distorted explanations of reported phenomena will be given.

A study of dreams, of dream locations, is most important. Dream locations do not take up any space physically, it is true, but they are composed of electrical mass density and intensity. Here is another point. Energy is expended in work in dreams. Definite work may be done in a dream, but the physical arms and legs are not tired.

This would seem contrary to your known laws, yet no one has looked into the reasons for this seeming contradiction. We shall spend some considerable time with it at a later session. Nothing is static. Everything moves and changes. Electrical identities move and change. Now. Within the electrical universe there is constant motion. There is negative and positive reaction, and infinite degrees or gradations between.

It is most difficult at this time to even hint at the myriad complexity and dimension of the electrical actuality as it exists, when you consider that each of your own thoughts is composed of a unique intensity of impulse, shared by nothing else, and that the same may be said for every dream that you will have in your lifetime; and that all your experience is gathered together in particular ranges of intensity, again completely unique, codified; and that the summation of all that you are exists in one minute range or band of intensities, then you will see how difficult it is. For all human beings are likewise so electrically composed, and everything else, with few exceptions within your physical field, whether or not it even exists as physical matter. Yet I tell you that this not only applies to your physical field but to all fields.

Your field is contained within its own unique range of intensities, a tiny band of electrical impulses a million times smaller than any one note picked at random from the entire mass of musical composition that has been written, or ever will be written.

All motion is mental or psychological motion, and all mental and psychological motion has electric reality. The inner self moves by changing or moving through intensities from your physical field. Each new psychological experience opens up a new pulsation intensity, and therefore gives greater actuality within the electrical field.

To move through intensities within the electrical system gives the result, on the physical field, of moving through physical time.

In actuality of course both impulses exist simultaneously. The inner self knows this, but the ego does not. All of this material should add dimension to your understanding of capsule comprehension, and of the initial appearance of consciousness within the physical field, as I explained it earlier.

The material in these last sessions will be basic for further discussions. We are going much deeper into the meaning of reality, and the aspects of reality. Our present procedure is working out very well, and it is enabling me to discuss matters that were too complicated for our earlier method. Before we close I want you to understand that your experiments in psychological time add to your mobility and subconscious manipulation within the electrical universe. And all psychic experience must have reality here, that is, within the electrical system. There is no psychic experience which does not have such electric reality. Your psychological experiments give you familiar ground there to walk upon, to travel on; grounds of reference and even of safety.

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Hi All,

In my opinion, Seth's ideas about both "All That Is" and about the "Electric Reality" are just 2
examples of his very many unique and interesting philosophical ideas about the nature of how life works.

I've very rarely come across any philosophical ideas that are as philosophically "rich" as these.

Thanks for the reminder Deb.



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