Bill Mumy into Seth?

Started by Mark M, August 01, 2022, 07:09:09 PM

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Mark M

Barnes & Barnes are an American musical duo ... formed in 1970 by high school classmates Bill Mumy and Robert Haimer, originally as a private home recording project. ...

When recording or performing as Barnes & Barnes, Mumy and Haimer adopt the personae of Art Barnes and Artie Barnes, respectively; twin brothers from the fictional civilization of Lumania, existing in an alternate dimension complete with its own language and customs.
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Wow, how did you ever find that?!? I remember Mumy from Lost in Space when I was a kid.

Very cool. I suppose one of them read some Seth.

"The civilization was called Lumania, (spelled out), and the name itself went down in legend and was used again at a later time."
—SS Part Two: Chapter 15: Session 562, December 7, 1970

Mark M

Actually, I somehow stumbled upon that a few years ago and found myself revisiting it as I prepare to discuss Seth in my next Racine Writer in Residence post due for posting on Thurs.

I plan to post the URL to that post here once I post it to the WiR blog.

Near the beginning of the post, I mention some famous people who were into Seth such as Richard Bach and Phoebe Snow (she mentioned Seth and Jane in a 1976 radio interview that I was listening to back then).

I plan to include Bill Mumy with the qualifier "apparently" as it might be his music partner into Seth and not necessarily him.
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