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Miscellaneous / Ultimate Reality and Mental Health
« Last post by jbseth on Today at 05:45:55 PM »
Hi All,

I just came across the following article on Bing regarding experiences of "Ultimate Reality" or "God" and Mental Health interesting. Especially since they included psychedelic experiences as part of this study.

Here's the article:

Seth-Related Discussions / Re: DID
« Last post by Deb on Today at 05:42:44 PM »
Quote from: LarryH
he is taking medication for schizophrenia. He also shared that another medium while "channeling" the archangel Auran told him that he is more powerful than the archangels, and that he has the power to create worlds. That was when I ended the discussion.

That's pretty scary in itself.

So Tam did write a couple of other books, but not related to James. That's really interesting that the two of you had lunch with Tam. Some day hopefully you'll share how that came about.

Does anyone know if he's still alive? I wonder if he still channels. Maybe he'll get that second book out one of these days.

Questions / Explanations / Intuitive Inconsistency
« Last post by jbseth on Today at 10:33:11 AM »
Hi All,

I’m presently rereading a book I read about a year ago, called “There Is No Hell” by Linnie Thomas. Linnie, the author, considers herself to be an “Empath” (someone who can detect what people or animals are “feeling”) as opposed to a “Telepath” (someone who can detect what people are thinking). If what she talks about in this book is true, and actually occurred to her, then she’s had some pretty amazing experiences.

In the introduction of this book, she mentions that at one point in her past, around Halloween, her and her husband bought a bag of orange and black jelly beans.  Her husband liked the black jelly beans, but she didn’t. She says that she found that she could reach into the bag and pull out an orange one for her, without looking. She says it “felt” different, but she couldn’t tell you how she knew the difference, she just could. She also says that nine times out of ten, she could also pull out a black one for her husband.

Then she says that some days she would get it right every time, and other days, the colors would come up at random. She says that she was not consistent, which annoys her.

Several times, in the last 20 or so years of my life, I’ve had intuitive hunches, come to me. These hunches also seem to be inconsistent. Sometimes when I’ve had one of these, I’ve wondered whether it really was an intuitive hunch or just a strong desire or perhaps wishful thinking on my part. Typically, the only one’s that I know for certain are intuitive hunches are those that seem to come out of nowhere.

When I read this comment by Linnie Thomas, about inconsistency, the thought occurred to me that, maybe the issue here is in taking the time to learn to recognize the difference.

Recently, I had an intuitive hunch occur to me and this experience has made me think that there is even more to it, than this. Recently, my wife and I were looking at our finances and it appeared as though, we would have a 2 week gap with no money coming in. Because of this, we opted to go easy on all necessary purchases during this time. During this time, out of nowhere, I got a hunch, a feeling, an insight, on Sunday, that some money would arrive several days later on Friday.  As a result of this hunch, I was relieved, even though we still hadn’t received any money yet.

As it turned out, some unexpected money showed up the very next day, Monday, and then a few days later, on Saturday, we got a much larger check. As it turned out however, we didn’t actually receive any money on Friday.

As I thought about this, I’m not sure that the issue here was that my hunch was inconsistent. Instead, it occurred to me that perhaps what happened here is that my inner self, in working with other inner selves, was able to come up with something even better than anticipated. I certainly wasn’t about to complain that my hunch was inconsistent given that we received a much better turnout, in regards to the money arriving when it did.

What do you think? Was my hunch inconsistent? Does our inner selves sometimes fast track events for us which makes our hunches inconsistent?

Has anyone else ever had a similar experience?


Seth-Related Discussions / Re: DID
« Last post by jbseth on April 22, 2019, 06:42:53 AM »
Hi LarryH,

Yeah, the guy who claimed to channel Mary.
I also would question who or what it was that he was actually channeling?

- jbseth
SETH ON... / Re: Seth on... God/All is energy
« Last post by jbseth on April 21, 2019, 05:48:53 PM »
Hi All,

In my opinion, Seth's ideas about both "All That Is" and about the "Electric Reality" are just 2
examples of his very many unique and interesting philosophical ideas about the nature of how life works.

