Unstoppable You, If You Would Like To Be

Started by James Sidaway, April 22, 2020, 11:55:20 AM

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James Sidaway

"Your Personal Power is In the Present"

I had this thought while reflecting upon our beloved Seth-Books yesterday.

Who is at the center of your universe?
Who has everything happening around him/herself like he/she is at center of what happens?


You are at the center of your life as are all spiders upon each sticky, dewy artwork glistening before some background rising light.  Everything about you is spiritual and thus everything physical about you revolves around you with you at the center.  This is your gift from your Creator-GGod.

GGod put you at the center of your very own version of a co-created universe that all others help to create for you.  The world that you experience manifest around you in a very personalized way that manifests problems that you are required to fix as you become aware of them.   GGod provides "gremlins" that do all this dirty-work and has them all organized with a grand cultural history so they do not think of themselves as "gremlins."  Instead they call themselves brother-hoods or sister-hoods, but they are all individually brainwashed into becoming secretive, wicked hoods.  They are a small part of society so they used militaristic organization and leading secret technologies to keep ahead of the rest of the lazy thinkers that they claim to "herd."  Lazy thinkers are called the "sheeple" and even the hood's Vatican has dead sheep hidden within their alter artwork.  It is not just coincidence.  The claim it to be an intelligence thing to see hidden messages within artwork that the sheeple are laughed at if they see it too.  It is not an intelligence thing, it is a cult thing.

You are not meant to be lazy about your life.  Lazy people let their personal world-going-astray do what it wants to do after you see a problem that needs fixing.  A lazy co-creator sees a problem that requires fixing and expects someone else to fix it for you.
This is where the secret-societies come into your personal universe... with you at it's center.  They will secretly do their oath-sworn duty to take your universe in a direction away from what you personally feel is right or wrong if you let them.  If you love the environment, they will destroy the environment.  If you want the end of wars they will create wars.  If you want pure food and water, they will taint its genetics and poison it with pesticides.  If you want freedom and happiness, their sworn oath-purpose is to remove your freedoms and happiness.  This is how your creator GGod creates challenges for sheeple, and by ignoring what they are doing, you thus create your own reality of sorrow and lament (The gremlins snicker at you behind their hidden hands.)

At the same time, out of spiritual laziness, the gremlins, hoods or brothers and sisters manifest a life without loving what GGod offers.  A spiritual emptiness is left within their twisted hearts.  T
hey attend "Cremation Of Care" ceremonies and pretend an A.I. hivemind link to a central-command leader will help fill that heartless emptiness... It will not.
The gremlins have not realized that "the ends never justifies the means" and that their fiery phoenix Utopia was undermined once they began fanatically practicing their idealism of "EXITUS ACTA PROBAT" for the last 100 years of slaughtering the sheeple who didn't swear their oaths.  But it didn't stop there, they even slaughtered their own... like Manly P. Hall who taught a more spiritual means towards their New Atlantis hopes or ends.  Unfortunate that it has been undermined by the "deeds" taken towards the "outcome"...  hey?  It was the lazy way...  injected into their cult by thUgs that turned them all into spiritually-lazy participating thUgtopians.  Their fears of the destruction of Atlantis is actually in their chosen, thUggish, individual and collective future universes that GGod has given to all of them to manifest using their free will.

It has never been the Creator-Gestalt-God that has jealously destroyed the fake A.I."Angels of Self-Manifesting Light".   It has always been the collective emptiness of the collective thUgtopians that failed to fulfill the spiritual requirements to manifest a loving, truer Utopia.  Nature has no place for a thUgtopia.  Nature demands a loving caretaker to fulfill the position.  When the lightning bolts cracked and the floods moved in it was the collective individuals spiritual-emptiness that brought such cataclysms to manifest and cleans the A.I. away.  It was not some jealous Creator God that knocked down their A.I. "Light" and Towers of Babel as suggested by thUg-priests, they deceive you.

