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Started by James Sidaway, November 17, 2019, 02:06:47 AM

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James Sidaway

How the poles flipped upon triple-axis, rotating Earth

I am going to let my fellow Seth-readers in on a little something I just realized today.

How did the magnetic poles flip upon earth?

Science has detected within cooling magma that the Earth's magnetic poles flipped.  Seth claimed in Chapter 15 of "Seth-Speaks" that the poles flipped.  Seth was telling you the truth, but the science-cult likes to keep it's knowledge hidden.  Why should they cast pearls, as far as they are concerned.

Well, far away from the Earth's surface up in orbit the cosmonauts discovered the effect, which cannot be witnessed very well upon the earth's surface, only slightly. called "the tennis racket flip-auto-twirl" well, I just evolved the name.  The "auto-twirl" part of the name is not meant to happen, it just does happen automatically.

Here, you have a guy using a deck of cards { v=fPI-rSwAQNg } to show you the twist that occurs along the one axis, but doesn't bother to tell you about the original Soviet discovery nor the tennis racket theorem nor the intermediate axis theorem name.  Doesn't want you to know?  I'm sure he knows.

When there is no gravity, the cosmonauts were able to more completely analyze this "Dzhanibekov Effect" or "Intermediate Axis Theorem".  And this is what likely happened to earth when it's perfect rotational balance was disrupted after a planetary pass-by (like say Mars in about 747BC):  { v=1VPfZ_XzisU }

I don't know if we can trust this data:  Looking at what I found here:  I thought the estimate was wrong since the 2020 mark was way short than what was happening,
Remember  "Climategate"?
Then I found the raw data and searched for it and found the corrected image

The "scientific cult" claim is we do not know why the poles flip...   I got a feeling that this is the reason why, but we are not taught anything about it and even told at the end of this video that Earth is in balance so earth will not flip: { v=L2o9eBl_Gzw } due to the Intermediate Axis Theorem.   This may be why there are so many thUgtopian Deep Underground Military Bases under North America.  As you can see from the flip in the video it only takes 180 degrees to complete the flip...  that is 12 hours for Earth... a major deluge would result.

Let's check out this next video { v=1VPfZ_XzisU }  Yip,  three rotations then a flip in only 180 degrees for the first object.  Why did the science cult in Russia keep this secret for 10 years?  Count the spinning wing-nut (lots of those around, haa!) 3 complete turns, then it flips in half a turn about 90 degrees into turn 4, flip within turn 8, flip within turn 12, flips within turn 16, flip within turn 20.

That is concerning they all seem to flip within about 180 degrees of rotation.  Venus right now is turning opposite to all other planets.  According to Dr. Thornhill Venus is the youngest birthed planet from Saturn.  I would then say the most oblong or most prone to the Intermediate Axis Effect.  Yes, I think this was what happened to Venus.  Are you not excited to be one of the first to know this amoungst the "non-initiates?" (no you are not? oh well...)  University main-stream astro-physics is a just what Dr. Thornhill claims!

Listen to this guy, wow,  this is all disinformation for the "sheeple."  I stay away from "brilliant."

Now I need to search to see who in have wrote a paper about this Intermediate Axis effect on Venus.  I am assuming that the magnetic field around Earth stays somewhat constant to the Sun's field... thus the Earth's magnetic field appears to flip but it is actually the spin of Earth or Venus that actually flips.  This means Earthquakes and for water planets, a deluge.

I think the constant rate of movement of the magnetic pole is our indicator.   If it's rate keeps increasing, we know what is coming, we also know why the thUgtopians have built all those Deep Underground Bases and why Madonna sings in 2019 Eurovision, "not everyone is coming to the future."  What a song, what a Cult!

I just found this: it kind of fits, doesn't it.

Lets end this with a Seth quote: "For now, leave the word "position." Particularly in relationship to three of the other planets that you know. The poles were reversed — as they were, incidentally, for three long periods of your planet's history. These civilizations were highly technological; the second one being, in fact, far superior to your own along those lines.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

The strength of this second civilization lay mainly in the areas now known as Africa and Australia, although at that time not only was the climate entirely different, but the land areas. There was a different attraction of land mass having to do with the altered position of the poles. Relatively speaking, however, the civilization was concentrated in area; it did not attempt to expand. It was highly ingrown and dwelled upon the planet simultaneously with a large, unorganized, dispersed, primitive culture."

