"If It Isn't Fun, Stop Doing It!"

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It appears that SoS no longer fun for people.

"What it means is that we all have a great responsibility now," Allan Demming suddenly pronounced. "It means that we have the responsibility of disseminating Seth's ideas to the world at large, so that people can understand the truth."

Jane screwed up her face in protest. "No, I don't know, Allan, I just figure we do the books, and if people want to read them and use the ideas, fine. I certainly don't feel 'responsible' about it in the way you mean-and I'm not about to start a crusade that I've got the truth and nobody else has."

"But you do!" Allan wailed, ignoring the expression of dismay on Jane's face. "You say that we create our own reality, and I think it's up to the people here to get others to read the Seth material! It's our responsibility to the world, before it's too late and we destroy..."

Swiftly, Jane was yanking her glasses off, Seth's voice ringing out loudly in his familiar, "Now!"

"Uh, oh," Richie grinned, "here it comes!" He leaned forward in anticipation of a Sethian scorch. What actually followed has been labeled by those members who heard it as one of the most belief-shattering "milestone" Seth sessions in the ten years of class.

"Listen to me!" Seth roared at us, "I thrust no responsibility upon you to carry my message to the world! I have, in those terms, a responsibility that I give you -- if you must start thinking in terms of responsibility -- the responsibility of being yourselves to the best of your capacity; and if you fulfill that responsibility, the things within your lives will be right, and your actions and your feelings in the world will speak for themselves. For in being yourself you bring forth the message of freedom and creativity!

"The world will go its way. It may not be your way. It may not be my way. But, it may! The world will take these ideas as it will. I give them playfully, joyfully, and humbly, that they may fall as the seeds fall from a gigantic oak tree. I do not say that every man must pick up one of those seeds for himself and use it. I say merely, 'I am.' And, to you, I say, 'You are.'


"STOP IT?!" Richie screamed, shutting Seth off in midbreath, "Stop it? You mean, just like that -- just stop it? Anything -- anything that's not fun?! Just like that?! Just--stop it?!"

Seth nodded, smiling broadly at Richie. "Creativity and the joy of the gods does not involve responsibility -- in your terms, now," Seth said. "Being knows its own actions, and when you are yourself, you fulfill any responsibility that any god or man could lay upon you from the outside.

"I come here because it is fun. I have fun when I come here. I do not come here because I feel that I have a great responsibility for your beings or your welfare. Who am I to set myself against the innate wisdom of your individual being, or take upon my invisible shoulders the great privilege or joyful responsibility for your behaviour and destiny?"

See the quote in its entirety at:
Conversations with Seth, Chapter 7: "If It Isn't Fun, Stop Doing It!"
25th Anniversary Edition © Susan M. Watkins

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