Session 36, TES 1: free will, distortions, Seth's method vs. other entities'

Started by inavalan, April 24, 2022, 11:28:38 PM

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Quite an informative session!

Seth explains what free will means for us.
     "personalities on your plane are extremely limited as to choice. They can only choose between alternatives with which they are familiar."

Jane introduces a distortion, and Seth explains how it happened.
     "However, my dear distortive and naughty Ruburt here not only put words into my mouth, unconsciously of course, but then said sweetly that they were not distortions."

Seth's teaching method vs. other entities'
     "In a deep trance there is always a certain lack of protection involved. Many on my plane do teach, or try to teach, using such a fashion. It is one of my personal peculiarities that I do not approve of this educational device.

     ... ("What do others on your plane think of your method?")
     Others are watching. There is some friendly disagreement; we are all here what you would call educators, and I sometimes fear that we become too concerned with methods.

     ... My method does involve the strong possibility of some distortions and the active cooperation of my students, but this presents a challenge to me rather than a detriment.

     ... ("Well, there aren't many on this plane who go into such a deep trance state, are there?")
     There are many more than you would suppose.

     ... Also, I do not agree that it is beneficial for the personality to become used to dispensing so entirely with his camouflage pattern."
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