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Seth on... / Re: Seth on Jesus the Christ
« Last post by Christer on Today at 06:25:52 AM »
Before the Armana-period we have the biblical David, named Thutmosis III. The story tells that Abraham and Sarah went to Egypt, and Abraham told his wife Sarah not to tell in Egypt they where married, but tell they where brother and sister. She was according to the story very beautiful. There are various stories according to which scriptures we read, but the end of the story is that Pharao invites her in (Sarah), meaning at that time they would have sex, and she got pregnant with Pharaoh. Later on Pharaoh did get the information that she was already married, and adultery was forbidden that time. Hence Thutmosis III (David) shipped Abraham back to Canaan with Sarah with promise that her heirs will inherit the land of Canaan. The Bible does not tell us that the baby Isak was the son of Pharaoh Thutmosis III, but they display Abraham the father of Isak, hence Abraham is the father of the jews, but Mr. Osman has cleverly put the mental framework togheter from that time and decoded what the bible words really say when they are based on facts.

Isak was forbidden to come back to Egypt, but the promise was that later generations should come back to Egypt and be kings. Later on we have the story about Josef sold as a slave to Egypt, that later on becomes the most powerful man in Egypt after Pharaoh, historically identified as Yuya. As stated above Yuya appears around Amenhotep III (Salomon) and is the father of first wife of the Pharaoh Tiy, mother of Akhenaton (Moses), and grandmother to King Tut (Jesus). So it is easy to see that the bible story is based on real happenings in Egypt under the 18. dynasty. So Josef (Yuya) is the one that brings the Hebrew blood into the Egyptian royal bloodline with his daughter, and 2 generations later it is all over and generals take over the show as Pharaohs and delete the Armana-kings from history. So what we today call genetically Jews linked to that history in blood is not only Hebrew, but also Egyptian bloodline (and Abraham`s sons does I am afraid not relate to this story other then him being the stepfather of Isak that he at one point wanted to kill). Jews only follow the mother line, hence the Egyptian history is blacked out. It is a fascinating story, specially when it is backed with evidence :) What is written in stone in Egypt and other places is difficult to deny.
Seth on... / Re: Seth on Jesus the Christ
« Last post by Christer on Today at 05:25:29 AM »
Me being newbie in the forum does not mean I am newbie in the Seth-material. I have a long history to tell to get to the point, there are marking choices in my life that makes the red line to make the long story short. I have read all books written from and about Carlos Castaneda. I was introduced to Castaneda first time around 20 years old, for it to reappear with full force when I was 35. Same time as Castaneda reappeared in my life, Seth came into my life as well, and that is 8 years ago. The last year I have deep dived into the Sethmaterial for second time. About same time my interest for Egyptian history was re-awoken, being for me in the late 90`s a big subject, for then go sleeping for about 20 years, and the last time came back with full force.

It was a coincidence will many say that I suddenly got some information about Akhenaton that made me check him again 20 years later. Ironically will many say that the second title in Youtube was labeled Akhenaton and Moses. I was trying to say to myself that it was rubbish when the text insinuated that they being the same person. But my knowledge from 20 years earlier was waking up quickly, and I did that time see the similarities me thinking that Akhenaton predated Moses being the first mono religionist, yet this time 20 years later it fell like a bomb that we are talking about the same person. That made the ball rolling, and I am still deep in this hypnosis tracking our history and finding facts. The facts stated above is not mine to keep, I have to credit them to Ahmed Osman that have found the facts in old scriptures and with archeology, thus exposed the conspiracy that shadows the real story.

My benefit is that me having only one belief that is that me myself make my own world with my beliefs, have no problem believing everything Seth is telling us. There are some distortions in the translation Jane makes that is colored by her own belief system, that is as example that the man want to be Jesus that was drugged was crucified. He was killed yes, to make the prophecies true, and it all looks like the story about Osiris and the Egyptian God Seth again. The mummy of the supposed Pharaoh Tut shows a violent death, and this happened 3500 years ago, and Crucifixion was not the customs, the Romans had that as punishment 1500 years later. So I see coloring from Jane symbolizing his death as crucifixion, though that never happened.

