The Hows and Results of Discovering And Changing One's Beliefs

Started by SpiceMerchant42, June 08, 2020, 01:02:19 PM

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And great timing for me, as for the past few days I've been thinking about some beliefs I'd had operating I was not conscious of at the time. Something came up recently that made it all so obvious to me, and just yesterday I started journaling about it, really digging into my history to figure out the specifics.

I'll probably post about it tomorrow.


Ok, this may not be what you are looking for, but there will be other responses and opportunities. This is just what I'm working with right now, it was all pre-Seth so while most of this was unconsciously accomplished, I see it more clearly in hindsight. I'll make this as brief as I can. There were numerous "synchronicities" involved here that I won't go into, but looking back I can see how they brought me to where I am now.

1. As a child, I was raised to believe that because we were poor, I would always be poor (especially being female), it was sort of a family tradition. Beliefs included life is hard, money is hard to come by, life is not fair. I didn't consider them beliefs, just the tough "facts of life." Looking back to my early years after leaving home, there was certainly enough evidence to support these beliefs. I lived hand-to-mouth for many years, and even married a man who turned out to be financially irresponsible, spent many years bailing him out of debt.

2. Yes, things certainly turned around for me, and the other day I had to think back to what that turning point was exactly. Turns out, it was the death of my mother. My father was already gone. I had to empty and sell the house. There was a little money left from the sale of the house, and it actually took me at least a year or more to consider the money mine and not my mother's. I had about a year's worth of paying off mother's medical expenses and other bills, but I think to some degree I kept considering the money her's because of my prior training. It "couldn't" be mine because it didn't fit in with the beliefs. No technique involved to change my belief, just suddenly one day I realized it was okay to consider the money mine. I had a new outlook and a leg up on life. I suddenly felt I had a opportunity to break from fate and felt different, like there were opportunities.

3. That resulted in a significant improvement in my financial situation, I went from struggling to doing well. Certainly not a new millionaire, but one thing lead to another and I was no longer struggling. By this point I was divorced, not because of money but other reasons. I bought a house with some of the money, enough of a deposit for me to comfortably make the mortgage payments. A co-worker was in the middle of a divorce, moved in with me and the rent she paid helped me save enough money to make some much needed improvements to the house, and later sell it at a nice profit. Then came a new more balanced relationship, a new house, new job opportunities. The rest is history and looking back, I can easily step-by-step line of progress that fell into place.

4. The old belief was simply dropped. No going back.

5. I'm surprised how easily I dropped my beliefs. What I feel I've learned from this one experience is that while we can work hard to uncover "hidden" beliefs and work hard to drop them, "hard" is not a necessary element. Limiting beliefs CAN be just be dropped, that's up to us.


Quote from: Deb
. What I feel I've learned from this one experience is that while we can work hard to uncover "hidden" beliefs and work hard to drop them, "hard" is not a necessary element. Limiting beliefs CAN be just be dropped, that's up to us.

Deb, I agree that there is no need to work hard to change one's beliefs. The need to work hard may be another belief that needs to be dropped, like "no pain, no gain."


Hi SpiceMerchant42, Hi All.

I've done belief systems work, several times over the course of my life. I would following the information from people like Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Seth and Neale Donald Walsch.

In many cases, it has worked and in some cases, over time, some of the old beliefs seem to creep back in. Or maybe they just never completely went away.

One technique that my wife and I used was to play an audio cassette tape (yes I know, I'm dating myself) from Louise Hay. I don't remember the name now, it was something like "Heal your Life" or "Love Yourself". It was a tape of positive affirmations and songs. We listened to this tape whenever we were in our car and we did this for about a year and a half. It was kind of like meditating, in that it always seems to allow us to center ourselves. This was very good experience.



Quote from: SpiceMerchant42
Has anything you ever ritualistically affirmed manifested, either in that ol' magical way, or as a result of creative action?  What technique do you use to affirmate (new word)?

Can you think of a limiting belief that you either saw right through spontaneously, or instantly understood it for what it was, resulting in change in your life (ala Deb's SECOB)?

Hi SpiceMerchant42, Hi All,

During the 1.5 years that my wife and I played the cassette tape in the car, it seems that by doing so, I "programmed" myself, for a general positive uplifting experience, each and every time that I got into the car. That was a wonderful experience.

This also made me aware that you can "reprogram" your old belief, AND that there is nothing wrong with doing so, providing that the new programming is beneficial and helpful in all respects.

During the times that I worked on my beliefs, I became aware of many of the limiting beliefs that I had previously held. Beliefs like, "You have to work "hard" for your money", were typically given to me, by others, like my parents, my teachers, etc.

I also became aware of the fact that many of my "beliefs" were just so automatically accepted, by me, that it never even occurred to me that these were just "beliefs", and not necessarily, "truths" or "facts".

Many of these beliefs, I came to recognize as limiting beliefs, from the various books that I had read on this subject like those from Louise Hay and NOPR by Seth.

I'm curious, where did the term "spontaneous epiphanic change of belief" ; "SECOB", come from?

I've never heard it before.



WTH? LOL. And here I just thought I'd simply changed my mind.


Hi SpiceMerchant42,

That's really clever.

I'm glad to hear that you have a Doctorate Degree, DS, and not a Bachelor Degree, BS, because I wouldn't want anyone to think that there was some BS going on around here.   :)