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Started by WindWalker, June 09, 2018, 11:19:26 AM

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I was perusing some astral projection sites and one member mentioned the gates of horn by seth. That if you set your intent as "gates of horn" you can project. What book is this in. Thanks!


Thanks. Ill check that out. I also found this  link with Jane actually speaking about it.
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Here's one reference I got from the search engine, but there are a lot of (important) paragraphs missing and unfortunately I don't have the book, TPS5. I'll dig around on my computer, I may have a scan somewhere. If I find something, I'll update this post.

"(Seth:) Now, if you really believed what I said then, then you would bank upon yourselves. You would really trust yourselves. You would really know that you are an intimate part of the fabric of the universe; you would trust your abilities and bet upon yourselves. You would, without repressing anything, experience your own reality without impediments. You have a way to go. But you have support. You have biological support. For your atoms and molecules are not imbeciles. You could learn from them. The pupils of your eyes see far more than you see visually. And when you listen to this session think about that sentence. As Ruburt said earlier, I am not telling you you can have a heaven upon earth. For one thing, there is no such thing as heaven, and for another, if there were you would be bored. You need a challenge. Any flower uses it. And I am not talking about problems and challenges being the same thing. I am speaking of initiative, and desire and accomplishment. The need to use your abilities. They need to be used as a stem needs to grow. That is what I am speaking of. Now all of you this evening tell yourselves you will have a true dream from the Gates of Horn and we do have a City building. A City. Highly impractical, it seems at this time. A City that does indeed exist mentally. But all things must exist mentally first or they will never be materialized. And someday, that City might exist physically. But it will not be when you are here. Yet your memories will be in it and your desires. And to that extent you will be founders. And you forge such dreams in your sleep and in your private imaginings, and in your inspirations. For when one member of a species dreams such dreams, those dreams are transmitted to all other members. They do not die. When a runner at the Olympics does better than the runner before then all the sportscasters say, "How grand! We did not know man could run so fast." And so now records are being broken all the time. And mentally the same thing applies. Dream a grand dream. For when one member of the species dreams, all members, to some extent, participate. And the psyche, and the soul, and the heart of man takes new leaps, in your terms, not taken before. So trust yourselves, and trust your love and your dreams (to Rick, Sheri, and Van Zandt, looking at Rick), and tell your students I said R-A-Y!!!! which means hooray. HOORAY!!!!"

—TPS5 Deleted Session December 2, 1978


So inspiring. Thanks Deb!


Quote from: WindWalker
Thanks Deb!

Sure thing! I don't have TPS5, I have 1-4, but now I'm tempted to buy it. That's how it goes for me, I read something intriguing and next thing I know I'm buying another book. I picture Seth sitting back in his 14th century office chair and laughing at me.

Anyway, when I woke up at my usual 3am today I kept telling myself to get a dream from the Gates of Horn. Unfortunately I never got back to sleep, but there's always tonight...


Sorry for my ignorance but which book(s) are tps1-5?  "Tps?"Thanks!


Thanks so much for the treasure trove!



So.... any successes?!?!?!

I had a most profound experience with mine. I have had quite a few of them. In fact my first one drove me bat shit crazy because it began a search that ultimately led me to Neville Goddard. *L*
Needless to say that search took quite a few years! I had zero idea how to approach it much less wth I was looking for. (The birth of the True and Faithful Self) Im skipping over a lot but you get the gist. This is why I post about him *S* Some of you may be fortunate enough to not have to wonder and search for terms you are clueless to. I still had a battle though. Cuz damn Neville! That is some .... different kind of thing. However, over the years merging Neville and Seth just made a whole lot of sense for me. They are saying the same thing.

The Gates of Horn exercise is also in the SETH CD #38  :)