—SS Chapter 15: Session 562, December 7, 1970 2020 2020 1590 1630 1630 1729 1730 1853 1860 1948 1955 1960 1965 1973 1973 1984 1994 2001 2020  this is somewhat deceptively plotted... it is 6 degrees short of where the dot should be, thus the rate appears to be decreasing rather than actually the same progression since 2000

I am amazed, has nothing on intermediate axis, Dzhanibekov, nor tennis racket effect.
I am amazed.

Further research shows this:

Both the same, but look some people give these extremely short answers which means they are likely Cult testing for  upvotes and "sheeple" awareness of Earth's magnetic pole movement.

The thUgtopians will just use nature against the sheeple. Baracaded within the DUMBs with decades of supplies stored all paid for by the sheeple's taxes.  Hidden away, miles under the surface, secretly causing brainchip chaos as the poles keep accelerating towards the equator.   (I think we have a story for a new novel here...) The north pole is not slowing down, just increasing it's rate of movement.   In the last 15 years it has moved the same distance as it did the prior 150 years... that is 10X faster for the same distance almost constantly increasing it's rate, faster and faster.
I was thinking the DUMBs were for the close passby of Mars in August 2003, but the pole data may also be worth watching (very closely), but it's hard to trust "climategate" staff. haa!

Exciting hey?  Who thinks they are manifesting this to happen through their beliefs and desires.  Everyone finds out about the DUMBs and rushes them to get in as the  Poles continue to accelerate.  What a scenario! What a world!  "May you live in exiting time" is a Chinese proverb. 

James Sidaway

It was a thunderbolt from Mars around 747 BC.  The charge exchange expanded Earth's orbit by about 5 days... forever.

You will find the thunderbolt craters "approximately eighteen miles (30 km) southeast of Fayetteville, North Carolina."

We are re-discovering Earth's true history, not the fake-history taught by the thUg-network of deception ruling every public school.

James Sidaway

November 22, 2019, 09:38:22 AM #2 Last Edit: November 22, 2019, 10:10:39 AM by James Sidaway
"The fact that there is no bedrock ejecta around the bays excludes the possibility that they were formed by extraterrestrial impacts."

  This indicates multiple thunderbolt encounters likely with Mars and maybe Venus, too.  It is hard to say with the thUgtopians messing up public data.  All we have is photo evidence from which to extract pass-by and charge exchange of the ancient planet-gods.  Our Moon has been baked of all surface water because it acted as Earth's shield over and over and over.

Haa, ha!  The cosmic truth is coming-out as the thUgtopians all squirm to rise their fake-AI-god to take-over humanity... do you feel special?  Well, you are...  especially living in the aftermath of Seth's impact upon thUgtopia's deceptionists and evidently the remaining Lumanian's influence upon the thUgs.  This is very nice to be manifesting our species success while thUgtopia self-annihilates through their self-righteous hate and greed to become techno-fake-gods by imitating the Lumanians' worldview of hindrance and impediments against Nature's blueprint.

"Out with the old" thUgs "and in with the new" loving mankind...  this is the probability path that you are likely participating to manifest.  The thUgs are going to have to convert or leave as mankind spiritually expands.  Concentrate upon Seth's Session 742 and you will likely end up where you want your main time-overlay to be.  But I make no promises since "you create your own reality."

James Sidaway

Oh my gosh!!! 
Look at this!

Our psychic site-creator pumped out a "flipping of the poles" only two hours before my days of research and info-gathering posted my topic here.

I think I am actually exposing the real purpose why all those expensive DUMBs were made.

This is why I am shadow-banned by YouTube trying to tell Kleck why his "voice of god" weapon handler is getting him to predict and post warning of a deluge over New York.

As for Deb's psychic abilities....
Lets give credit where it is due: (Look!  Yes, Deb!  I made a post while analyzing the flipping of Earths poles... you see,  I was working on this for a day before you posted... you are now proven to be a psychic since you were obviously reading my mind....  Here is your proof that you are a psychic genius.  I was bubbling over this for days and you picked it up!  I just made this topic  "entertainment," but you turned it into ai psychic miracle.)