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Sleep, Dreams, OBEs, Altered States / Re: Synchronistic Events
« Last post by jbseth on October 21, 2018, 06:54:08 PM »
Hi All,

Recently, on Oct. 15, 2018, in the topic, titled “Thavis is Here”, I referenced a quote that I have sometimes heard, “There are no “atheists” in foxholes.”

Today, Oct. 21, 2018, while my wife and I were catching up on the recent TV episodes of the show, NCIS, one of the characters on the show said, “There are no “atheists” in foxholes.”, I just had to smile.  

I suspect that these types of things probably occur much more often than we realize.


Books by Other Authors / Re: Thavis is Here by Harry Homewood, 1978.
« Last post by jbseth on October 21, 2018, 11:34:40 AM »
Hi Deb,

I think that all personalities are at different levels of understanding.

In “Seth Speaks” Seth says something to the effect that just because you die, doesn’t mean that you are automatically wise.  Seth also talked about how even though Jane and Rob were on their last reincarnational cycle, this doesn’t mean that everyone on their last reincarnational cycle is necessarily at the same level.

Furthermore, we could see that Jane, was at a different level than Seth, who was at a different level than Seth 2.

In addition to this, in one of the Early Session books, Seth also mentioned that the Christ entity could do things that even he (Seth) still doesn’t know how to do.

Also in one of the Early Session books, where Seth is talking about the experience of handling the “direct” experience of inner reality, he says that this isn’t even for him yet. He’s further along on his path to this than we are, but even Seth isn’t at a point where he can completely handle the direct of inner reality.

Thus, I personally believe, that different personalities are at different level of understanding.

I think of it like people being in elementary school, middle school, high school, college, people going on for their master’s degrees, people going on for their PhD’s and then there’s their teachers.

I think we’re all somewhere in elementary school and Seth is maybe in high school. For us in elementary school, someone like Seth who is in high school is about as far as we can reach with our present understanding. Seth 2 is in college and his understanding is so much further along than ours that we almost can’t communicate with someone at his deeper level of understanding. Someone at a PhD level is so far beyond our level of understanding that we won’t be able to communicate with them until we increase our understanding to that perhaps of a college level.

In this model, I see, All That Is, at that top and All That Is teaches the people who teach the people working on getting their PhD’s.

I personally don’t know who actually had the deeper understanding Seth or Thavis. All I can really say is that the messages that came through Jane seem to have a much deeper understanding that those that came through Harry.

Seth "may" have had a deeper understanding than Thavis, but given the filters of the personalities of both Jane and Harry, I don't think that its possible for us to determine if this is really true.




Sleep, Dreams, OBEs, Altered States / Re: Synchronistic Events
« Last post by jbseth on October 20, 2018, 12:50:54 PM »
Hi Deb,

Those, "on a whim" moments, like the one you had where you decided to buy this young woman a set of colorful pens, can be powerful intuitional nudges.

Love the story about the 3 incidences occurring in one outing, having to do with Elmira.


Sleep, Dreams, OBEs, Altered States / Re: Synchronistic Events
« Last post by LarryH on October 20, 2018, 11:34:31 AM »
Delightful stories, Deb! The "Elmira" coincidences nudging you to start this discussion group are a great example of synchronicities related to spiritual guidance/life path.
Sleep, Dreams, OBEs, Altered States / Re: Synchronistic Events
« Last post by Deb on October 20, 2018, 11:04:42 AM »
I'll have to look into that show. I don't have cable TV any more, just internet, so hopefully I can find it somewhere.

OK, here's something that could at least be considered a coincidence.

When I was getting ready to leave for this trip I decided to get some small gifts for the family we'd be staying with in Austria. Business partner/friend of my hubby, his wife, two teen daughters. I bought the older girl (17) a journal and on a whim decided to buy her a set of colorful fountain pens to write and draw in it. Pilot makes a set of 7 in really fun, bright colors. I have always loved fountain pens, have a small collection, and most people don't even know what fountain pens are these days.

Before we'd gotten to the presents, the older daughter was doing math homework at the kitchen table. With a fountain pen. She said she loves them and showed me her small collection. Needless to say the gift was a hit.

Oh, the younger girl (15) is into ballet and I'd bought her a sterling silver ballet slipper necklace. I added a Swarovsky crystal in her birthstone. Of course she loved it, no surprises there. She's still wearing it 4 days later. But her mother was the surprised one — she said she had been looking for the slipper pendant forever and couldn't find one anywhere. Amazon is my best friend. :)

This might better a better story of synchronicity:

Quote from: Deb
One little story, which could be written off as coincidence: When I was debating whether I should make this forum or not, I went out to run an errand. Within a couple of minutes a car I was next to at a traffic light had a sticker  for Elmira College on the back. A while later, at another intersection, a different car had an Elmira, NY dealership sticker on the back. Later on, Elmira showed up on something else. Keep in mind I live near Denver, 1500+ miles away from New York. I finally decided it was Jane giving me the go-ahead nod. Am I delusional? Could be. But, to see Elmira not once, but three different times on one local outing is quite the coincidence to me.

Books by Other Authors / Re: Thavis is Here by Harry Homewood, 1978.
« Last post by Deb on October 20, 2018, 10:41:58 AM »
Quote from: jbseth
I didn’t expect anyone to necessarily believe any of the things that Thavis had to say. I just thought that it was interesting that he expressed “some” of the same concepts that Seth did (you don’t die, reincarnation occurs, All Time is No Time, etc.). Some of these concepts expressed by Thavis, were new to me at that time, because I discovered the Thavis book, about 6 months before I discovered the Seth information.

