Music Instead of Dreams: Bob Marley and Neville Goddard, Wonderwall The Fray & More

Started by strangerthings, August 30, 2021, 02:09:23 PM

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For some "reason" this song just opera'd my ears within

So I looked it up and did a lyric video
Im quite.... wow'd

I totally understand this song now.



"There are no ascended masters. Banish this superstition. Your belief in a master is the confession of your slavery. Only slaves have masters. (Neville Goddard)

"The gods do not come kneeling." ( Seth cd) .

Bob Marley Redemption Song
youtube - /watch?v=QrY9eHkXTa4
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One time I woke up and had this song blaring in my head ...At this point in my life I am very into the Seth material..

All I could do was hum a few notes it was foreign to me...I could barely muster that,,,like having a dream you can not quite fully express into words but y ou understand it at another level? You sit at your dream book with a blankness....pen trying so hard to write...lololol

Well that is what this was like for me

So I go to my household and ask.

Please help me with this song. What is this song. No one knew what it was! Then I asked my, at the time husband, and HE helped me figure it out. That was surreal to me all in its own because he isnt into this kind of music he loves metal and rock and such.... blew me away

He blurted out "Oh that is wonderwall"


Ok so I looked it up! youtube - watch?v=sYffFEIAzdE

You see... I may have been very into the Seth material but the fire in my heart was going out. I was so depressed and trying to see the light of the day because my marriage was so abusive. I tried so hard to psy time a great marriage but my physical senses were seeing the reality of what I was to put up with until we eventually got there. It was hard enough for me personally to turn my own self around much less an entire family situation. I was at my wits end. I was beginning to throw in the towel even though I knew Seth was truth. I knew because I experienced the truth of it all. I create and created all these wonderful things and events and people in my life but this was the area I could not change!

I woke up with this song ! Opera'ing in my head! Like the Bob Marley song. LOL

Every time I hear wonderwall now I just cry. I dont know why. I just do. My Inner Me was talking to me through music because at the time nothing else was getting through. No magic quote no magic page in Seth books or cds. I did not know about Neville yet either. This song is like a dream for me. You see..... this song....It means many different things all in one song.

I tell you we are truly our own best friend!