The Lumanian thUgtopia that came from Cronus was a failure in this sector of the probabilities, they never "evolved".   Now,  another civilizational collapse looms after the genetic "Lumanian's Second Chance" was offered to mankind by GGod.  Spiritually lazy thUgs, taking the quick way is the wrong way and you will fail in every probability with such a thUgtopian foundation upon sand, silly, silly builders.  Best fix your foundation now, and not be so lazy.

If you are lazy and make no effort to fix the problems that they create, then the problems will just keep piling up within your personal universe until it implodes.  wow...  This is the purpose of the thUg-network and you best see them as GGod's little-gremlins just doing their jobs stopping you from becoming lazy.

If you see banks running under a secret system where they electronically fabricate fiat money out of nothing as a tactic of stealing your labours away from you, and you do nothing to stop it, then you are lazy and they will continue to enslave your labours.

If  international bankers charge you interest on that money they fabricated from their secret triad-trust-system of Creditor-Debtor-Administrator and they trick you into becoming the Debtor rather than receiving your Creditor dividends every year... stealing from you, then you are lazy and you don't get your secretly lost dividends... the thUg-network gets to keep it for themselves.
I you see the thUgs' network printing fiat money out of thin air to ram into the economy to create massive inflation which is just another hidden form of taxation and you do nothing in your personal universe to correct the problem, then you are lazy and the problem continues to implode your personal universe.

What?  You talk about it but nobody is fixing it in your personal universe for you?  It doesn't magically get fixed by some little gremlins?  Those co-creating people who fix such horrible things in their own personalized universe in opposition to the secret-societies actually get them fixed.  If yours did not get fixed, then you didn't fix it because you were lazy.

You took on your life as a thinking being to reflect on your past and project what you want into your future... all done with your unstoppable power within your personalized universe within the present.
Your power is right now and it is unstoppable once you put all your effort to fixing it.

The diversity of nature around you is designed by GGod to effectively and logically sustain our collective lives.  If humanity overpopulates the earth and begins to overwhelm nature's carrying capacity... what is supposed to happen?
Will mankind's "appalling situation" jump into a more spiritual mode of enlightenment where mass-starvation does not occur behind lock-down borders?

The secret-societies running the governments, militaries and police around the world have started to blockage the national borders and initiate another Nazi-like control phase of sheepltons around the world as they implement the brainchip, tower-of-babel, mind-control of the sheeple within the existing microwave-tower grid- system.
If there is not some kind of miraculous spiritual alteration of reality, will the Nazis just starve out the grocery-store-dependent-populations like a swarm of locust who found the last fringe-farmers crops?
Will CDC brainchipzombies.wordpress.com roam the streets to add a little bit of extra horror to the "End-of Times" social-engineering experiment based on hate and self-righteous greed? 

Maybe the brainchipped, "End-Of-Times" thUgtopian-wireless-prophets will tell the world what is coming, but not how to fix it, just accept it...  Right, "supernaturally gifted" Kleck?  "Glory to god!"

Think, thinking, fixer-people, can you fix your own personalized universe from imploding?  Sethies know your beliefs and desires manifest what you want and you have to make dedicated efforts, too.   This is what all practicing, practical-idealists do.  Maybe such practice will catch on some day because Seth advised where mankind does not collectively learn from success, it will learn from failure, nothing within the creations of GGod is ever truly wasted.


Quote from: James Sidaway
You are not meant to be lazy about your life.  Lazy people let their personal world-going-astray do what it wants to do after you see a problem that needs fixing.  A lazy co-creator sees a problem that requires fixing and expects someone else to fix it for you.
A lazy person will accept the Covid 19 vaccine.


Quote from: Sena
A lazy person will accept the Covid 19 vaccine.                     
This is from the latest (May 5) Federation of Light Channeling
"Yet, there is much talk of more control, especially in some countries. There is still much talk of mandatory vaccines etc. (Blossom Goodchild)

Yet, there is so much talk also, of those in the know having the courage to speak out and allow others to know that there is a band of Light players that are growing in numbers, minute by minute, that will make sure that this scenario WILL NOT be fulfilled." (Channeled words)

I do want to have an option of not being vaccinated.