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“Dreams are one of your greatest natural therapies, and one of your most effective assets as connectors between the interior and exterior universes.”
Jane Roberts, Seth, “The Nature of Personal Reality”

This is a topic which is covered more clearly and with more detail in Seth than by any other teacher I know of. My personal experience is that about a week ago I began waking up in the morning with a backache. It was getting worse, and I thought I might have to get a scan and all that stuff. Last night I took a tablet of diclofenac (a strong anti-inflammatory) before going to bed. I woke up at 1-30 a.m. with backache and took two paracetamol. I went back to sleep and woke a few hours later from a dream. I can't remember much about the dream except that there was a tall gentleman in it. I had a strong feeling that my backache would go as a result of the dream. I went back to sleep and woke up at 7 a.m. with no backache. I went out for a walk and walked about a mile with no discomfort. At the time of writing this it is about 10 hours since taking the paracetamol, and I don't think I will need any more medication.

More Seth quotes, all from NOPR:

“In dreams you often do work quite as valid as any performed in the day, and in the dream state you meet and interact with your own reincarnational selves .... There are as yet undiscovered, bizarre changes in the brain during certain dream states, an acceleration that quite literally propels the consciousness out of its usual space-time continuum into those other realities from which it comes.” (19;390)

(The tall gentleman I encountered in my dream might have been a reincarnational self)

“It may take some time before your conscious mind accepts or recognizes a diagnosis given in a dream.  It may come to you later as a hunch or sudden intuition, or an urge for action.  If you do not trust yourself you may ignore such impetuses and not take advantage of the answers .... You can also go...beyond this into the dream condition itself, requesting certain dreams, certain solutions, and shortening the time ... that may be involved.” (20;404)

The great interconnections between waking and dreaming experience... You do not realize the many physical problems that are solved for you, and by you, in your dreams.

This happens very frequently when you consciously set the problem before yourself, state it clearly, and then drift into sleep. The same thing happens, however, even without such a conscious set. Dreams give you all kinds of information concerning the state of your body, the world at large, and the probable exterior conditions that your present beliefs will bring about.”

If there are chemical imbalances they are often corrected quite automatically in the dream state, as you act out situations calling up the production of hormones...
By such constant dream therapy, both body and mind regulate themselves to a large degree. So your flesh is affected by your dreams.”

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Very good topic, Sena.

I think mankind has lost contact with the importance of our dream state. I'm reading Dreams, "Evolution" and Value Fulfillment at the moment, and Seth's insight is, as usual, excellent.

'There are states of consciousness, one within the other, and yet each connected, of course, so that genetic systems are really systems of consciousness. They are intertwined with reicarnational systems of consciousness. These are further entwined with the consciousness that you recognise. The present is the point of power. Given the genetic makeup that you now have, your conscious intents and purposes act as the triggers that activate whatever genetic or reincarnational aspects that you need.

The state of dreaming provides the connecting links between these systems of consciousness.'  Session 911

My dreams have directed me throughout my life. I have some really epic dreams, which I love. Last year i decided to keep a dream journal. Intent is an amazing thing and by the end of November I had filled a 64pg excercise book.


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Quote from: Sena
At the time of writing this it is about 10 hours since taking the paracetamol, and I don't think I will need any more medication.

That is an amazing story.
Thanks for posting this topic, lots of food for thought here.
I need to re-examine my dreams and see if I can identify a correlation between any of my dreams and my awake state. I had a silly one a couple of days ago, not worth going into detail, but my dream influenced my daytime activity and I didn't realize it right away.

Dream journals are a great idea. I've gotten out of the habit.

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One thing I need to mention is the emotional factor involved. I was really quite worried about the pain, but managed to hold on to the Seth teachings. Being in the habit of trying to recall my dreams when I wake gave me the chance to look at the problem in a different way.

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Hi everyone!

Thanks Sena, for starting the topic. I also think that we can use out dream state more extensively for solving problems in numerous areas. And it's working.
I do ask questions (often - to clarify my further actions in life/work/relationship areas) before I go to bed. And I do get answers in a form of a 'hunch, instinct' - to act this way or that.

I started keeping 'dream journal' last year, and it's very helpful. I have pencil and paper on the table by my bed. This way I can make notes if I wake up during the night and when I wake up in the morning. Right away. If I don't make notes right away, I forget what it was about altogether. Unless the dream was very vivid.

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Sena, this post is not about dreams, but I just had to share this video. It's about a woman who healed her back after decades of being in pain. I don't expect you to watch it (it's 10 minutes), but I thought I'd put it out there.

I spent some time today watching Testimonials from Joe Dispenza workshops (he has a channel on YouTube) and they were pretty darned amazing. They are very uplifting. I've actually seen some people in his workshops come up on the stage with their own stories and they were nothing short of amazing.
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

This lady is a very charming, intelligent, well-spoken 70 year old. It's very recent video. I've watched it twice now, enjoyed it immensely.

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Quote from: Deb
I don't expect you to watch it (it's 10 minutes), but I thought I'd put it out there.
I did watch most of it. Rudrani's account confirms that there is a lot of psychology involved in back problems. One of my sisters is a nurse who has this kind of problem, and I have given her a copy of NOPR.

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Just started reading a book, "Working with the Dreaming Body" by Arnold Mindell. A quick quote:

"Symptoms are potentially meaningful and purposeful conditions. They could be the beginning of fantastic phases of life, or they could bring one amazingly close to the center of existence..... I've discovered as well, that body symptoms are mirrored in dreams and that the reverse is also true. All dreams, one way or the other, talk about body conditions."

Mindell is a psychologist, influenced by Jungian psychotherapy and Stanislav Grof's work.

"To date, I have not come across one case in which a body symptom's process was not reflected in a dream, and I have seen many hundreds of physically ill people and many thousands of dreams."
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