When I investigate this story I in addition to scientists has the Seth quotation of what happened. Mainly that the 3 personalities lived same time in history, John coming first, then Jesus and last Paul. Mr Osman do not have the Seth-information, and can not use Seth`s words to put into the investigation, but I can. Thus is for me John the baptist the one that anointed/baptized Jesus, and that should be the high priest when that happened, happening to be Akhenaton, Semenkhare or possibly Ay. Due to Akhenatons obvious religious movement I put my finger on Akhenaton being John the Baptist, but that is my belief. Akehanton also preceded his son Tut, and fits Seth`s words about this. Further on we have the Bible story about Paul, as well as Seth`s words about Paul, and put together with Egyptian history knowing that Paul was the last, and that they all lived at the same time, the finger points to Horemheb that historically fits Seth`s words about Paul`s personality at that time. There is no other person that fits the description. Mr. Osman does not state what I state, so the belief that John the baptist being Akhenaton, and St.Paul being Horemheb is my belief, the other settings is proved by Mr. Osman about the other biblical persons. For me it was important to implement the words of our Seth into the facts I have seen displayed.

“The internal dialogue is what grounds people in the daily world. The world is such and such or so and so, only because we talk to ourselves about its being such and such and so and so. The passageway into the world of shamans opens up after the warrior has learned to shut off his internal dialogue”
― Carlos Castaneda, The Wheel of Time: The Shamans of Mexico Their Thoughts About Life Death & the Universe
Seth on... / Re: Seth on Jesus the Christ
« Last post by Christer on Today at 03:48:25 AM »
Further on all Pharaohs was rising after death, there was big ceremonies around this, with embalming and making mummies, taking care of the earthly body. The kings did travel to Osiris, and the Queens was traveling to Isis, this is depicted in the Pyramids from the 3. dynasty. So resurrection comes as well from Egyptian philosophy, and as the clever mind can see, they the Egyptians new about the soul, they knew they was dreaming this world, and the Pharaohs was the high priests of their respective "religions". After the King was dead, his heart was weighed against a feather, symbolically for me meaning that if you have accepted that you are not physical, hence the heart is an illusion together with the feather, you will rise and become a star among the stars, or a God among the Gods. This is symbolically referring to the end of the incarnation circle. This was the ancient Egyptians symbolism around the knowledge, the inner knowledge mirrored in the world, heaven symbolizing our inner selves. Common people did not have the insight, but the priests many of them knew, hence they where magicians. The high priest is supposed to know, and the high priest was the Pharaoh, the incarnation of the God deity in question. Akhenaton blew all this symbolism away and got to the core, but it was to forceful. His Son Tut Ank Amun later reinstalled the old priesthood but continued his fathers religion, or rather insight about the one God, all that is, and their part in it. Tut, or Jesus then used the old Gods to spread his message, he officially used the Amun-God, the Sun-God as examples, and abolished his fathers Aton. Anyway the message from his father consisted which we can se from the findings in Tut`s tomb. Horemheb later destroyed the "religion" Akhenaton and Tut had founded, and he later put all the priest of the Amun-God out of work, and put his military friends in as priests. A big mistake I will say. This resulted in the domain of Seth in the 19.dynasty, and a complete opposite focus than what Jesus was hoping for. Instead of focus on the inside reality that had dominated Egyptian philosopy from its birth, know with the end of the royal line with Tut Ank Amon, and a overtake from military philosophy and thereafter Generals, the focus shifted to a physical an exterior focus. When we study the Egyptian history that is written in stone, and try to find similarities in the Bible, it is stunning, and a clear proof of plagiarizing not only the Egyptian history, but legends and myths from all over the world, to threw this manipulative maneuver collecting all believes and histories in to one single document. The Bible has been edited around year 300 and again in the 1500`s, not looking a bit like the original scriptures that existed 2000 years ago, where the dead sea scrolls being the smoking gun.
