How Seth has helped my running

Started by Bora137, February 09, 2022, 03:34:59 PM

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Want to share this in case it can be of use to basically any physical challenge

I've run for a lot of years now. I've never been that fast and my distance is not great so very average over all. About two years ago now I started applying Seth's methods to my running. First of all when I set out on a run I envisaged that I had run double the distance in half the time. My body seemed to respond instantly and a lot of the effort and determination I used to have to put in seemed to disappear. It was no longer a slog.

So I was getting faster and my runs were starting to feel too easy. There is pretty big hill (just under 2000 feet) just a mile from my house and I started diverting my route up there. I used a couple of new beliefs - 1. The mountain was small compared to me as I potentially had the power of the entire universe to draw on. This worked well especially making the hill small in my mind's eye. But the shear steepness of some of the paths was still beating me. I do chakra breathing so then I started imagining this chakra energy blasting from my lower chakras pure white into my glutes and thighs. Wow this worked. All I had to do was literally focus really hard on this imagery and my legs pulsating with power and they seemed to go uphill on their own. I now run this mountain regularly something just 3 years ago I would have considered as utterly impossible for me. Thanks Seth ☺️
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Great story! I've never been a runner but you've inspired me to try doing something similar to see if I get results. It's always about beliefs... I'll look for something I  believe I'm not good at or that I think is difficult and try to talk myself into success. I loved your "The mountain was small compared to me as I potentially had the power of the entire universe to draw on." That's powerful!
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