I also found the parallels to Seth concepts interesting but after reading the religious-sounding stuff I started to think that Homewood must have read a Seth book or two. Just my hangups about religion.

Quote from: jbseth
On the other hand, maybe Thavis presented distorted information to Harry as a result of Thavis’s personal beliefs; or maybe they both distorted the data?

As far as Thavis vs Homewood presenting distorted information, my feeling is as with Seth vs Jane in that it would be more likely Jane would be doing the distorting than Seth because my thought that there would be no distortions from him due to him being focused in F2. But maybe I'm naive in assuming that Seth or any conscious being in F2 sheds personal beliefs. I hadn't thought about that before. Seth did say when we die, we take our beliefs with us (at least as far as the after-death experience) and depending on where we are along the growth line, those beliefs can stay with us  until we "come around."

What do you think? Would Speakers in F2 have personal beliefs that can affect their messages? Yikes, that's actually a scary thought for me. I feel the Seth materials on a whole depend on neutrality of the Speakers.

Non-Seth Topics/Discussions / Re: Witchcraft
« Last post by jbseth on October 19, 2018, 06:05:09 PM »
Hi Deb,

Thanks for sharing, that's some interesting information.

I've also heard of the "nocebo" effect as well.  Michael Talbot talks about the "placebo" effect in his book "The Holographic Universe" and he also talks about an interesting story having to do with a man who had lymph node cancer and who ultimately ended up dying as a result of a "nocebo" type of scenario.

I like that term, "Christian propaganda".   :)


Non-Seth Topics/Discussions / Re: Witchcraft
« Last post by Deb on October 19, 2018, 10:39:58 AM »
Quote from: jbseth
I seem to recall coming across a similar but different story, which may have come from the “Serpent and the Rainbow” book where a person “died” because he believed that he was hexed. This had to do with a voodoo “bone” hex, as I recall. The medical doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with him, but he died anyway.

Yep, Joe Dispenza also talks about the nocebo effect which is "when negative expectations of the patient regarding a treatment cause the treatment to have a more negative effect than it otherwise would have." So I suppose these curses would fall into that category. Joe gives cases to support this where people are told by their drs that they have a certain illness and have only so much time to live. Sure enough, they die, and then it's found later they were not ill. Belief or expectation, it's hard for me to differentiate these much in my mind.

Quote from: LarryH
I looked at that link from Sena mentioning Richard Bach. The writer of that article got a lot wrong, both opinion and misrepresentation.

Quote from: Sena
Deb, thanks for the correction.

I don't think there's a correction issue, I think the author of the article on demons was very misleading, and sees demons everywhere. I hate to think he's giving sermons and has faithful followers. I hope it was due to an inability to write and not a deliberate attempt to mislead. It's hard to tell whether he was relaying opinions from the "outstanding theologian" Kurt Koch, or the books he read… or himself. I've never heard of him (John MacArthur), the article was written in 1973. He's written a lot of books since then. I am also fact-checking the Blatty quote, I have a client who has an Ouija board museum and is an expert (but non-believer that the board is supernatural in any way). He probably even has the board from the Exorcist movie.

I thought this quote from the Time article was great (end of page 65): "[Seth] also told Bach that every individual consciousness has many aspects that move freely through time and space. Jonathan was not alien but came from one of Bach's aspects. 'Information, then, becomes new and is reborn as it is interpreted through a new consciousness.' " And further on "Whoever he is or is not, Seth speaks with more cogency than most of the troubled spirits that find their way into print.;D

Update on the Exorcist quote:

Hi Deb,

That’s a quote that comes up occasionally on Christian right channels that warn against the Ouija board. It actually seems to be a quote of a quote:

Whether he actually said that is debatable and it seems that if he did it was probably a little movie hype and a good way to advertise "The Exorcist." As to whether “mental institutions are loaded with people who got hooked on the occult via the Ouija board" we always thought that was ridiculous but since that was our gut and not something we actually researched, we decided to call a bunch of hospital psych wards to see if it were true. We also checked with some mental health professionals that we knew. Answers ranged from long pauses to stifled laughter. We thought we would get at least one Ouija board admission but no – not even one. This isn’t to say that unhinged people never blame the occult for their mental disorders – they do occasionally, especially if they come from a culture that strongly discourages it, but mostly it seems, and history bears this out, that it is Christian propaganda.



Sleep, Dreams, OBEs, Altered States / Re: Synchronistic Events
« Last post by jbseth on October 19, 2018, 12:02:32 AM »
Hi LarryH, Hi All,

My wife and I have recently watched several episodes of a new show on TV called "God Friended Me".

This show may not be for everyone, but it's really pretty awesome. Its about a young man, who is somewhat of an atheist, who has an internet talk show. This young man, who's father is the minister of a church, get's friended by God on his smart phone. The stories are all about the people that this young man ultimately ends up helping out because of all the synchronous events that occur as a result of this.

It's very upbeat and positive.

Now that's a synchronous event.  :)

Non-Seth Topics/Discussions / Re: Witchcraft
« Last post by jbseth on October 18, 2018, 09:43:45 PM »
Hi Deb,

In your post above you said the following:

"As much as I love all the creativity and imagination of the supernatural, I feel it on a practical level it all still comes down to what (and who) we believe. We are the creators."

Today will looking through, "The Early Sessions", Book 4, Session 157, I found the following Seth quote:

"Enough cannot be said along these lines regarding the nature of your expectations, for according to the manner in which you expect your reality to behave, in that manner shall it be."


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