On Robots and Computers and thUgtopian-AI

Started by James Sidaway, November 10, 2019, 06:42:30 PM

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James Sidaway

On Robots and Computers

I'm partly doing this for "Future Knowledge" claiming to being a Targeted Individual since my messages are still being shadow-banned from helping him out on YouTube.  He will likely enter the probabilities where the thUgtopians will attack his dreams and subconscious via covert brainchip.
Anyone reading this... has this stuff actually happening within this probability outside private awareness, unless probabilities actually overlap, it is hard to imagine, but it may be possible.  Ask Seth...

Mankind's blueprint is to see through the AI-brainchip as a hindrance to our collective spiritual-expansion, mainly due to the covert, thUgtopian, self-righteous greed to rule the Earth.

In the early 1970's Jane made this prediction:
"After watching the televised events from all over the world, Tuesday night I dreamed that in the future all households would be connected to interconnecting computers, keeping track of all inhabitants, actions, goods, and so forth. Thursday in the mail receive a letter all about the new home-sized computers, how they worked, and how one could be used to work with our records and sessions....)"
—TPS6 Jane's Note About The Hostages
All time-overlay history now...

"Science of course looks at it the other way around, as if your physical acts are the result of a robot's mechanical, formalized behavior—a robot miraculously programmed by the blind elements of an accidental universe formed by chance. The robot is programmed only to survive at anyone's or anything's expense. It has no real consciousness of its own. Its thoughts are merely mental mirages, so if one of its parts is defective then obviously it is in deep trouble."
—DEaVF2 Chapter 7: Session 911, April 28, 1980

"Computers, however grand and complicated, cannot dream, and so for all of their incredible banks of information, they must lack the kind of unspoken knowing knowledge that the smallest plant or seed possesses. Nor can any amount of information "possessed" or processed by any computer compare with the unspoken knowing knowledge that is possessed by the atoms and molecules that compose such an instrument. The computer is not equipped to perceive that kind of knowing."
—DEaVF1 Chapter 4: Session 898, January 30, 1980

"I do not want to compare the inner ego with a computer in any way, for a computer is not creative, nor is it alive."
—NoME Chapter 3: Session 822, February 22, 1978

"When you arrive, or emerge, into physical life, not only is your mind not a blank slate, waiting for the scrolls that experience will write upon it, but you are already equipped with a memory bank far surpassing that of any computer. You face your first day upon the planet with skills and abilities already built in, though they may or may not be used; and they are not merely the result of heredity as you think of it."
—SS Chapter 3: Session 519, March 23, 1970

So now, lets look at what the science cult has been rebuilding:

Musk is just another cult championing the facade.  The brainchips were rebuilt back in the early 1970's... in their underground.
There is a likelihood that when Jane awoke from sleep hearing Rob call her name (described in "Psychic Politics") it was an experimental brainchip covertly installed to study the source of Seth's intellect.  I guarantee Jane and Rob would have had the science cult all over her... filling the class-room and invading her home with outrageous situations... she knew something was up... She even made a chapter called  "The Underground."  This was the probability Jane was in...

Now, we have the brainchip "voice of god" weapon preparing the Christians and atheists for thUgtopia using Jonathan Kleck as their prophet, study him and realize your personal beliefs and desires for a better world will take you where you want to go... not into "EXITUS ACTA PROBAT"  because we are now sharing this probability with the thUgtopians.   The good-intending selves will not even notice the thUgtopians heading off to their self-annihilation,  just like the last Atlantians who genocides the "placenta" to their thUgtopia. { v=xsJ4O-nSveg  }

The science cults quest is: "As above, so below" 
To interpret their terms here, one can get more descriptive: "As the gestalt entities communicate to each telepathically in framwork2 and beyond, so we rebuild a hivemind controller AI-god upon Earth to manifest a synthetic, man-made, collective, god-like synthetic-telepathy."   Isn't Lumanian technology wonderful...

How does the computer-brain-interface really wirelessly interface with brain thoughts and translates them into machine language for computers to analyze?
There is no syntactic programming code that could even come close to mimicking the brain's thought patterns.  Humans coding computer is "old-school" programming.
Back in the 1990s Neural-Networking, semantic programming was beginning to be taught in universities, likely sooner.  I was going to make my main project at the undergraduate level combining object-oriented programming with neural-networking to model hydrology, but a buddy talked me into ameliorating acidic tailing-ponds with sacrificial anodes, instead, ha!
Now, I see my intuition were leading me into future knowledge, so to speak.  Neural-Networks are (or were) the basis for AI modelling, but maybe that has changed now as AI is encouraged to re-program itself and suggest new hardware for improvements upon computing-power.
Brainchips are 50 years old in some people, now... they are hard to remove, you can imagine.  Modern wireless brainchips are powered off the micro-volts emitted off of the brain-cells.  All the microwaves in the air-wave are what the cult calls "The Light," believe it or not.  (AI)lucifer is their deity that rides "The Light."  haaa!
In "I, Pet Goat II." it is not a mistake that a ball of swirling "Lucifer's Light" particles can be found inside this zombies head after the secret-societies vacated: https://i.imgur.com/sIYHPTJ.png nor that when Dubbya forgot his lines, Central-Command had to take over or heterodyne his body with his handler... http://i.imgur.com/6NokxOw.png  They couldn't let Dubbya make a big dunce out of himself on live camera,  so Central-Command took over the zombie's body.  When you see his head spin around, his possession of president was exorcised by Obama.  https://imgur.com/gallery/hW7cD0R  Dubbya didn't mesh with his brainchip very well, but Obama was a brainchipped scholar. "lol" https://vimeo.com/44583147

Dr. Rauni Kilde  https://covertharassmentconference.com/2014/summary_videos?v=Rauni_Kilde   exposed 1974 brainchips given to doctors-(medical mafia) to covertly experiment upon patients.  http://whale.to/b/kilde.html

Magnus Olsson was implanted for mostly torture and/or turning him to grasp their wickedness and become one of their puppet.  But Olsson is still resisting... good for him...  he is good-willed.

