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Hi All,

Given all the statements that Seth makes about natural disasters in NOME, I came across this story in the internet news yesterday about a 5.1 earthquake in North Carolina.

As I understand it, North Carolina doesn’t get many earthquakes. On the other hand I am aware of the fact that there’s a lot going on in the South right now with all the BLM protests and all the toppling of “Confererate” civil war statues.

Was this earthquake just a coincidence or was it perhaps a symbol of a lot of shaking up that going on in the South instead.

Any thoughts?


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Quote from: jbseth
Was this earthquake just a coincidence or was it perhaps a symbol of a lot of shaking up that going on in the South instead.

Good question.

I've always looked at earthquakes as natural events, the scientific explanation of the earth's constantly shifting crust. But of course Seth says they are a result of unrest of the masses. Such as:

"Such emotional nonphysical qualities are unstable, and affect the deep electromagnetic integrity of the earth’s structure. Obviously there have been earthquakes where there are no people, but in all cases the origins are to be found in mental properties rather than exterior ones. (Pause.) Earthquakes are very often associated with periods of great social change or unrest, and from such locations the fault lines originate and are projected outward. They may then affect a generally unpopulated area on another continent, or an island, or cause a tidal wave on the other side of the world, even as a stroke might affect a portion of the body far from the original damage."
—NoPR Chapter 18: Session 664, May 21, 1973

While the "great social change or unrest" is a very real thing right now, why North Carolina? Why not in the "hot" spots such as Portland, Seattle, Chicago, St. Louis, etc.? The stuff going on in the South with statues is also going on everywhere in the country. There must be more to it than that. And it wasn't that destructive of an event.

I've been through two minor earthquakes myself — one early morning in NJ when I was a teen, and the other when I first moved to Denver. What a weird feeling that was, I was working in an office on the 4th floor, filing, and suddenly felt lightheaded and flushed, sort of motion sick. Then I realized the artwork hanging on the walls was swinging. The actual epicenter was in Wyoming. I don't consider central Jersey or Wyoming to be areas of social unrest, or at least they weren't at the time. There was nothing stressful going on in my life at either of those times that I can recall.

I lived in San Diego for a short while and ironically there were NO earthquakes there during that time. I've also spent a lot of time in California in general, had some relatives there at one time, and again no earthquakes for me.

I was visiting Lima, Peru in the late 80s and the family I stayed with would put all their nicknacks "to bed" every night on the padded sofas because earthquakes were so frequent. Now THAT was a city of unrest: a lot of buildings downtown were bombed out, armed militia on the roofs of all the buildings (even McDonalds!), and they used to overthrow the government frequently. The family had a hired guard who would patrol their property all night, shooting a gun every hour to let them know he was doing his job. :o They had a 10' concrete wall around their yard, with jagged broken bottles embedded at the top.

I could better see the connection in that case.

Online jbseth

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Quote from: Deb
I've always looked at earthquakes as natural events, the scientific explanation of the earth's constantly shifting crust.

Hi Deb. Hi All,

Me too. Prior to discovering Seth I always thought that all natural disasters such as hurricanes, for example, both had a scientific explanation and were nothing more than purely random events.

You live in Florida, you risk being exposed to a hurricane, you live in Kansas, you risk being exposed to a tornado, you live in California, you risk being exposed to an earthquake. All purely associated with natural phenomenon of the earth.

Along with this, I never even contemplated the possibility that they could also be the result of human emotions on a mass scale. That idea would have seemed utterly ridiculous to me.

The whole question of why was there an earthquake in North Carolina, seems to bring up for me, what Seth had to say in Chapter 18 of NOPR about the flood of Elmira in 1972. As I recall, there were many underlying reasons for this flood. Some had to do with changes in the area, a depressed economy, a hope for urban renewal, etc. and along with this, Jane and Rob participated in it, for their own personal reasons.

I suspect that the same is true for the earthquake of North Carolina. 

For me, when I say that I think it had to do with the confederate statues, this answer is rather simplistic and I know that this isn’t all of it. However, I do believe that this statue issue also has some part to play in it.

That I know of, we don’t have many / any statues of confederate politicians, or confederate generals here in Oregon.  Thus there aren’t many / any of them to tear down.  I don’t know that there are a lot of these anywhere in this country, outside of the South.  However, that being said, I do believe that there are still quite a few of these types of symbols, (statues, confederate flags, etc.) in the South.

To me, it’s not the statues that’s the problem, it’s the “attitude” held by many of the white people who live in the South. It’s this attitude that these white people don’t seem to care, that these symbols are extremely offensive to the black people. It’s the attitude that some of these white people still “look up to, and honor” these confederate people, many of whom were directly involved in supporting the institution of slavery. 

To me, this is similar to what it would be like if there was a large area in Germany, where the people who lived in this area still honored Adolph Hitler. An area where the people still had statues of Hitler and his henchmen like Herman Goering and Heinrich Himmler and where the people still proudly displayed their Nazi flags and their various Nazi symbols.

Furthermore, in this analogy, this is an area where these Germans seemingly didn’t care that this was extremely offensive to the Jewish people of their country or of the world. This being offensive to these Jewish people, because many of these Nazi’s were directly involved in the death camps where many of the Jewish people were killed. 

Yes, I have been in 2 minor earthquakes, both here in Oregon, and they are extremely unsettling and unnerving.

The first one, occurred at about 5 am, in the mid 1980s and it was just a violent shaking for about 10 seconds. I thought that a semi-truck was driving by right outside my window. The whole apartment building shook.

In the last one, that occurred in the mid 1990’s I was at work hosting a meeting. Several of us were sitting around a table and I thought that someone was bumping his knee against the table, when it occurred. Then I noticed that everyone at the table seemed to have a surprised, “What’s going on”, look on their face. At that point I looked outside and noticed that the shrubs up against the large glass floor to ceiling window, were shaking violently.  Then, in a few moments, I felt that earth moving under me like slow rolling waves. Wow, that was weird. After about 10 seconds it stopped, but that was probably one of the longest 10 seconds of my life.

From a Seth / human cause standpoint, I’m not sure why either one of these 2 minor earthquakes occurred.



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