Need help/info to switch from a traditional neurologist to a homeopath

Started by Marianna, March 15, 2019, 11:03:19 AM

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Hello everyone!
Since Google refuses to help here, I decided to ask the likeminded community. I do need your help!
I'll do my best to explain. I want to switch from taking regular chemical meds (anticonvulsants) to homeopathic. And then – to none. The situation is already much better than it used to be years ago.

By now, I have 'fixed' a lot of my fears and limiting beliefs. That is why the situation is better.  Since there were 'good years' and 'bad years' – while on meds all the time, now I see that it was not them that really made a difference. Now I am finally not afraid. Also, it looks like I managed to make myself see that I do not have to be very sick to avoid traditional 9-5 job and feel good about myself. And lastly, that many years of chemicals changing my body and not in a good way! It's just time to stop it.

Living as a part of the system, I still want to keep my freedom and live by the philosophy I choose for myself.

Closer to the point, since traditional science considers epilepsy an incurable disease, is the neurologist under obligation to 'make' me take chemical meds? Do I have the right (legally) to switch to a homeopath, even if neurologist disagrees?

Where can I read about legal aspects/who do I Google to consult so that I would know my rights/doc's rights and complete the transition successfully?
I live in NJ, USA.
I will appreciate any information on the subject, ideas, and sharing any relevant experience.

Thanks a lot!
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Hi Marianna, Hi All,

You mentioned epilepsy and that reminded me of the following story I heard on the local news here about 5 years ago.

There was a local woman who was having some sort of seizures. Because of this, she went to the emergency room of a local hospital where she was admitted overnight.  The next day, she decided that she had to go home for some reason. The doctors highly recommended that she not do this, but rather that she stay there for another day or so, so that they could run some tests. She refused to do this however and so they told her that they would only let her go if she had someone come drive her home. She told them that her mother was going to pick her up and so they let her leave. As it turns out, she never bothered to call her mother. Instead she just got into her car and drove home.

On her way home, while driving her car, she had a seizure. During the seizure, she drove off the road, hit a young man who was walking along the sidewalk and slammed her car into a house. After the EMT's got there, they took both the woman and the young man to the hospital. The woman survived, but the young man died. After this, the police arrested the woman, the local District Attorney prosecuted her for manslaughter and she was sentenced to, I believe, 7 years in prison.

I don't recall ever hearing what it was, that was so important to this woman that she just had to go home that day. My guess is that it probably really wasn't something that was all that important and in hindsight, I'll bet she wishes that she had made a different choice that day.

Whatever you decide to do about this, please don't make any rash decisions. Talk to lots of people, get lots of advice from doctors, friends and family about this before doing anything. Getting off of seizure meds, only to have a seizure afterwards and as a result accidently killing yourself and/or someone else, is probably not the way you want to create your reality.



Quote from: jbseth
Whatever you decide to do about this, please don't make any rash decisions.
Marianna, I agree with jbseth. I personally don't see a problem with medication as long as it is the right medication for you, and at the right dosage. I am 70 years old and take five kinds of tablets everyday, two for high blood pressure, one for cholesterol, one for diabetes, and a very low dose of an antidepressant which helps with bowel and bladder problems. I have no faith in homeopathy.


Quote from: jbseth
Whatever you decide to do about this, please don't make any rash decisions. Talk to lots of people, get lots of advice from doctors, friends and family about this before doing anything
Hi jbseth, hi Sena and everyone!
Thanks for your input.
I am not planning to make rush decisions. I will certainly gather information to create a better reality for myself.
The woman and a young man in your story also created their reality. I am always considerate of physical harm to others. But thankfully, I do not drive, so no danger here.


Hi Marianna, I totally agree as well. While I resent Big Pharma and the idea of chemically produced medications, there is a part of me that obviously believes medicines do work. But I also feel natural alternatives work in some cases.

I have an underactive thyroid and have been on a more natural thyroid pill for several years. It's made from pig thyroid rather than pure chemicals. A couple of years ago I started taking a natural thyroid support supplement and my doctor had to reduce my dose of thyroid medication. When I attributed that to the supplement I was taking, he made a face at me (unintentional, I'm sure) and said I obviously was on too high a dosage. When I said I had been on that dose for 3 years and it wasn't too high during that time, why all of a sudden now, he just ignored me. For the past 6 months I've not been keeping up with daily supplements and my new doctor recently raised my dosage of thyroid medication.

Where I'm going with this is you should research what natural might help with seizures. It seems that most natural solutions, such as diet, vitamins, etc. don't usually interact with prescribed meds. I know that grapefruit can affect some meds, things like that, but I think that's not that common. Of course read up on your medications to see if they have known interaction problems and check with your doctor.

Sena has a point about the right medication for you and at the right dosage. I've also heard the keto diet can help with epilepsy. I've been on a keto diet for quite a while and I haven't felt it's restrictive. I can explain in more detail in an email if you have questions about the diet.

Also, a few years ago there was a big to-do in Colorado to legalize the use of medical marijuana and CBD to control seizures.

Here's a short news item that will give more information (click on the +):

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There's also a very good TedxBoulder about medical marijuana and epilepsy, National Geographic has a 3 part article on cannabis for kids, and CNN did a 3 hour 3 part special report on CBD.

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If it works for kids, I don't know why it wouldn't work for adults. It seems results are noticeable in less than a week. I was taking CBD oil for a back pain issue I have. I couldn't tell if it was helping, but I also didn't have a "high" feeling from the oil.

I think CBD oil and medical marijuana are legal in NJ and you should be able to buy CBD oil in stores. Federally it's illegal, but that may change soon. But again, talk with your doctor first.

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Thanks, Deb! I knew you'd understand what I mean. My current doctor's reply to my questions about reducing the dosage has  been 'don't rock the boat, you are very lucky feeling the way you feel - being healthy, no headaches, hardly any seizures'. I'll ask him again, see what he says.

I never had the desire to try and convince him that it was not 'luck'.

I came across a doctor in NJ who treats this disease with homeopathic stuff/diet.

I wouldn't mind that much if my regular doc would agree to reduce dosage. I'll see what I can create here :)
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I was browsing the site looking for homeopathy related posts, and I read your thread here too. I wonder, if you don't mind, have you ever consulted a homeopath, or tried homeopathic remedies? What was your experience with that?
Although I don't always write it explicitly, it should be inferred that everything I post is "my belief", "my opinion" on that subject, at that moment.