The Rule of Expectation

Started by jbseth, September 19, 2020, 12:46:59 PM

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Hi All,

In TES8, S335, we learn that Rob was having car trouble and he was voicing fears about it.  In this session, Seth talks directly to Rob (Joseph) and explains to him how Rob's expectations and beliefs are preventing him from improving this situation.

Seth tells Rob that, "an understanding of the rule of expectation is the one truly practical step you can take whenever any change in physical circumstances is desired. "

I think that this session is a great little reminder of one of Seth's main ideas that we create our reality and that we do this, whether we realize it or not, via our expectations and beliefs.

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- jbseth


Quote from: jbseth
Your expectations alone will change your material circumstances.
jbseth, thanks for emphasizing this important teaching.

This afternoon I was told a story about my uncle, who died last April at the age of 98. He was what some people would describe as a compulsive gambler. He believed that he had developed a "system" which could get him a lot of winnings on the roulette wheel. Apparently, as a result of his winning streaks he had been banned from several London casinos. I very much doubt that he had a genuine mathematical system. If his winnings had been more than could be expected by chance, it must have been due to his positive expectation. If Seth's teaching on expectation is true, it must be a fairly common occurrence for casinos to ban certain people; otherwise their business would soon go bust.

I don't think my uncle had heard of Seth, but he had been very interested in similar teachings,


Hi Sena,

Thanks for sharing that Sena, that's a neat story.  :)

Wow he lived to be 98, that's really something. Perhaps that alone says something about him and his beliefs.

Several times in my life, I've heard that some people have been "banned" from Las Vegas, another gambling hot spot, for the same reason.

Some years ago, I was a "reliability engineer" at Intel Corporation.  As such, I dealt with probability and statistics quite a bit since reliability is large based upon these concepts.  One of the things about probability that some people don't think about is this. It is almost always based upon a statistically "random" event. While you can calculate the "probability" that a specific statistically "random" event will occur, you can't actually determine for certain, whether or not that specific random event will actually occur on the next roll of the dice, selection of a card or roll of a roulette wheel, unless you have somehow influenced the situation (such as in loading the dice).

While you might only have one in a million chances, of winning a lottery for example, if a million people buy a lottery ticket, most likely one of them will win the lottery ticket. 

Based upon what Seth says, I do think that people "can" influence this type of thing with their belief. I also think that some people like your uncle actually figure this out and use it to their advantage, even though they've never heard of Seth.

There have been many people, over the years who have talked about the power of positive thinking.



Quote from: jbseth
Several times in my life, I've heard that some people have been "banned" from Las Vegas, another gambling hot spot, for the same reason.
jbseth, we can understand why casinos would not want to publicize these incidents. If people became aware that "unusual winners" are banned from a particular casino, that casino would become very unpopular.
Re. probability, as you say that is a statistical concept, not a hard fact of physical reality. Lightening could strike the same place twice.


Not sure if you guys have heard about Neville Goddard but on the NevilleGoddard sub-reddit, there are some posts about people winning lottery by just intent/decide it to happen.

Money isn't my problem so I don't spend time for it (winning lottery, manifest large sums of money), but it's quite interesting to read, as he/she said "After two days of this I knew that I'd won, without knowing the results yet. I just knew it man. Like, I knew it from the bottom of my heart".