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Seth-Related Discussions / Wood is good
Last post by Mark M - September 21, 2023, 11:11:42 PM
They don't know about Seth saying:

'There were fully developed men — that is, of full intellect, emotion, and will — living at the same time, in your terms, as those creatures supposed to be man's evolutionary ancestors. Species have come and gone of which you have no knowledge. There are parallel developments. That is, there were "apes" who attained their own "civilizations," for example. They used tools. They were not men-to-be, nor did they evolve into men.'

—Seth, The Nature of the Psyche, Chapter 11, Session 796, March 7, 1977
Seth-Related Discussions / Illness, negative thinking & e...
Last post by inavalan - September 21, 2023, 03:00:04 PM
The Early Sessions: Book 3 of The Seth Material
SESSION 143, APRIL 5, 1965

In regard to your illness, no healing of any sort can ever take place without inner understanding and psychic comprehension. My interests are those of an educator. Any healing brought about from the outside may be advantageous in the short run, and I would be only too willing to help in a situation involving illness, particularly of a serious variety, even though the advantages of my help would be surface ones.
I realize that such surface help at times could be most desirable. Basically however in your case the illness was not serious, and the advantage that you would derive from my help in a healing capacity would have been outweighed entirely by several disadvantages that are almost always present, in the case of healing that does not originate from inner comprehension.
I would have been removing the problem from you, and in this instance depriving you of the opportunity of solving it, and therefore of adding to your own energies and abilities
I can indeed do more, in that my pills are pills of knowledge, which are indeed, my friends, somewhat difficult to digest
The illness did represent, however, a needed warning, materialized into physical reality as illness. A warning that after all there had been a recent tendency on your part, though slight, to slide into negative thinking. The illness was meant to bring you up short, to make you think.
It was no coincidence, however, that you plunged into reading the New York papers during your stay in bed. Not that it is intended that you should close your eyes to world events, but that in your particular case there are times when, to you, such concentration upon world evils becomes extremely unwholesome.
Your reactions at such times are not good for yourself, and your reactions are not good at such times for the conditions which bring them about. Such reactions actually worsen the conditions that you would change. I am not suggesting that you adopt a bland, idiotic, male Pollyanna smile, nor that you shout love, prosperity and health from the rooftops while the world below is steeped in poverty and ignorance.
However it is your duty, and the duty of every individual insofar as it is within his power, to maintain his own psychic health and vitality; according to the strength of this vitality he will protect himself and others. Negative expectations, far from protecting either the individual or those with whom he comes in contact, will actually, to a greater or lesser degree, turn as destructive as any epidemic.
But in your case, you are aware of man's inhumanity to man. It is well that you are, but you must not allow this knowledge to weigh like a mountain upon your being, so that you are pinned under and your energies sucked away. This is the danger for which you must be alerted.
You have learned something from this illness, and you will be stronger for it, but you would not have learned it if it had not run its course, and if you had not faced the reason behind it.
You of all people should realize that when valid concern for world problems turns into an obsession with world injustices that wipes out all, or threatens to wipe out all personal enjoyment, then trouble is on the way. For enjoyment is a weapon. The man who is capable of joy is capable, to a large extent, of changing his world. Joy is not a weak spineless idiot either. Its backbone is stronger than bitterness.
Joy is the muscle of action, and without it there would be no action. If I speak strongly to you at times, it is because this tendency, while much less now than formerly, must be kept very well in control, Joseph.
Basically this concern for human welfare is indeed virtuous, but overindulged in it becomes loaded with possibilities that could be most unfortunate.
What I want, here, is the balance. Neither plunge yourself into the ignorance, doubts and injustices, so that you can see nothing else, nor close your eyes to them. But there must be a place within you where these do not exist, or the freedom of the inner self will be hampered, as far as its connection with the ego is concerned.
I am extremely cautious as far as giving warnings, since suggestion could play a part in bringing about the event which looms, merely as an unfortunate possibility, but not definitely as an actuality.
The future, in your terms, is not foreordained, and is at no moment fixed.
It is true that what will occur, in your terms, has already occurred in other terms, and that it is possible to perceive beyond your now into your so-called future. But here I am very careful of tampering, for tampering with "your" present tampers with "your" future. I suggest that in the last sentence you place the word your in quotes.
A firm but not too impatient attitude is the most beneficial on your parts

Seth-Related Discussions / Re: Little brat (my word)
Last post by Mark M - September 20, 2023, 12:33:46 PM
Whole self, entity, where are the definitions plainly distinguishing these? Maybe little distinction between the two is why he made the apparent error.

