Author Topic: You Have Created Your Own Challenges  (Read 312 times)

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It was all too much for you, I see. 
We are living in our highly personalized multidimensional universes... a multiverse...
Every time you make a decision your overSoul keeps your consciousness on the “safer side” of that divide.   Your source-Self keeps your consciousness seamlessly and apparently "ALIVE."  This is a kind of psychological trick that works with the way our physical senses lie to us... creating our experience of physical reality.  Seth teaches the reader this.  Seth translated the caring love of GGod, like Jesus apparently did.   
You will not die until you are tricked to suicide yourself or you eventually die of old age, other people do die from accidents, but YOU do not, ever, unless you want to.  A hidden gift from GGod.  This gift gives everyone a full life.  Nobody gets “ripped off” or short-changed...
This is the "secret" why the secret-societies seek, implant, and torture awakening souls for...  to keep them away from realizing their true power of immortality within their personalized physical multiverse.

Good-will and intentions towards mankind is of extreme importance, not just to me, but to the expansion and growth of each soul-fragment.  All you have to do is understand that you are being blocked not only from realizing your godliness beyond your physical body, but you chose this probability-zone to stress yourself into realizing this... as have all humans who chose this scenario of main events.

The thUgs have now come forward to reveal their plan to trick and extract the sheeple from the thUg-riddled Earth.  Just watch the brainchipped spokesman for thUgtopia, the good-willed puppet, Jonathan Kleck:   
The Cult is about to come out of the woodwork in full force seeking sacrifices in a massive way using mostly mind-control technology rather than guns...
You cannot be killed by these thUgs within your own personalized multiverse... Each of you can lead your version of the multiverse to it’s salvation.  You are the savior of our own world.  That is an amazing gift from GGod, but you have to realize just how powerful you really are.   Miracles will keep you alive, like Seth told you.  If you refuse to be a thUg anymore and would rather live in a world of good-will and good intention... you have all the power of GGod behind you.   That hateful thUgtopia cannot kill you like they claim... they are all liars within thUgtopia.

To the sheeple,
The collective thUgs who are doing this to you will not last very long after they get rid of their sheeple.  Their souls have been decaying through hate and self-righteous greed committing the atrocities that most sheeple are well aware of yet they baaa at their fences. 

Seth speaks the truth. “You actually live within a safe universe” with thUgs hiding in the woodwork and “You create your own reality” and challenges to rise up towards, to meet, and to defeat like a god if you have the heart for it.  You just have to realize that the thUgs are just your unconscious tools used to stress you into seeking your answers to the meaning of your life.

You are a very important person within this world achieving what you have already... you just need to put it together and empower yourself knowing you are already godlike and help everyone else to realize this fantastic gift of immortality while others may fall around you at the hands of the confused sheep and the confused thUgtopians.
Kleck warns you that soon the thUgs will assault the sheeple if the thUgs will not enlighten themselves and stop heading towards their hidden self-demise.  Remove your hatred for your attackers by realizing that they destroy themselves by attacking you.  ThUgs will likely not make it to becoming a value-fulfilling entity, only the loving, good-willed soul-fragments have what it takes to grow rather than decay the soul.   ThUgs are, thus-ly, spiritually filtered into the spiritual trap set by GGod... The growing good-willed soul-fragments are qualified and welcomed into the greater or deeper dimensions beyond the Earthly illusion.  The thUgs will stagnate if they cannot get over their hate and self-righteous greed with murderous, deceptive intent towards their own species.

Here is a link to the Nature of Personal Reality:

Jane Roberts and Seth defied thUgtopia-rising, was identified, silently ostracized by the Cult and now suppressed by the leaders of thUgtopia-rising.  If there is a saviour that GGod sent, it was the Seth/Jane/Rob team.

Within thUgtopia Manly P. Hall was murdered by the hoods a few years after Jane passed. 
ThUgtopia is spiraling down, out of control of achieving their New Atlantis. 
Seth warned the thUgs, constantly, what was going to happen to thUgtopia if they couldn’t think their way out of the wet paper bag that they greedily slithered into.  They will be trapped within that black cube that they worship.

The warning from the brainchip zombies controllers to the sheeple

"The thUgtopian New Atlantis is not going to survive", was Seth’s warning in Session 742.

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Quote from: James Sidaway
"The thUgtopian New Atlantis is not going to survive", was Seth’s warning in Session 742.
James, thanks for your reference to Seth Session 742. This is an extract from that session:

"Your ideas of Atlantis are partially composed of future memories. They are psychic yearnings toward the ideal civilization — patterns within the psyche, even as each fetus has within it the picture of its own most ideal fulfillment toward which it grows. Atlantis is a land that you want to inhabit, appearing in your literature, your dreams, and your fantasies,8 serving as an impetus for development. It is real and valid. In your terms it is not “yet” physical fact, but in some ways it is more real than any physical fact, for it is a psychic blueprint.9 It carries also, however, the imprint of your fears, for the tales say that Atlantis was destroyed. You place it in your past while it exists in your future. Not the destruction alone, but the entire pattern seen through the framework of your beliefs. Beside this, however, many civilizations have come and gone in somewhat the same manner, and the “myth” [of Atlantis] is based somewhat then on physical fact in your terms. The species then moves into its own new houses." (from "The “Unknown” Reality, Volume Two (A Seth Book)" by Jane Roberts, Robert F. Butts)

From the Kindle edition:


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