Seth on... / Re: Seth on Jesus the Christ
« Last post by Christer on Today at 03:02:15 AM »
Christ means the anointed one, and as customs was in Egypt at the real time when Christ walked amoung us was that kings and priests was anointed. All three Christ personalities was in fact Egyptian kings, all belonging to the Armana-period. Akehanton starting the whole forcing mono religion on the people (The biblical Moses, and in my opinion also John the Baptist). His son King Tut, is the historical Jesus. And Paul is King Tut`s general Horemheb, that was anointed as king 4 years later than the supposed death of Jesus. Anyway all Egyptian kings was the incarnation of the God deity, hence bible always refering to Pharaoh as the Lord, so when Pharaoh spoke in deed God was speaking. Mary was off course impregnated from a Pharaoh, hence she was made pregnant with God. It is no hocus pocus, only a misunderstanding of the customs at that time in Egypt, and hence the mental framework they where acting inside. Before the Armana incident it was Horus that was the main deity, and after it became Seth, later translated as Satan the Antichrist. The main deity in the Armana-period was the Aton, or the sun-God, representing the one God and that we are light. Anyway it is true what Seth are telling us, Paul, or Horemheb denied his involvment with the Christ-entity, he did in fact destroy the history of the other 2 personalities, but later had an epiphany that made him change his mind. After that he built the organization as Pharaoh Horemheb (non-royal birth), and he gave the throne to Ramses I, that was the beginning of the problems with Christianity when followed bye Seti I that changed the main God from the Sun-God (Amun or Aton) to Seth, and this continued threw the 19.dynasty. The archeology has proven the Bible to be manipulated, names changed, historical places changed, and in fact a cover up of what really happened 3500 years ago. The episode happening 2000 years  ago was the mental and psychic happening, the episode involving the Armana-kings is the history with the real persons, hence the second coming was psychic and not physical. As Seth states, the history was deleted, it was deliberatly forgotten, and proof is that later on when Ramses II made his famous steale listing all Egyptian kings and their deeds backk to the first dynasty, all the Armana-royalties was erased from history less then 20 years later. In fact this cover up is the reason why king Tut`s tomb was found undisturbed and with a body inside. I do not state that the body really is Jesus due to Seths comments about the conspiracy made with the drugged want-to-be-jesus figure.

Bits and bits of information is scattered around the globe, but I have a deep focus into this and has discovered that the Pharao history back to prePharonic era is the story in the Bible of the beginning with the first dynasty representing the walk out of the garden of Eden. The story of Cain and Abel we do find in the story when Seth kills Osiris, and both was ancient kings named Djer and Djet. The biblical Salomon is identified as Amenhotep III, the biblical King David is identified as Thutmosis III, and the biblical Joseph that reads dreams are Yuya appearing around Amenhotep III`s reign. Amenhotep III is the father of Akehnaton, he was married to queen Tiy that was the daughter of the Hebrew Yuya, hence the mother of all genetically true jews. Due to Akhenaton being half jew, the Egyptian priests  did not see him as the heir to the throne, hence a lot of problems arised in the Armana-period. We live in the middle of the cosmic drama that was set at this time, these happenings define our history today, and the old priesthood still exists in form of free masons and other secret brotherhoods. There is still today a conspiracy to hide the truth of what happend that time, it would destroy all religions and take the power from the today's moguls of the earth.
Questions / Explanations / Re: Seths views on Karma?
« Last post by Sena on April 19, 2018, 11:14:59 PM »
Quote from: WindWalker
have a difficult time understanding, lets say a pedophile who molests children. What would Seths views be on someone like that? The pedophiles life was to be lived for the experience?
WindWalker, that is a good question. Seth's views on karma are rather difficult to understand because of his idea of "simultaneous time". With regard to the example you quote above, I am pretty sure that Seth would NOT have said that a child abuser abuses a child just to get that experience. That would be a cynical interpretation. The following is I think a useful quote from Seth:

