Books written/channeled by non-terrestrials

Started by Eduard, January 04, 2020, 05:48:04 AM

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Hey everyone,

I find Seth books awesome, this is truly knowledge from the other side.

I wonder if we can share other books, that are written/channeled by non-terrestrials

This could be one:


We're always looking for interesting new books on this forum. Have you read this one yourself? I took a look at some of the reviews and one person said:

"A perfect primer for understanding modern concepts of time, space and quantum mechanics. Highly recommended for all reading levels and ages. There is a sequel."

That's something I'd be interested in. Just curious if you've read the book and would say the same thing about it.


Yes I've read it and it was enjoyable when I did read it.
It is all about timing, it might or not might make sense.

Seth material is deep, I re-read some of the books because of some knowledge that I am pursuing to understand better.
But, check your probable self if it makes sense to read it  ;)


Quote from: Eduard
But, check your probable self if it makes sense ...

That's a great point / advice!