Neville Goddard on the  'Sculptures of Los's Halls' 

Started by Sena, September 12, 2017, 03:53:53 AM

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The  'Sculptures of Los's Halls' is a reference to something in William Blake's poem "Jerusalem":

"All things acted on Earth are seen in the bright Sculptures of
Los's Halls & every Age renews its powers from these Works
With every pathetic story possible to happen from Hate or
Wayward Love & every sorrow & distress is carved here"

Goddard differs from Seth on the topic of "creating your own reality." According to Goddard, Creation is already complete. So the Universe is like an Amusement Park with an infinite number of "attractions". These are the 'Sculptures of Los's Halls'. Unless someone chooses one of the attractions it is frozen and immobile. We choose a scene according to our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, and then that scene springs to life. We can choose happy, interesting, and exciting scenes, or miserable dull scenes.

Goddard writes: "It is for the purpose of training us in image-making that we were made subject to the limitations of the senses and clothed in bodies of flesh." (On this, I think he agrees with Seth). Goddard continues: "We were subjected to this biological experience because no one can know of imagination who has not been subjected to the vanities and limitations of the flesh...."
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I don't believe creation is done but more like Seth I think by investing a probability with the energy from the creative imagination we create it in form.