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Non-Seth Topics/Discussions / Re: Understanding Coronavirus
« Last post by pyromancy on May 27, 2020, 10:24:58 PM »
I think it's so incredibly mindless that NO ONE on any of these media channels tells you how to PREVENT or ELIMINATE the virus in your system

It irritates me knowing that there is misinfo and ignorance about quinine and chloroquinine. Quinine has been used for CENTURIES to kill these viruses. It is a plant compound. Chloroquine is a stronger synthetic form of it. People forgot they live on planet Earth I guess, which contributes to my next point about how people seem to also be massively ignorant about oligodynamics which is the scientifically proven property of metals such as copper and silver among many which kill viruses via ionization.

It'd be one thing is people just didn't know, but it's a whole other thing for people on all these YouTube videos with millions of views and all these news stations and media making no mention of these facts.

And it's a whole other sickening level to have fraudulent organizations like the Communist Party's World Health Disorganization actively promote FALSE information about chloroquine. I don't get upset but to contemplate many thousands of people dying because of scientific illiteracy or misinformation when people have access to their social media to spread this awareness is astonishing.

There wouldn't be a need for a vaccine if people applied this info.
Links and References / Re: YouTube Seth Topics
« Last post by pyromancy on May 27, 2020, 09:23:20 PM »
There's something oddly coincidental I noticed.

I have some Asian tektites. I saw them in a store a few years ago and they were cut in a way that they looked just like obsidian. I had no idea what they were, they weren't labeled and I was drawn in to their mysterious energy. I asked the clerks and they told me "they were Phillipine tektites. Phillipinites. It felt like there was some mysterious intelligence in them.

Forward a few years, I bought some small ones and started reading science articles and journals about the different craters on Earth. A lot of them said it was a huge mystery where the Asian tektite crater was and it baffled researchers because it of how it threw debris across 10% of the Earth's surface.

and then suddenly, coinciding with the emergence of coronavirus in Wuhan not too incredibly far away from Bolaven plateau in Laos, the crater was discovered. The article is dated around January but the researchers discovered it months earlier.

Coronavirus emerged in November 2019.

The impact of this meteor nearly made homo erectus go extinct and the science journals I read said it was eerie about how the pantasma crater in Nicaragua is at an eerily antipodal point and landed at around the same time.

I can't help but think we are reliving the reverberation of that event in some way. A traumatic event that nearly made us go extinct 800,000 years ago suddenly re-emerged.

I'm not the kind of person that spreads fear. Today I just got some new copper poles to hold so I can absorb the copper ions in my skin and in to the bloodstream to kill pathogens. They're not expensive. Viruses can't live on them because of oligodynamism. It'd be wonderful if everyone knew, but hey where's the profit for vaccine corporations if people can make it so they never get sick to begin with? The idiot box treats this death toll like it's a hi score in a video game and they aren't even accurate.

In my opinion that meteor crater being rediscovered is a place where something terrible happened to primitive humans. Thousands upon thousands of humans may have been instantly vaporized by the impact of that meteor that must have looked ominous to whoever was alive during that time and saw those strange fireballs headed towards our planet from the outer galaxy unobscured by light pollution.

Rediscovering may have been akin to stumbling upon a grave.

We're lucky we have knowledge to protect ourselves unlike the millions of people who don't even know what microbes are.
Links and References / Re: YouTube Seth Topics
« Last post by Deb on May 27, 2020, 06:23:26 PM »
Quote from: pyromancy
It makes me think of how Elon Musk said in a recent interview with Joe Rogan that this is resulting in a meltdown practically because people want it to be. Overreacting, calling it the apocalypse. Why? People don't like how screwed up the current state of the planet and in a way want to overthrow it.

Why? That's the question of the decade. I wonder about that every day. Or I did, until I finally gave up racking my brain. I figure we may never know. Because that finally occurred to me, I decided to instead make the most of this down time as much as possible. My life has not been affected that much by this situation, and there have been many positives as a result. Not to take away from the people who have suffered.

When the shutdowns first started, I was one day standing in a checkout line at Walmart and the woman in front of me had a cart overloaded with food. She apologized, saying that it was because her kids were not going to be in school now and so she had to load up. Then she laughed and said, "I was all prepared for the zombie apocalypse, but not for this." Obviously a TWD fan, I got it.

It's not the "little people" that have been fueling this overreaction, they are reacting to what's being fed to them. So the question remains, for now.
I thought this was interesting. Law of One is a very popular channeling text available free online, and there is a query about Seth. It was channeled in the 80s.