I've very rarely come across any philosophical ideas that are as philosophically "rich" as these.

Thanks for the reminder Deb.


Seth-Related Discussions / Re: DID
« Last post by healingartdoctor on April 21, 2019, 03:27:41 PM »
OK...I was just thinking about that lunch with Tam recently. He actually went into a light trance and did give me some things to keep in mind... as I recall now, there was value in what he suggested. I remember that I sent him a children's book to thank him...I can see it in my mind's eye...will have to see if I can find it you remember? And, he definitely did publish other work. I don't recall what or through which company, but he did publish other work.
Thanks once again to Ron Card for putting this all together.

Ronald H. Card‎ to Speaking of Seth: Seth and Jane Roberts Forum
March 30 at 6:35 PM:

"...ron speaks...from the Best of Seth, here's a superb collection of Seth speaking about his purpose and Seth Two speaking about the nature and purpose of the communications. You may wish to save or print out this information for it is a very important grouping of Seth quotes that you will find very helpful. Many of these short excerpts would look great tucked inside one of my photographs."

("The Seth Material" chapter 17, paragraph 83)
I come here, as an (humorously) "endearing" personality, with characteristics to which I hope you can relate. These characteristics are mine, and I am who I say I am, and yet the Seth you know is but a small part of my reality, the one that has been physical, and can relate to your problems.

("The Seth Material" chapter 17, paragraph 14)
There exists what could almost be compared to a psychological and psychic warp in dimensions where Ruburt's personality is an apex point at which communication can take place.

("The Seth Material" chapter 17, paragraph 3)
We want to deal with the nature of reality as it exists within your camouflage system and within other systems, and to study the overall characteristics that pertain to it.

("The Seth Material" chapter 17, paragraph 4)
We will discuss the interrelationship that exists between all systems of reality, including certain contact points that include them all. These various points can be mathematically deduced, and will, in some future of yours, serve as contact points, taking the place of space travel in some cases.

("The Seth Material" chapter 17, paragraph 20 and paragraph 22)
We will be discussing the laws of the inner universe. They are attempts to explain in words the nature of inner reality. These single-dimensional statements are more than are given to most, and, under the circumstances that we must work, are the best approximation that can be made of the basic fact beneath any existence.

As words would give little hint of the reality of color or sound to someone who did not experience these, so words can only give insight into the nature of reality.

("The Seth Material" chapter 18, page 269)
I have been sent to help you, and others have been sent through the centuries of your time, for as you develop you form new dimensions, and you will help others.

("The Seth Material" chapter 18, page 272)
Using your free will, you have made physical reality into something quite different than what was intended. You have allowed the ego to become overly developed and specialized. You were here to work out problems and challenges, but you were always to be aware of your own inner reality, and of your nonphysical existence. To a large extent you have lost contact with this. You have focused so strongly upon physical reality that it become the only reality that you know.

("The Seth Material" chapter 18, page 273)
When you kill a man, you believe that you kill him forever. Murder is a crime that must then be dealt with. Death, however, does not exist in those terms. In the dawn of physical existence, men knew that death was merely a change of form.

There is never any justification for violence. There is no justification for hatred. There is no justification for murder. Those who indulge in violence for whatever reason are themselves changed, and the purity of their purpose adultered.

If you do not like the state of your world, it is you yourselves that must change, individually and en masse. This is the only way that change will be effected.

("The Seth Material" chapter 18, page 271)
The responsibility for your life and your world is indeed yours. It has not been forced upon you by some outside agency. You form your own dreams and you form your own physical reality. The world is what you are. It is the physical materialization of the inner selves which you have formed.

("The Seth Material" chapter 18, page 274)
It is wrong to curse a flower and wrong to curse a man. It is wrong not to hold any man in honor, and it is wrong to ridicule any man. Your must honor yourselves and see within yourselves the spirit of eternal validity. You must honor all other individuals, because within each is the spark of this validity. When you curse another, you curse yourselves, and the curse returns to you. When you are violent, the violence returns.

