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Hi All, Hi Deb,

Recently my wife and I have started binge watching a SciFi TV show from the late 1990’s called “Stargate SG1” on Amazon.

In this show, the “Stargate”, is a physical device that is located on many planets. Once this stargate is programmed correctly, people can use it to travel to other planets via a wormhole.  On this show, a stargate team, SG1, travels from earth through this stargate and in doing so they visits other planets and their people.

While we’ve enjoyed all of the episodes so far, some of these episodes play off of some of Seth’s ideas.

For example, in Season 1, Episode 19, which is called “Tin Man”, the SG1 team from earth, visits a world and while they are there, their consciousness is transferred from their bodies into an identical looking human robot. This episode reminds me of the connections between Jane, Rob and the “York Beach” couple.

Then, in Season 1, Episode 20, which is called “There but for the Grace of God”, a member of the SG1 team ends up returning to an earth from another planet and somehow the programming gets messed up and he ends up on an earth that an alternate reality. This episode reminds me of Seth’s ideas on “Probable Realities”.

What's exciting here is that we've just completed watching the first season and this show has 10 seasons of episodes and so we're excited to see what happens next.  Anyone who loves SciFi and enjoys Seth based concepts might want to check out this TV show, if you haven’t already done so.


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Cool! I've heard of the show but never watched it. I'll check it out! Thanks for the tip.

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Hi All,

I love Stargate the movie. Never could get into the regular series though. I found Stargate Atlantis on Amazon years ago and really loved the series and characters.


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Hi All,

Last night my wife and I watched some more of the Stargate SG1 television series. In this series, the title of the second episode of Season 3 is “Seth”.

In this specific episode, the star-gate team searches for Seth, the long lost system-lord who was the Egyptian god of chaos and evil.

I thought you might find this title to be interesting.  :)

By the way, in this show, this Seth, is not the Seth who speaks through Jane Roberts.



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Hi All,

Season 3, Episode 6, of Stargate SG1, is called “Point of View”. This specific episode deals directly with alternate realities.

In Stargate SG1, two for the main characters are Major Samantha (Sam) Carter who is a member of the Stargate SG1 team and her boss, Colonel Jack O’Neill, who is the Stargate SG1 team leader.

In this specific episode, an alternate reality version of Sam, travels through the Stargate and comes into our world, this world. She did this because in her alternate universe, the Gou’ald, the bad guys, have recently invaded planet Earth, and have started killing and enslaving the humans.

In her alternate world, alternate Sam was not in the military. In addition to this, she was  recently married to Colonel Jack O’Neill, who was even more recently killed while fighting the Gou’ald. This made alternate Sam a widow; a widow, who is very much in love with her now deceased husband, Colonel Jack O’Neill.

In this episode, alternate Sam has some real interesting interactions with this world Sam when they meet.  Alternate Sam, also has some real interesting interactions with Colonel Jack O’Neill of this world, because of the love and grief that she feels for her now deceased husband, the alternate Colonel Jack O’Neill.

Eventually the 2 Sam’s begin working together because alternate Sam starts to have some serious problems due to a termporal-spacial shift phenomena that begin to seriously affect her. 

As a result of this, this worlds Stargate team, starts to look for a home planet where alternate Sam can go, where her alternate doesn’t already exist and where she will also be safe from the Gou’ald, the bad guys.

There was some really great story writing here and some really well thought out character interactions that occur between alternate Sam, this worlds Sam and this worlds Colonel Jack O’Neill.

I don’t know of too many shows that would even approach this topic, much less take on the types of interactions that may occur between the people of alternate realities.

This really is a pretty awesome show.



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Hi All,

Here’s a brief summary of some of the episodes of Stargate SG1 that I’ve seen so far.

S2, E16, “A Matter of Time”

A stargate team, SG10, is on a planet when one of its binary stars explodes and becomes a black hole. As a result of this, SG10 tries to race back to the stargate located on this planet, so that they can return to Earth, only to find that the gravitational pull and time dilation from the black hole severely slows them down.

The Stargate Command here on Earth opens the Earths stargate to assist the SG10 team. But after this, the black hole prevents the Earths stargate Command from being able to close its stargate worm hole. Will the Earth be destroyed by this black hole as it proceeds through the stargate wormhole?

S2, E20, “Show and Tell”

A young boy travels to earth via the stargate and tells the Stargate Command personnel that the Earth is in danger.  His people, who have been overwhelmed by the Gou’ld (the bad guys) have been enslaved and forced by the Gou’ld to become hosts to a cruel symbiotic race of beings. In order to prevent the Gou’ld from being able to continue to do this, rebel factions of his people, who have the ability to become invisible, have travelled to Earth and other planets, with the intention of purpose killing off all humans. Will these rebels kill everyone here on planet Earth?

S2, E21, “1969”
The SG1 team travels back to Earth in 1969.  The team is captured by their own US Air Force, and they realize that can't do or say anything for fear of irreparably altering their own future and thus creating an alternative reality.
In 1969, Lieutenant George S. Hammond, the SG1 team’s future boss, finds a note requesting that he help this stargate team. Unbeknownst to Lieutenant Hammond, this note was actually written by himself, in the future, General Hammond, and was given to the stargate team before they left. Will the SG1 team make it back home?

S3, E17, “A hundred days”
While on a planet to negotiate a trade treaty, the stargate SG1 team are shown a meteor shower called the 'Fire Rain' by the locals.  The SG1 team becomes extremely concerned, when one of the larger meteors enters the atmosphere in a near miss trajectory. 

While in the process of evacuating some of the villagers as a result of the potentially dangerous ”Fire Rain”, the meteorites start striking the ground and the Stargate is severely damaged.  Can the Stargate Command back on Earth figure out a way to fix this planets stargate or will O'Neill be trapped there forever?



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