From Law of One regarding Seth:
36.3 Questioner: Out of the Seth Material we have a statement here: Seth says that each entity here on Earth is one aspect or part of a higher self or Oversoul which has many aspects or parts in many dimensions all of which learn lessons which enable the higher self to progress in a balanced manner. Am I to understand from this, is it correct that there are, shall we say, possibly many experiences similar to the one that we experience here in the third density that are governed by a single higher self? Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. The correctness of this statement is variable. The more in balance an entity becomes, the less the possibility/probability vortices may need to be explored in parallel experiences.
The original quote in the first post of this topic is from TES8 Session 417.

This next quote is what I was thinking about when I said I thought Seth said the ARs don't exist (or as he said above, "in those terms no such storehouse exists"). Rob referred to it as "the concept of living information" in Note 1, Session 697, in UR1. It reminds me of Seth's explanation of how Jane tapped into the "world views."

Quote from: Rob's comments Session 618, NoPR
Now here are some near-verbatim quotes from the information Seth gave [Richard] Bach and company on the evening of September 27, 1972:

Information does not exist by itself. Connected with it is the consciousness of all those who understand it, perceive it or originate it. So there are not records in terms of objective, forever-available banks of information into which you tune. Instead, the consciousness that held, or holds, or will hold the information attracts it like a magnet . . . The information itself wants to move toward consciousness. It is not dead or inert. It is not something you grab for, it is also something that wants to be grabbed, and so it gravitates to those who seek it.

Your consciousness attracts the consciousness that is already connected with the material. That is one of my goodies for the evening! Information, then, becomes new and is reborn as it is interpreted through a new consciousness, as Seagull was.

The inner portion of your being, using those abilities that have always been yours, interpreted the information through the kaleidoscope of your own being, using the best portions of yourself—producing, then, a brilliant truth in new clothes — but in clothes that no one could have given it but yourself. Now I will tell you: If you assign the authorship of Seagull to another, then you deny the uniqueness of your own inner self.

The truth came to you and was given to you, but the originality and uniqueness was provided by your own inner being, which may now be so separated from your conscious self that it seems to be apart from it.

So other things were also involved — not only the birth of a book, but the emergence of the inner self, through art, into the physical universe. Now part of the focus and the strength comes from those two births, and the intensity behind them is also the reason why the book's nativity strikes the world as strongly as it does. The two are merged in the book. You are looking for the author of Seagull, and I tell you I am looking at him. He may not have the face that you see when you look in the mirror, simply because you cannot see your true identity in a mirror. But I am looking at all that is visible of the author of Seagull, and you should know him best of all. And I will tell you through the years how to become acquainted with him, and more on speaking terms.

Ruburt already has a head start on this, so I am not spoiling his fun. There are indeed 'aspects' of your own consciousness that operate in completely different environments. Environments, far example, that are not physical. There are aspects of you, therefore, that know many other kinds of information than those available to you at the conscious level now …
Links and References / Re: YouTube Seth Topics
« Last post by pyromancy on May 27, 2020, 02:46:15 PM »
I saw it a few days ago and thought it was intriguing.

It makes me think of how Elon Musk said in a recent interview with Joe Rogan that this is resulting in a meltdown practically because people want it to be. Overreacting, calling it the apocalypse. Why? People don't like how screwed up the current state of the planet and in a way want to overthrow it.

Quote from: Deb
By this quote you've provided, it sounds like Cayce thought he was getting material from something like the Akashic records, which I think Seth indicated does not exist.
If Seth said the Akashic records did not exist, my interpretation of that is that they would not exist as separate from everything else. In a holographic universe, all information is embedded in everything. Cayce accessed (mostly) legitimate information and called that source the Akashic records. Call it anything you want, the records exist - or they could not be accessed.
Quote from: jbseth
Given what I’ve read in the Seth information over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that, as Seth says in “Seth Speaks”, Chapter 16, Session 565, somewhere all probable actions are actualized.  However, I’m not completely convinced that my conclusion here is, in fact, correct.
jbseth, your conclusion is correct, but the implication is that there are an infinite number of parallel universes. That is the only way that "all probable actions can be actualized".
The following is Rob's commentary on Seth:

"But I note with some amusement that science absorbs such heresies by weaving them into and developing them out of current establishment thinking—concepts, say, like the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. Put very simplistically, this “quantum approach” allows for the theme that each of us inhabits but one of innumerable probable or parallel worlds."
—DEaVF1 Essay 8: Sunday, May 23, 1982

Seth's own statements on multiple universes are not so clear-cut:

"The idea of one universe alone is basically nonsensical. Your reality must be seen in its relationship to others.8 Otherwise you are always caught in questions like “How did the universe begin?” or “When will it end?” All systems are constantly being created." (from "The “Unknown” Reality, Volume One (A Seth Book)" by Jane Roberts, Robert F. Butts)