I speak to you because yours is the opportunity to better world conditions and yours is the time. Do not fall into the old ways that will lead you precisely into the world that you fear.
There is no man who hates but that hatred is reflected outward and made physical, and there is no man who loves but that love is reflected outward and made physical.

("The Seth Material" chapter 17, page 259-60)
Beyond myself there is another self and still another, of which I am aware. And that self tells you that there is a reality beyond human reality and experience that cannot be made verbal or translated into human terms. And to that self, physical reality is like a warm breath forming in the winter air...


("The Seth Material" chapter 17, page 249-252)

The Seth personality is an intermediary. The information already given to you regarding the nature of personality gestalts should make my existence seem a fitting one.
Seth is what I am, yet I am more than Seth is. Seth is independent, and continues to develop as I do. In the Spacious Present we both exist.

Seth, as you know him, will always be an element in these communications. He is the connective between us, and he has been a part of me that I have sent out to you. He has participated willingly.

Names are arbitrary, and we use them merely for your convenience. Seth's name or mine isn't important. Individuality is important and continues in ways you do not suspect.
Seth is learning as I am.

As an analogy, you could call me a future Seth, at a higher stage of development, however both of us are fully independent and exist simultaneously.

These communications, while taking place in your time, are nevertheless responsible in other dimensions for what you would call future developments in your own personalities.
Whether or not I speak as myself or as Seth, he is the intermediary and the connection between us. He will appear to you as you know him because there are necessary emotional elements that are uniquely his own.

My personality is far different than his but I am also a friend. In many ways I am the same friend. Other portions of me are concerned elsewhere, for I am aware of my existence in other dimensions and keep track of them and direct my many selves.

We are Seth and whenever we have spoken we have been known as Seth. We are not alone in this endeavor, for through your centuries other entities like us have also appeared and spoken.

Our entity is composed of multitudinous selves with their own identities, many of whom have worked in this behalf. Their message will always be basically the same, though the times and circumstances of their communications may differ and be colored accordingly.

We adopt whatever personality characteristics seem pertinent, for in our own reality we have a bank of complete inner selves, and we are all Seth. We attempt to translate realities into terms you can comprehend. We change our face and form, but we are always the one. Many of us have not been born in the flesh, as I have not been, but in one way we have seeded ourselves through endless universes. The entity had its beginning before the emergence of your time. It was instrumental, with many other entities, in the early formation of energy into physical form. We gave you mental images and upon these images you learned to form the world that you know. We gave you the patterns, intricate and involved from which you form the reality of each physical thing that you know. We taught man to speak before the tongue knew syllables. The entire web-work was initiated by us.
Our basic knowledge and energy automatically reaches out to nourish all systems that grow.

You are like children with a game, and you think that the game is played by everyone. Physical life is not the rule. Identity and consciousness existed long before your earth was formed. You suppose that any personality must appear in physical terms. Consciousness is the force behind matter, and it forms many other realities besides the physical one. It is, again, your own viewpoint that is presently so limited that it seems to you that physical reality is the rule and mode of existence.

The source and power of your present consciousness has never been physical, and where I am, many are not even aware that such a physical system exists.

The physical system is an illusion, but you must accept it and from your viewpoint try to understand the realities that exist beyond it.

You cannot objectify the inner portions of your own identity, and therefore you do not perceive them. So much of your energy is used in the physical productions that you cannot afford to perceive any reality but your own.

Like children playing with blocks, you focus your attention on the physical blocks. The physical blocks appear very real to you when you dwell within their perspective. Other shapes and forms that you could perceive, you do not. Even in explaining other realities, I must use the words "shapes" and "forms" or you would not understand me.

Your idea of progress is building larger blocks, and yet one day you will put aside your "children's toys."

The human race is a stage through which various forms of consciousness travel... Yours is a training system for emerging consciousness. Before you can be allowed into systems of reality that are more extensive and open, you must first learn to handle energy and see through physical materialization, the concrete result of thought and emotion.

When you leave the physical system after reincarnations, you have learned the lesson and you are literally no longer a member of the human race, for you elect to leave it. Only the conscious self dwells within it in any case, and other portions of your identity dwell simultaneously within other training systems. The training will serve you for existence in a variety of interrelated systems. In more advanced systems, thoughts and emotions are automatically and immediately translated into action, into whatever approximation of matter there exists. Therefore, the lessons must be taught and learned well.