"“Do not do this again,” is only the afterward message. I am placing these concepts within your time scheme because in your terms they were born out of it. But the fact is that all “time” is simultaneous. In a simultaneous time, punishment makes no sense. The punishment as an event, and the event for which you were being punished, exist at once; and since there is no past, present and future, you could just as well say that the punishment came first. We have mentioned reincarnation hardly at all (but see the 631st session in Chapter Seven), yet here let me state that the theory is a conscious-mind interpretation in linear terms. On the one hand it is highly distorted. On the other hand it is a creative interpretation, as the conscious mind plays with reality as it understands it. But in the terms used there is no karma to be paid off as punishment unless you believe that there are crimes for which you must pay. In larger terms there is no cause and effect either, though these are root assumptions in your reality.*" (from "The Nature of Personal Reality(A Seth Book)" by Jane Roberts, Chapter 9: Session 636)

How I understand simultaneous time is that all the "reincarnations" of an individual are happening simultaneously. What this means is that if A is abusing B in this life that we are aware of, B (or someone else) could be abusing A in another simultaneous incarnation.

We might ask ourselves why this kind of nasty thing happens. Here I would use the term "ignorance" in the Buddhist sense. If someone is not making an effort to understand the meaning of life, he will end up in a state of ignorance. In that state he might do something like starting a nuclear war.
Questions / Explanations / Seths views on Karma?
« Last post by WindWalker on April 19, 2018, 04:32:01 PM »
What are Seths views on Karma? Does it actually exist? I know Seth doesnt believe Karma as a means of punishment or reward and that life is intended for experience-so then where does karma fit in?  I have a difficult time understanding, lets say a pedophile who molests children. What would Seths views be on someone like that? The pedophiles life was to be lived for the experience? And where does karma come into play? Sorry so graphic but i need to understand this aspect of Seths teachings. Thank you.
Seth-Related Discussions / Re: The return of Christ personality
« Last post by Joelr on April 16, 2018, 08:20:28 PM »
Quote from: Sena

"Reviewing On the Historicity of Jesus: Why We Might Have Reason for Doubt, Christina Petterson of the University of Newcastle, Australia, in the academic journal Relegere, says Carrier's methodology is "tenuous", that she was "shocked" by the way he uses mathematics,and that Carrier uses statistics in a way that seems designed "to intentionally confuse and obfuscate". Petterson says that statements in the book "reveal Carrier's ignorance of the field of New Testament studies and early Christianity"."

Ok here it is:

this is a response by Carrier to Christina Petterson's review, he really chopped her up pretty good.

Carrier tends to really bring out anger in people as do all of the atheist/mythicist theory people do.
It's really neither here nor there if you're not a Christian anyways, it doesn't really matter what the exact history was. It's like Hercules and Zeus, who cares how the myth started. But since I was raised christian the historicity stuff is interesting to me.

But the more interesting questions are the metaphysical questions, like what is reality. It's cool that Seth put his model forward. It's a much much more realistic model than religion offers anyways.
Comic Relief & Entertainment / Re: A little help...
« Last post by Zron on April 16, 2018, 05:32:25 PM »
All Incan say is LOL.
Comic Relief & Entertainment / A little help...
« Last post by Deb on April 16, 2018, 04:28:06 PM »
from my friends. This is pretty funny -- a Joe Cocker classic, singing the song at Woodstock, "translator" took a little poetic license with Joe's inability to speak clearly...

Very charming and funny, but he speaks a lot of truth. I'm going to look into him a bit more, I like him a lot. Oh, and his skin... it's so beautiful. I wonder what his secret is.
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