In the following quote, Seth relates the formation of universes to Consciousness Units, and thereby seems to deviate from conventional physics:

"These CU’s therefore can operate even within time, as you understand it, in ways that are most difficult to explain. Time not only goes backward and forward, but inward and outward. I am still using your idea of time here to some degree. (Pause.) Later in this book I hope to lead you beyond it entirely. But in the terms in which I am speaking, it is the inward and outward directions of time that give you a universe that seems to be fairly permanent, and yet is also being created. This inward and outward thrust allows for several important conditions that are necessary for the establishment of “relatively” separate, stable universe systems. Such a system may seem like a closed one2 from any viewpoint within itself. Yet this inward and outward thrusting condition effectively sets up the boundaries and uniqueness of each universal system, while allowing for a constant give-and-take of energy among them. (10:" (from "The “Unknown” Reality, Volume One (A Seth Book)" by Jane Roberts, Robert F. Butts)

From the Kindle edition:
I think that both of what Seth said about viruses are true. They can be inactive in our bodies for a long time and then become active. They can be transmitted from others and be either active or inactive depending on our individual circumstances. When Seth said that we have viruses in us all the time, that is scientifically true, but that does not mean that we have always had the specific covid-19 virus in our bodies all the time.
Hi All,

Given what I’ve read in the Seth information over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that, as Seth says in “Seth Speaks”, Chapter 16, Session 565, somewhere all probable actions are actualized.  However, I’m not completely convinced that my conclusion here is, in fact, correct.

Somewhere else, in the huge amount of Seth information, Seth may have said something else that clearly tells us that this conclusion is incorrect.

The reason that I bring this up is because this very specific type of thing has occurred to me on more than one occasion. My most recent example of this, occurred as a result of a discussion regarding the coronavirus here in this forum.  Here’s what I’m talking about.

For many years, in regards to Seth and his ideas about health and illness, I was under the impression that illnesses and viruses work as follows.  When people get sick, they don’t actually “catch” a virus from someone else. What happens is that they may do something (overwork, get overstressed, do too much physical labor, stay outside in the cold for too long, etc.) that depletes their energy reserves. As a result of this, they may subconsciously feel the need for a break.

And so, as a result of this, at less than a conscious level, they activate the viruses “within themselves” and this results in them “catching” a cold. Then as a result of catching the cold, they opt to take a day or two off from work and from life’s other stressors to recover from the cold. This then allows them time to recover and rebuild their energy reserves.

It was my understanding that people didn’t actually pass on viruses, one to another. Instead, if your energy reserves were low and you saw someone else sneeze, for example, you don’t actually pick up their viruses. Instead you activate your own.

This was my understanding of what Seth was saying about viruses and virus transmission.

Then one day, in the last couple of months or so, while looking up some Seth information on viruses, I came across DEaVF1, Chapter 6, Session 906. In this session Seth talks very specifically about the transmission of viruses and how this works.

In this session, Seth talked about a friend of Jane and Rob’s who recently returned from the Winter Olympics. This person had a lot of pent up energy after watching the Olympics. Along with this, Seth said the following about how people transmit viruses:

[…] When a skunk is frightened, it throws off a foul odor indeed, and when people are frightened they react in somewhat the same fashion at times, biologically reacting to stimuli in the environment that they consider alarming. They throw off a barrage of “foul viruses”—that is, they actually collect and mobilize from within their own bodies viruses that are potentially harmful, biologically trigger these, or activate them, and send them out into the environment in self-protection, to ward off the enemy (more vigorously).

Then, along with this, Seth also says:

Now, your friend had been to the Olympics (last month, at Lake Placid, New York), and he was charged by the great physical vitality that he felt watching that athletic panorama. [Because of that, and for other personal reasons], he could find no release for the intense energy he felt, so he got rid of it, protected himself, and threw out his threatening biological posture: the viruses.

(With a smile:) Your bodies had not received any such goodies in some time, so they exuberantly used them as triggers to regenerate the immune systems.

This turned out to be a very interesting session in regards to viruses, how we transmit them and why we may actually opt to receive them to regenerate our immune system.

Anyway, after recently rediscovering this session, I came away with a new understanding in regards virus transmission and this new understanding was much different than my previous beliefs. According to Seth, viruses are in fact actually transmitted from person to person.

Thus, it is because of this, that I’m not absolutely certain that my present conclusions about probable events are, in fact, correct.  There may be some other Seth information, out there, like Session 906, that sheds some new light on this topic of probable events.

- jbseth

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