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Started by Deb, October 05, 2018, 06:18:30 PM

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The latest Seth project I've been working on with Mary Dillman has finally gone live today. What I posted on Facebook this afternoon:

"Ever want to know Jane and Rob better? More details about their history? Their personalities? How they talked? This just became available today—never before heard, non-censored audio of Jane and Rob being interviewed in 1978 for a two-part Village Voice article. It's in 5 parts available as digital downloads. Each contains an mp3 with a transcript. Part 1 is FREE! Head over to and get yours today. This is a real gem and a true labor of love on the part of Mary Dillman."

Basically Mary came across the audio cassettes, broke it down into sections and made transcriptions because some of it is difficult to understand. We've been working on this for months -- I helped with transcription, the design of the transcript cover pages, put it together on her web site for digital download. It was a complete labor of love on the part of everyone involved.

I have a special interest in Jane and Rob as people partly due to my early skepticism. What was interesting for me was Jane's personality contrasting with the writings of Seth, and also more details of the history of Jane and Rob and Seth's part in their lives.

I would recommend you at least download the free Part 1. I enjoyed the entire set, it did answer some questions for me personally as well as some questions that have come upon this forum.

Any purchases made for the other Parts or other items for sale on Mary's website go purely for the funding of continued research. Mary lives frugally near the Yale University library that houses the Seth/Jane Roberts archives. She is constantly looking for new gems to get published so that the rest of us never run out of Seth materials.

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Well I do not remember downloading this but surely I did. If I did its in that hard drive somewhere ....

However I clicked on this link and it is a 404 😬

But zi did a search for "interview" and there it was yayyyy
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Jane was a kick in the pants. So interesting how she spoke in life, as opposed to as Seth and in her books.  ;D
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