"The Amazing World Of Psychic Phenomena" 1976 - Raymond Burr

Started by inavalan, September 19, 2022, 11:50:46 PM

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QuoteAn exciting new look at the world beyond...and the awesome powers that exist in all of us.

Is it really possible to bend metal with thoughts?  Put a picture on film simply by staring at the camera?  Accurately predict the future?

Raymond Burr takes you on a revealing journey into another dimension.  With the help of experiments conducted in universities, laboratories and other major research centers-and with the presence of some of the world's most respected psychics, including Uri Geller, Jeane Dixon, Peter Hurkos and Ted Serios-this astounding program explores the many aspects of the spiritual and the supernatural.

Here is actual film footage of psychokinesis, thought transference, "ghosts" photographed and audio-taped, spirits that travel out of their bodies, real mediums conducting seances, and psychic investigators solving crimes.

There's also a fascinating test that enables you to judge your own ESP and psychic capabilities!

Fantasy or fact?  The shroud of mystery is falling away and scientists now say that if we are not afraid to push beyond the boundaries of our experiences, we might learn to channel our latent powers.  Perhaps this extraordinary film can begin to show the way.
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Although I don't always write it explicitly, it should be inferred that everything I post is "my belief", "my opinion" on that subject, at that moment.


Wow, Raymond Burr! Nice find. A familiar voice from the past.

I wish (well not really) that I could trust things like this... anything visual such as movies, documentaries, photos and magic acts can be easily manipulated. I'm the "personal experience is believing" type. I've had some experiences that can't be explained, and even then I question them and myself. It's ironic since Seth said we constantly create and manipulate our reality.