Here is something I chanced upon:

"Some personalities are drawn to enter at conception as a result of seemingly less worthy motives - greed, for example, or an obsessional desire that is partially composed of unresolved problems...."

From Seth Speaks, Chapter 13: Session 557
Seth-Related Discussions / The more “civilized” man becom...
Last post by inavalan - September 15, 2023, 01:36:09 AM
"The more "civilized" man becomes, the more his social structures and practices separate him from intimate relationship with nature — and the more natural catastrophes there will be, because underneath he senses his great need for identification with nature; he will himself conjure it into earthquakes, tornadoes, and floods, so that he can once again feel not only their energy but his own.
On quite a different level, riots often serve the same purpose, where the release of energy, for whatever reasons, introduces a group of individuals to the intimate recognition that highly concentrated vitality exists. They may not have found it earlier in their lives."

—NoPR Part Two: Chapter 18: Session 665, May 23, 1973

Applying Seth's Concepts to Daily Life / Re: Changing beliefs
Last post by inavalan - September 15, 2023, 01:03:45 AM
"Few beliefs are intellectual alone. When you are examining the contents of your conscious mind, you must learn, or recognize, the emotional and imaginative connotations that are connected with a given idea. There are various ways of altering the belief by substituting its opposite. One particular method is three-pronged. You generate the emotion opposite the one that arises from the belief you want to change, and you turn your imagination in the opposite direction from the one dictated by the belief. At the same time you consciously assure yourself that the unsatisfactory belief is an idea about reality and not an aspect of reality itself."
—NoPR Part One: Chapter 4: Session 619, October 9, 1972

You have to firstly identify the specific limiting belief, otherwise it will materialize again in the same, or a different way.
Applying Seth's Concepts to Daily Life / Changing beliefs
Last post by Rigel - September 14, 2023, 11:09:12 AM
I would like to open this post where I keep track of changing my beliefs and the effects this has on my life. I have so many ideas! Here I would like to share that with you and invite you to give me feedback on my approach, or anything what comes to your mind which might serve me, broaden my mind, change my approach or what else.... :)

A little bit about myself; I live in the Netherlands and I am 36 years old. I am a transgender male. This might sound like this is a big deal for me, but it is not (anymore). However, this had a very big impact on me growing up, and that resulted in the search of Who am I? When I was around 28 I started yoga in the desperate attempt to experience inner peace. At that time I believed in the materialistic life, I was an atheist. Via the yoga I came across transcendental mediation, followed by mindfulness practice initiated from within (no guidance or anything). I was really searching, but I did not know where to search, what my questions where, which terms to use. At that time I also came across the teachings of Abraham Hicks, mainly the Law of Attraction, but I really did not know how to apply this. I put this aside. Via Abraham Hicks I came across Seth speaks, and it was intriguing, but I was not able to finish the book.

I had many eye opening moments while meditating. Once I was meditating about a certain subject, something I wanted to change, but during the meditation and in the 6 months that followed, I noticed I was not progressing in this particular topic, but I started to become less and less judgmental about other people! So I started to take this meditation/mindfulness as it came and I really enjoyed this process.

Also I used several times truffles (psilocybin) and I am so grateful to have discovered this. The wealth of insights I get from a trip is amazing. I only used it 4 times in 6 years. I definitely need a lot of time to let all the thoughts and insights settle and start to implement this in my life. It has enriched my life so much!

I also started to apply positive affirmations in my life, and I also started to FEEL them. You know, people can give you all the advice there is; don't worry about what others say. For me, if it doesn't resonate with me, I don't feel it, it doesn't work. But I learned to change the affirmations until they resonate with me, and also, after some years of meditation and as I get older, I start to really feel affirmations, which I previously did not connect with at all. The realization that I really feel an affirmation which I previously did not feel, that is a big YES!!

The last few years I participate in society! I have a job and am able to keep it ;) For me that was very important, because I was struggling a lot as a student. However, I have passions, I am not working in the field of my preference! Sometimes, during phases, I was really surviving the job. And in those times when I felt under so much pressure (inflicted by myself), I usually get the biggest leaps forward. I have to change. Practical, rational, always there are reasons to keep the status quo. But I just know I need the change. I am looking for fulfillment, my life's purpose, the connection with people. And so, I found my way back to Seth  :)

The next time I want to write down my first change of belief and the affirmations I use, and which results I already get from it.

