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Here are a few quotes from "Frank Talk" (channeled by Tracy Farquhar). I am sorry they are quite long, but I really wanted to share. Especially since the book was published in 2014 - and you can see - it has a lot of what we have discussed recently connected with virus - like fear of lack and fear of death).   

"Within the chaos of change there is silent, still center of peace. There is a calm that can be found in knowing that change is occurring and that the things that need to be altered are being carried through the process of change.

As you navigate your way through these days of seemingly unrelenting negative energy from those who see no hope or even a sense of purpose within the world, know that these feelings are temporary, and that they arise from the growing pains of a new society. You will be amazed at how your world will look in just a few short years.

The acceleration of the energetic shift coupled with the outrage of those who are awake will continue to cause great shifts in the systems which need to change, and change they will."
"It is our hope that through the publication of this book, our words will inspire many of those who read it to do some inner exploration to discern their own truths. This inner spiritual study will help raise consciousness of your civilization as people discover they have been accepting truths that have been forced upon them by those who wish to profit and gain from those misguided ideas. For now it is simply important that you are aware that not all of the information you receive is the absolute truth, and in fact even those things that have truthful elements to them are filtered and orchestrated to create a view of reality which is in accordance with a need to consume, a need to live in a fear of lack, and the need to fear death."

When one goes within to find his or her own truth, it will be found that none of these fears actually exists except outside of oneself.

"As the heart opens to give and receive love, it also causes powerful electrical impulses which cause great healing to occur in the organisms around it. This love is one of the greatest healing powers in the universe, and its energy can be harnessed to affect great physical, emotional and mental healing in those who are experiencing the power of love.
The spiritual healing that takes place when in the presence of unconditional love cannot be duplicated, and it is the goal of many to experience this in one form or another."

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Peoples minds are becoming more mentally interconnected across oceans and countries because of how many people are online. I think in the long run you'll see a lot more people working from home which will give people thousands of hours of more freedom. Just imagine over a lifetime how much time you'd save if you didn't have to commute to work and do everything to get ready and just use computers from home for software or customer service jobs. It's fueling the trend. I imagine how much more development on developing virtual reality is being done right now with some things like music festivals going virtual.

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Quote from: pyromancy
I think in the long run you'll see a lot more people working from home which will give people thousands of hours of more freedom
Thanks for the input, Pypomancy! I very much expect it will be so. I heard even before the virus something about switching grocery stores to self-service only. There are so many quite boring occupations and I cannot imagine assistants at check-outs really enjoying their days.

Yes, commute eats up a lot of time and energy, even if you use public transport, read, or listen to books. Again, with office environment, you are less free with your hours, you cannot be flexible in your schedules and habits. You cannot introduce even those habits that make you more productive - like naps, daydreaming in solitude :), pacing, etc.

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I remember reading this somewhat famous book One Dimensional Man and it was a very well written work all about how nonsense it is that for decades we've struggled to invent more work that doesn't even need to be done. "CREATING JOBS! :D" politicians will say when the real benefit of technology would be to have free time.

It challenges the way people have always done things though, and challenging the idea of working 40 hours a week will make people think you're an unrealistic hobo when in reality the idea is more like reducing the amount of hours let's say to 30 hours a won't happen anytime soon. Even though unemployed people could have a better chance of a job considering there would be more jobs available. Automation eliminating jobs is a very real issue. What do people do when there isn't an physical work that needs to be done anymore? We kind of have already run in to that. I think the appeal of creative work like being an author or musician is that you have the potential to make much more money for yourself yet not be on such a rigid schedule. You won't become technologically obsolete.

I think a big part of that is kept in place because if people had so much free time they'd be way too difficult to control. For better and worse. Just look at what has been going on lately and as sad as it is, if those people were pent up at work they wouldn't have time to riot.

Yet compare the other side to where a lot of people claim they don't even have time to meditate...that's pathetic. I remember the difference between living in a house with your own washer and living in an apartment having to go to a laundry place and just the enormous amount of time laundry alone on top of working a full time job was just so miserable for me. I'll work but a 40 hour week isn't for me over the course of decades. There's more to life than a job. I think people forget that way too often.

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Quote from: Marianna
Here are a few quotes from "Frank Talk" (channeled by Tracy Farquhar).
Marianna, thanks for recommending this writer. I downloaded the Frank Talk book, and I find her (or Frank's) ideas on overcoming the fear of death, and the relationship of the mind to the brain interesting:

"It is important to understand that much thought and behavior does not originate in the brain, and that we do not create through the thought patterns which arise from the physical matter of that brain, but that thought and creation is the product of processing the vibrations of the soul. In other words, it is the programming of the soul which actually creates thought, and the brain is simply the processor. Thought comes from the intentions that you set within the ethereal energy of the soul. These thoughts are the result of the brain interpreting and responding to those vibrations. At the moment a feeling, idea or desire is fed into the brain from the higher vibration of the soul, the brain then processes through this data based on what it already knows. Thus, it decides to reject some of the data because it has been programmed to believe that it is unnecessary information, or that the desire is an impossible one. Therefore, it is the belief system formed from the interpretation of experience and the emotional history of the individual which actually forms the thoughts, but the initial trigger for the thought comes from the energy field outside of the physical body. This is not something which your scientific community is ready to grasp or accept, as it is not provable or measurable just yet. But once this fact is discovered in a tangible way, the repercussions will be great. Not only will this be seen to prove the existence of the ethereal soul, it will also shatter old myths about death and the afterlife. The acceptance of this one truth about the nature of reality and the mind-body-soul connection will completely revolutionize the scientific community. For if thoughts are not generated by the brain itself, it means that there is an energy greater than that which we know to be true. That energy is limitless and eternal, and it contains all the information about our many incarnations and our other multi-dimensional existences. It contains the records of all our intentions which created this particular incarnation, and what we hoped to gain from it. It holds the key to many of the existential questions your society has grappled with for centuries; the philosophical revelations that will occur will completely turn all previous beliefs on their head." (from "Frank Talk: A Book of Channeled Wisdom" by Tracy Farquhar)

From the Kindle edition:


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