This experience must come from the mind, through use of the inner senses.

Started by inavalan, November 11, 2022, 01:53:45 AM

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Quote from: TES6 #267As I said earlier, sense data does have a reality, but this reality does not reside in an object. The object represents your interpretation of the basic reality. The energy belongs to the idea. In other words, the prime energy within physical reality resides precisely in those intangibles which do not, because of their nature, appear within physical frameworks. They give life and reality to the physical framework.

(Pause, and gesture, eyes closed.) There is not something "out there," you see, which exists independently. There is something within that exists independently, and whose reality you perceive in a highly distorted fashion, through the use of the outer senses.

The inner senses can and do perceive this reality in an un distorted fashion. Your brain is itself a camouflage pattern. It can only translate and perceive what seems to be the evidence of the physical senses. It cannot step outside of itself. (Smile.) It is that which it attempts to investigate.

It is as much camouflage as the glass on the table, (pointing) and its knowledge must come through the physical system. Now. The mind is un camouflaged. It perceives the un camouflaged reality of sense data, or its sees the energy that exists. It sees the energy independently of the physical object , you see.

You can intellectually understand what I am telling you, but the brain (shaking head) cannot experience reality directly. This experience must come from the mind, through use of the inner senses. I want it understood that camouflage physical reality is indeed a reality, even while it is a distortion of something else.

The material that I have given you on the nature of matter should make it clear that every atom and molecule has its own condensed, coded consciousness, and that no gestalt or formation of any kind can occur without the cooperation and comprehension of the consciousnesses involved.

The idea shape itself is not one unitary thing, for example. The idea shape of this chair is not an absolute unitary, disembodied, or un spirited concept. (Very energetic delivery, eyes wide. Jane pounded on the arm of her rocker.) The idea shape of this chair is a composite, a gestalt, formed on the part of each atom and molecule that composes it.

We will have more to say.
Although I don't always write it explicitly, it should be inferred that everything I post is "my belief", "my opinion" on that subject, at that moment.