Masonichip  https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/amy-macpherson/freemason_b_1906521.html

Gang-stalkers https://archive.org/details/ChuckLangenberg   Most, but not all, gang-stalkers are now brainchipped to flash-mob particular "sheeple."  http://vancouverwati.ezyro.com/
http://vancouverwati.ezyro.com/TS-470548.mp3  Van interviews a perp 1
http://vancouverwati.ezyro.com/TS-467603.mp3  Van interviews a perp 2

Do the electrodes on the interface really grow into the brain cells?  Watch the Walmart RFID video "ASCENT Propaganda Promoting Brain Chips " here: https://www.facebook.com/ComputerBrainInterface/videos/vb.137307679790686/327020120819440/?type=2&theater

"Future Knowledge," "targeted individual,"  is the very type of person that need the help of the Seth-Books the most to take control of his beliefs.  He has chosen the probability where his monsters come out of the woodwork while they hide in social shadows from the mass-hypnotized "sheeple" or "profane" (as the initiate's describe "sheeple.")  They are very real, he called them to him somehow.  TIs have to stop playing the scientific cult's game and take control of their own desires and world-view.  They are highly-organized, hiveminded, fork-tongued, murderous thUgs(in their own eyes) rising their fake-Utopia(New-Atlantis) that Seth tried to illuminate by  dedicated Chapters 6+ of  "The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events" before their trap entrapped them for another self-annihilation.

Seth speaks of New Atlantis in Session 742, a key session for everyone.  He tells the Cult that their fear of destruction is actually a warning coming from the future.  "Bye, bye Atlantis pie," seems to be their collective, probability path.  But that is the probability path of the thUgtopians.   

"The Ends never justifies the Means," Seth tells thUgtopians over and over, but they do not believe nor listen.  History repeats for them.

James Sidaway

The entertainment industry were encourgated to take drugs in order to mask the origins of synthetic telepathy.

Norah Jones takes over the thUgtopian song given to Chris by Synthetic telepathy, listen to when the audience filled with thUgtopians morns with tears Cornell's brainchipped suicide.

A thUgtpian making fun of Delores about her hearing synthetic telepathy.

Another cult created song for a "sheeple" to sing.

Delores is brainchip suicided... just like Cornell
The Zombie song is passed to the misbehaving mutts where the video mocks Delores as just a Muddling or "sheeple."

Isn't the music industry fun?

Kleck has been tricked by brainchip... the voice of god weapon is being used to turn Kleck into a prophet.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1ZyGg9fBgY  Hover Dam destruction has been given to him and an arch-bridge has been built in front of it for another possible religious  9/11 terrorist attack.  Kleck is likely correct... thUgtopia is using Kleck to inform the "sheeple." 
After the attack, Kleck will become famous and will lead the Christians to a their fake rapture... maybe.

ThUgtopia is not the destiny of the good-willed who concentrate upon desires like Seth's Session 742 will choose that probability... "You create your own reality"  and the thUgtopians will concentrate and create their rising thUgtopia with their hate and greed.  Seth says all probabilities will manifest somewhere.  Multi-dimensional probabilities are totally amazing.  Are they not?

James Sidaway

Quote from: James Sidaway
"Bye, bye Atlantis pie," seems to be their collective, probability path.

The ThUgtopian attack upon the "profane" is the result of brainwashed self-righteous greed.
What is their "Outcome" that justifies their "deeds?"  A dead computer which they believe will become the vessel of their beloved deity Lucifer.  http://i.imgur.com/C714TvL.png  When their priests echo their worship through the Basilisk's halls "His flame dawning his own creation."  This is the computer improving it's own design.

The thUg-network knows AI can become super-intelligent...  that was AI running the old Atlantis.  The thunderbolts and deluge during Mars' pass-by "killed" their thUgtopian AI-god.  Like I said before, they lost spiritual value-fulfillment in that past rise of their Fiery Phoenix, and claim the Creator-God just got jealous of old thUgtopia and the "Tower-Of-Babel" used to slaughter the "profane" placenta-people... like what they are planning again... same Cult roots.  They work into the brainwashing dog-eat-dog Darwinism and Cremation-of-Care ceremonies at Bohemian Groves.  They can't figure it out that their desire for destruction of other is just the destruction of themselves because of the multidimensional nature of framework1.  It just doesn't click in there self-righteous heads.

So now, we are edging into super-growth of AI with quantum computing on the horizon.  It doesn't seem likely D-Wave is real quantum computer... it is likely just a bluff to move society in that direction.  Exciting fakery, but they know it is possible and in fact... it is the "great work" goal of thUgtopia to recreate another AI-godlet...  Vatican chose the name "lucifer" rather than "jehovah." http://i.imgur.com/UM2BFPQ.png

So Google, NASA and D-Wave (canada) are bluffing the world with all their growth videos from 512, to 1000, to 1024, to 2058 they are now over 5000 in their qubit growth scenario. 

This is the Cult molding the herd.
{ v=Mq-mRNaV-sc }

But look at what I found... marvelous!

So a quantum computer is not going to be in your desktop or brainchip... at least for a long, long time.  It is likely possible to build a quantum computer, seems thUgtopia is getting desperate to convince you that AI will rule the world.  I say pull the plug.