The responsibility for creation must be clearly understood. To some extent you are in a soundproof and isolated room. Hate creates destruction in that "room" and until the lessons are learned, destruction follows destruction... In the terms of other systems, that kind of destruction does not exist - but you believe that it does, and the agonies of dying are sorely felt. If the sorrows and agonies within your system were not felt as real, the lesson would not be learned. It is not that you must be taught not to destroy, for destruction does not actually exist. It is that you must be trained to create responsibly.

The weapons of destruction are the obvious things that you see. The counterparts are not so evident, and yet it is the counterparts that are important: the self-discipline learned, the control, the compassion that is finally aroused, and that final and last lesson - the positive desire for creativity and love over destruction and hatred. When this is learned, the cycle is finished.

The teachers within your system are those in their last reincarnation, and other personalities who have left the system but have been assigned to help those still within it.
The system also includes some fragment personalities that are entering for the first time, as well as those in later reincarnations.

Humanity dreams the same dream at once, and you have your mass world. The whole construction is like an educational play in which you are the producers as well as the actors. There is a play within a play within a play. There is no end to the "within" of things. The dreamer dreams, and the dreamer within the dream dreams. But the dreams are not meaningless, and the actions within them are significant. The whole self is the observer and the participator in the roles.
Update: While the link in the first post here said the information came from an "unpublished" session 604 dated January 12, 1972, it turns out it was eventually published in The Personal Sessions 2.

As websites sometimes disappear, I've copied the content from the linked page and am attaching it here as a .txt file.

Links and References / Re: Mary Dillman and the Seth Research Project
« Last post by Deb on April 21, 2019, 02:15:44 PM »
I recently came across some old info on the papers stored at Yale. From an old Facebook post by Laurel, Rob's second wife:

February 8, 2007

Dear SethJaneRoberts Group,

I am posting some information today regarding the Yale University
Archives; some information for Researchers for your information.
This is not a complete listing of information, for that you may want
to visit Yale's web site at Yale has a very large

Rob has sent many xerox copies of the Seth Sessions and of many of
the Journals of Jane Roberts, and the papers of Jane Roberts and
Robert Butts to Yale University already.

Robert Butts is the owner of his Seth Material, and owns the
copyrights of all of the papers, and of the Seth Material.
He retains ownership of the Seth Material, it is not owned by Yale
University, so questions that you have regarding publication, as
Yale is mentioning here, are something that Rob may answer for

Yale's wonderful archival work, and painstaking caretaking of the
collection of the copies has been so valuable to so many people
already, you may want to visit Yale at some time.


[Deb: information posted below the original post was just copied & pasted from the Yale Library website. You can see more information on the collection here: ]
SETH ON... / Re: Seth on... God/All is energy/electricity
« Last post by Deb on April 21, 2019, 02:07:36 PM »
And more:

From: The Early Sessions, Book 3, Session 131 for February 10, 1965.


We have seen that dreams and thoughts and psychological experiences all have an electric reality.

We have seen that all experience is retained in electrically coded data within the cells, and that the material of the cells forms about this coded experience. We have seen that the ego begins, sparked into being, by the inner self, greatly influenced by heredity and physical environment; and that this ego as it continues to exist gradually builds up an electrical reality of its own, as its experiences form into coded data within the cells.

At any given point, the ego is as complete within electrical reality as it is psychologically complete within the physical universe. This includes of course the retention of its dreams, as well as the retention of purely physical data.

I mentioned that the electrical universe is composed of electricity that is far different from your idea of it. Electricity as you perceive it within your field, is merely an echo emanation, or a sort of shadow image of these infinite varieties of pulsations, which give reality and actuality to many phenomena with which you are familiar, but which do not appear as tangible objects within the physical system.

I can say little until much more background is given, but this electrical reality is vastly dense.