Seth-Related Discussions / Re: Health is a natural state ...
Last post by inavalan - September 13, 2023, 06:02:27 PM
"However, I want to clear up an issue. If you are in poor health, this does not mean that you are an evil person. It means that you have a block in that particular area in which you are unable to utilize energy constructively. And if you are not at the top of your profession, the same thing applies. It does not follow that those in excellent health are more blessed than others. It does mean that in that particular area they are able to utilize energy more effectively.

And theoretically,theoretically, if you are using energy the way you should, you would indeed be at the top of your profession and in excellent health and filled with abundance. Now various kinds of lacks can show up in many ways—in mental deficiencies—a man or a woman who has strong and definite mental deficiencies—who has strong negative habits—such a person has blocks in those areas. You may not attain perfection now—I have not attained it. But it is the ideal toward which we must work.

I do not want you to have the attitude, however, or make the implication, that your health or status in any way automatically, and alone, is an indication of your spiritual wealth—or lack of it.

Some of you, for example, do well in certain areas and are blocked in others. We want to get rid of the blocks. You are working toward this ideal, and the ideal is—and you will achieve it—to use all your abilities, all of your capabilities"

—ECS1 ESP Class Session, June 3, 1969
Seth-Related Discussions / Health is a natural state of y...
Last post by inavalan - September 13, 2023, 04:22:22 PM
"... health is not a static state in any case...

You should desire good health because it is a natural state of your being. You should trust in the innate intelligence of your own being—which produces good health. Health is a natural state of your being. Through your physical image the energy of the universe expresses itself. You as an individualized consciousness are a part of this, and you cannot express yourself fully nor fulfill your purpose as an identity, as an individual, if you are not in good health—for the effects of the body are felt in the mind...and the effects of the mind are felt in the body. You distort the picture."

—ECS1 ESP Class Session, June 3, 1969
Seth-Related Discussions / When you understand that, you ...
Last post by inavalan - September 13, 2023, 02:30:17 PM
"You do not understand the ways in which you project the physical matter of yourself into this room, however. When you understand that completely and fully, you will no longer be within physical reality. But that is of little notice. You will never notice the difference. In any reality, you create the image that you see. And the reality that follows this one will seem as physical to you as this—and as real. But you will have freedoms within it that you do not have now—not unless at 8 o'clock in the morning you leap from the rooftops and fly through the windows to your death.

You can do things with the inner image that you cannot do with the physical image. But while you are doing them, they appear physical. Do you follow me?

Now. In this existence, when you see a picture in your mind, and when there is strong emotion and vivid desire behind it, it will be constructed. There will be a time lapse within this system, but in other systems there may be no time lapse—and your thought may be instantly transposed into reality. Therefore, now you must learn the nature of your thoughts and how to handle energy. "

—ECS1 ESP Class Session, June 3, 1969
Sleep, Dreams, OBEs, Altered States / Seth's comment on Marry Ellen'...
Last post by inavalan - September 12, 2023, 04:54:51 PM
"([Mary Ellen:] "Is my automatic writing legitimate?")

You are opening up channels to the inner self and, hence, hopefully beyond. Consider then what you are doing quite legitimate as a means, but not an end. Do not take everything you get as the holy word of God. You are working through the subconscious, and you must work through the subconscious in order to clear the channels. To know this does not mean that you should not trust what you are getting. It simply means you should look to it subjectively as well as intuitively.

You are on a pathway and you have a good beginning. There is debris in your way. This is not the fault of the pathway and the debris is perfectly legitimate for what it is so do not be discouraged but go your own way, slower, more calmly, and with inner confidence. Do not question so severely, for underneath you have been wondering whether or not you are reaching only the subconsciousness. To reach the subconsciousness itself is quite an endeavor and worthwhile. You must work through this in order to make communication with other layers.

And you have received some legitimate information in regard to your family. Information that helps you relate to them more clearly. Now, whether or not it is couched in reincarnational terms, it offers clear, precise and excellent insights as to how those within your family operate and what stimuli is important to them. Be thankful for it."

DECEMBER 8, 1970 - The Early Class Sessions Book 2