Author Topic: Scam-demic with Dr. Andrew Kaufman  (Read 348 times)

Offline James Sidaway

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Now, you have to be cautious with this kind of info

The thUgs are in every nook and cranny, they are drawn to mimic psychic knowledge in particular.
But Kaufman may have a joke name... Haa!

I notice the cult putting out damage control videos out, too, now.

Kleck also points out there is no reason to fear the covid-19 and he is a thUgtopian puppet making a name as a end of the world prophet.  Apparently, "c" means Abbanon, ovid means sheep, 19 means slaughter.

The cult is just testing if it can scare the sheep into world-wide technocracy with a ruse.  ThUgs think it is fun spooking the sheep.
I know the sethies can see through the bs.

Hang on for the ride of your life!
This is why seth broke thru a week after JFK's assassination( by the same thUgtopian cult.)  You chose this probability for its challenge to do what is right... In your mind.
Have fun!
You wont die until you choose to, remember that as you choose your path through the probabilities.
The thugs have been trying to delete me for 14 years,
Maybe its time for the thugs to go instead.

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James, your Youtube link does not work. Is this the one?

It's a 38 minute video and I have only glanced at it. It does sound like BS.
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Offline James Sidaway

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It does seem strange in a sheeple based society, but in the secret society cult-ture they want their computer-run world goverance...  That is what the carbon tax is all about.  In "the myth is canada", that is Why  all public utilities are being sold-out from under the sheeples noses... Likely the states too.
canada's central bank sold off the bulk of its 1000 tons of gold coffers  before prices skyrocketed (by coincidence) in prep to make financial resilience volitile while mexico, Guatemala was buying... It must have been the colder climate.

Na the scam-demic link was this

Medical Doctor Blows C-Vi-Rus Scamdemic Wide Open - Andrew Kaufman M.D.

The Christian bible thumpers on the streets are mostly thUgtopians(the Mystery School Cult) acting... Real Christian s sit at home trying to figure it out,  haa kidding.
The street thumpers drive the fear of god or satan into yhe sheeples hesds so they can guides the masses, while hidding behind fake devils and demons, like seth says.
But with the NWOMethod of control (brainchip s and A.I.) replacing religion sheeple need to still be herded with fear until all slaves are brainchipzombied and monitored.  Look how department stores grocery stores turn their shelving into hetd stockades, it is hell-arious.

kaufman is likely not bsing... The police-state fears of new york in 2001 is shoved into every home 20 years later.

Seth tells you the fear of sickness is more damaging than any particles.  We all manifest that which we believe in.

He also said cats dont worry about a dog chained up a block away... This really points out the sheep of sheeple, wow,  i tell them to read the NPR sethbook, if they can get their minds around the brainwashing, a bit.

I recall it is session 742 that helps the sethie what to work towards and it require s effort.  The Atlantis rebuilders in this probsbility  are in more trouble than the sheeple here.  Sheeple are hazy in their perception and dont see the thUg network running everything, so their main probability is elsewhere and are providing the thUgs a target to help get what they desire... Dead sheep.  Its a trap to help the thUgtopians get what they deserve... Decaying shrunken soul-fragment.  seth was careful not to interfer with their freedom to become what they desire to be... Thugs in a massive network heading towards their self-annihilation... They dont seem to learn and they keep cycling through the destruction of their fiery phoenixes.
They are a very weird crowd of crows... Johnny West was confused in his symbolists tour of egypt, pretending it was a natural cycle of AI.  seth tried to educate them this time round, but it looks like their medicsl mafia in the hospital did a horrible number on Jane with her unhealing wounds... Made her want to die here, i gather.  She was likely brainchipped for study and sabotage...  The girl with voices coming from her head and stomach in Janes Psychic Politics was obviously brainchipped once you know the technology.

Dr.Rauni Kilde from Finland exposed covert brainchip experiment ation started on the public in 1974...
This is why Seth made the psychological bridge into our probability a week after JFK's traggic death... It was the path towards self-annihilation of the "Lumanian second chance"... Of our species that GGod toiled to give an extra aid.

Seth did say he was appalled with our situation as the thUgtopians slunk into Jane's classroom to misdirect his efforts...  Open thyn eyes, he recommended.  Develop you inner senses if you truly wish to see.

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The video i just posted came out correct for about 10 second, then it switched over to what you posted.

I pasted the title below my second attempt in case this happened again,  just search for it, i suppose.
I havent watched your posted vid on kaufman
Im using an old touch pad and what a horrible input ui.i.
I recall Session 687 is very applicable to our Present times, ill have to reread it to make sure



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