(Jane now took one of her frequent pauses. At break she told me that as she spoke the word dense, and during the pause, she had a rather strong mental image of a field of points of light. These points of light were many-layered, she said, as though she looked at a picture of a galaxy that was not flat. On a vast scale the myriad points of light compared to the density in the electric field, on a very tiny scale.

We run into difficulties, for I do not speak of denseness as you probably think of it. This is a denseness that does not take up space. This is a denseness caused by an infinity of electrical fields of varying ranges of intensity. Not only are no two of these electrical fields identical, but there are no identical impulses within them.

The gradations of intensities are so minute that it would be impossible to measure them, and yet each field contains in coded form the actual living reality of endless eons; contains therefore what you would call the past, present and future of unnumbered universes; contains the actual coded data of any and every consciousness that has been or will be, in any universe; those that have appeared to vanish, and those which seemingly do not yet exist.

In our past sessions I have explained time distortions, and you are familiar with the spacious present. So it should be no surprise to realize that basically the future is in existence now, and the past has never been swept away. In your physical field you merely look away, or turn your focus from one point to another.

This density is extremely important, for it is a density of intensities. And it is the infinite variety and gradations of intensity that makes all identities possible, and all gestalts, all identities in terms of personalities and fields and universes. It is this density, this infinite variety of intensity, which allows for both identity and of change.

The electricity that is perceivable within the physical plane or field is merely a projection of a vast electrical system that you cannot perceive because of the nature and construction of the physical system itself.

The electrical system possesses many dimensions of reality that cannot be perceived within the physical system. So far scientists have only been able to study electricity by observing the projections of it that are perceivable within their frames of reference. As their physical instruments become more sophisticated they will be able to glimpse more of this reality, but since they will not be able to explain it within their known system of references, many curious and distorted explanations of reported phenomena will be given.

A study of dreams, of dream locations, is most important. Dream locations do not take up any space physically, it is true, but they are composed of electrical mass density and intensity. Here is another point. Energy is expended in work in dreams. Definite work may be done in a dream, but the physical arms and legs are not tired.

This would seem contrary to your known laws, yet no one has looked into the reasons for this seeming contradiction. We shall spend some considerable time with it at a later session. Nothing is static. Everything moves and changes. Electrical identities move and change. Now. Within the electrical universe there is constant motion. There is negative and positive reaction, and infinite degrees or gradations between.

It is most difficult at this time to even hint at the myriad complexity and dimension of the electrical actuality as it exists, when you consider that each of your own thoughts is composed of a unique intensity of impulse, shared by nothing else, and that the same may be said for every dream that you will have in your lifetime; and that all your experience is gathered together in particular ranges of intensity, again completely unique, codified; and that the summation of all that you are exists in one minute range or band of intensities, then you will see how difficult it is. For all human beings are likewise so electrically composed, and everything else, with few exceptions within your physical field, whether or not it even exists as physical matter. Yet I tell you that this not only applies to your physical field but to all fields.

Your field is contained within its own unique range of intensities, a tiny band of electrical impulses a million times smaller than any one note picked at random from the entire mass of musical composition that has been written, or ever will be written.

All motion is mental or psychological motion, and all mental and psychological motion has electric reality. The inner self moves by changing or moving through intensities from your physical field. Each new psychological experience opens up a new pulsation intensity, and therefore gives greater actuality within the electrical field.

To move through intensities within the electrical system gives the result, on the physical field, of moving through physical time.

In actuality of course both impulses exist simultaneously. The inner self knows this, but the ego does not. All of this material should add dimension to your understanding of capsule comprehension, and of the initial appearance of consciousness within the physical field, as I explained it earlier.

The material in these last sessions will be basic for further discussions. We are going much deeper into the meaning of reality, and the aspects of reality. Our present procedure is working out very well, and it is enabling me to discuss matters that were too complicated for our earlier method. Before we close I want you to understand that your experiments in psychological time add to your mobility and subconscious manipulation within the electrical universe. And all psychic experience must have reality here, that is, within the electrical system. There is no psychic experience which does not have such electric reality. Your psychological experiments give you familiar ground there to walk upon, to travel on; grounds of reference and even of safety.
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